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  • Chemistry : Foundations and Applications [SCI-REF QD4 .C48 2004 vols. 1-4]

    Designed for high school and beginning undergraduate students as well as popular readers, these well-organized, thoughtfully written volumes provide accessible entries on the people and processes of chemistry. Each entry includes cross referencing of names and terms, a list of bibliography and internet sources. Definitions of terms within each entry are provided in the margins, as are (less frequently) boxes with additional information and illustrations. For chemicals, elements, and their properties entries provide the history of discovery as well as description of its properties and uses. For elements the melting point, boiling point, density, and most common ions are listed. Many biographies are included among the entries, with care to include women chemists and physicists, as are concepts and applications that are found in everyday life. Among the latter are entries on global warming, food irradiation, gardening, glass, recycling, water quality, and various applications in medicine. Each volume includes a glossary and an index. Annotation #169;2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
    CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is a ready-reference book of chemical and physical data. The print copy of CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is the premier source not only of physical properties data but also of mathematical tables, sources of critical data, chemical nomenclature, symbols, and terminology. It has been published since 1913; and is updated and enhanced annually.
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  • Dictionary of chemistry, A
    "A Dictionary of Chemistry covers all the commonly encountered terms in chemistry, including physical chemistry and biochemistry. Clear and concise coverage of laboratory techniques, chemical engineering, and environmental matters, plus entries on such topics as buckminsterfullerene, fullerite, quasicrystal, oscillating reaction, and one-pot synthesis."
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  • Dictionary of Organic Compounds [SCI-REF QD246 .D5 1982 vols. 1-5]

    The Formula Index and Name Index are separate volumes.

  • Dictionary of Organometallic Compounds [SCI-REF QD411 .D53 1984 vols. 1-3]
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Polymers
    Dealing with polymer terminology, this book contains more than 7,500 polymeric material terms, including the names of chemicals, processes, formulae, and analytical methods that are used frequently in the polymer and engineering fields. It also includes an appendix of biochemical and microbiological terms.
  • Hutchinson Trends in Science: Chemistry

    Overview of the development of chemistry in the 20th century.

  • Lange's Handbook of Chemistry [SCI-STACKS QD65 .H25 1992]

    Revered as the standard reference for chemists for more than 60 years, this new edition of Lange's brings chemistry professionals, students, and anyone interested in science an enormous compilation of facts, data, tabular material, and experimental findings in every area of chemistry. Included in this massive compendium are listings of the properties of approximately 4,000 organic and 1,400 inorganic compounds. The 15th Edition includes new material on separation methods and analytical chemistry; statistical methods; polymers; rubbers, fats, oils, and waxes; new inorganic compounds; IUPAC nomenclature of organic compounds; updated lists of physical and chemical symbols; definitions and abbreviations; new tables, charts, and illustrations; with SI units used throughout (conversion tables supplied). The American Technical Technologists' Events magaine said of the last edition of this book, "Bargains are rare in the publication arena but this book represents one ... it is just overflowing with useful information that is available at your beck and call." Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Merck Index
    "The Merck Index is an encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals that contains more than 10,000 monographs. Each monograph in this authoritative reference source is a concise description of a single substance or a small group of closely related compounds." 15th ed.
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  • Merck Index, 14th ed.
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    Previous editions of this universally respected reference for chemists, biologists, and pharmacists are cited in Books for College Libraries, 3d ed., Public Library Catalog, and Guide to Reference Books. Each of more than 10,000 entries is devoted to a single substance or small group of related compounds. Coverage includes chemical and brand names, molecular weights and formulas, citations to scientific literature, depictions of structures, physical and toxicity data, details on commercial and therapeutic uses, and U.S. regulatory information. The 14th edition features over 700 new and completely revised monographs. The volume is packaged with a searchable companion CD containing the book contents as well as nearly 1,000 monographs archived from previous editions. A free one-year subscription to CambridgeSoft's Internet Edition is also included with purchase. Annotation #169;2007 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.


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