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Reference Materials for Miscellaneous

Find dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and other reference materials

  • 17th and 18th century Burney newspapers collection (Gale)
    "The newspapers, pamphlets, and books gathered by the Reverend Charles Burney (1757-1817) represent the largest and most comprehensive collection of early English news media. The present digital collection, that helps chart the development of the concept of 'news' and 'newspapers' and the "free press", totals almost 1 million pages and contains approximately 1,270 titles. Many of the Burney newspapers are well known, but many pamphlets and broadsides also included have remained largely hidden. These treasures can now be searched, browsed and discovered again within Gale Digital Collections."
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  • 17th and 18th century Nichols newspapers collection (Gale)
    "The 17th and 18th Century Nichols Newspapers Collection features the newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets and broadsheets that form the Nichols newspaper collection held at the Bodleian library in Oxford, UK. All 296 volumes of bound material, covering the period 1672-1737 are presented in digitized format here.

    This collection charts the history of the development of the press in England and provides invaluable insight into 17th-18th century England."
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  • A to Z of American women writers [HIL-REF PS147 .K67 2007]

    "Whether as poets, essayists, biographers, or editors, American women have had a long and important history as writers. Through writing, countless American women have told their own stories, the stories of others, or created other worlds." "A to Z of American Women Writers, Revised Edition profiles 186 American women whose words have had an impact in the literary world and society in general. Among the profiles included are those of journalists, literary wordsmiths and critics, memoirists, and numerous other types of writers. In these pages are the stories ofwomen from a wide array of cultures and generations who share a love of writing. These women are also united by the unique challenges facing women writers-some having to opt for masculine pen names in order to be published." "This thoroughly revised book now updates the story of each individual to the present day and contains 36 new profiles." "This book is essential for anyone interested in women's studies and literature. It includes an updated bibliography; three subject indexes that list writers by literary genre, subject matter and style, and year of birth; a comprehensive index; and more than 60 photographs that enhance the text throughout the book by depicting the remarkable women profiled."--BOOK JACKET. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • American writers in Paris, 1920-1939 [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol. 4]

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  • Beats : a literary reference, The [HIL-REF PS228 .B6 B42 2003]
  • Biographical dictionary of English women writers, 1580-1720, A [HIL-REF PR113 .B46 1990]

    Editors Bell (Open University), Parfitt, and Shepherd (both at University of Nottingham) have framed standard biographical data with an introduction and critical appendixes that provide historical and cultural background for the period. Based on much of the same source material as Hilda L. Smith, Women and the Literature of the Seventeenth Century (CH, Oct'90), this work overlaps, to some degree, both Smith and A Dictionary of British and American Women Writers, 1600-1800, ed. by Janet Todd (CH, Jun'85). Entries include patronym, places of birth and residence, occupation, religion, husband's name and occupation, and references to works written. Sources are not cited as they are in Smith; coverage starts and ends earlier than Todd's, and duplicate entries are not so extensive. This compilation on more than 550 English women writers is useful for locating information on those women not included elsewhere and for the unique addition of critical essays on prophetic writing, Quaker women, petitions, letters, the role of men as "gatekeepers," and women and publishing. Recommended for academic libraries with comprehensive women's studies reference collections. From: Syndetics Solutions, Inc. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Biographical dictionary of Renaissance poets and dramatists, 1520-1650, A [HIL-REF PR421 .S33 1983]
  • British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries
    British and Irish Women’s Letters and Diaries spans more than 400 years of personal writings, bringing together the voices of women from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. This database allows researchers to view history in the context of women’s thoughts – their struggles, achievements, passions, pursuits, and desires.
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  • British Library Newspapers - Part I & IV (Gale)
    "Sourced from the extensive holdings of the British Library, British Library Newspapers delivers a wide range of irreplaceable local and regional voices to reflect the social, political, and cultural events of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. With more than 160 newspaper titles, the series is comprised of approximately 5.5 million pages of historic content, from articles to advertisements.

    UNB Libraries provides access to:

    Part I: 1800-1900
    Ranging from early tabloids like the Illustrated Police News to radical papers like the Chartist Northern Star, publications in Part I span a vast range of national, regional, and local interests.

    Part IV: 1732-1950
    From key early newspaper titles like the Stamford Mercury to what is possibly the oldest magazine in the world still in publication, the Scots Magazine, Part IV offers key local and regional perspectives."
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  • British prose writers of the early seventeenth century [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.151]

    The strength of this volume comes from the quality of the 33 individual author entries, among them Lancelot Andrewes, Francis Bacon, John Donne, John Milton, and Izaak Walton. Each section, written by a specialist, includes a bibliography of primary and secondary sources, plus a summary and analytical essay regarding the individual author. These essays vary in length from a few pages to 10 or more, depending on the importance of the figure. A considerable number of black-and-white illustrations, mostly of the authors' original works, enhance the volume. Obviously this compilation could not include every prose writer of the early 17th century, but a few individuals, such as Chillingworth, wrote enough during the period and are important enough to be included, perhaps in a summary article on minor writers. Still, as a one-volume introduction, this book does provide the quick overview of biographical information and of the literary, religious, and political background that serious students would need. Upper-division through faculty. From: Syndetics Solutions, Inc. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • British Romantic novelists, 1789-1832 [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.116]
  • British romantic poets, 1789-1832. First series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.93]

    Bio-critical essays present the lives, accomplishments, and literary contributions of 20 "first generation" romantic poets including Blake, Coleridge, Scott and Wordsworth. Each author entry also includes biographical data, primary and secondary bibliographies, and information about published letters and the locations of collected papers. The fascinating complementary illustrations include author portraits, scenes from the author's life, and manuscript pages. Note: DLB 96 (0-8103-4576-5) covers the "second generation", including Byron, Keats and Shelley. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • British romantic poets, 1789-1832. Second series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.96]

    The first generation of Romantic poets (Blake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, et al.) were treated in the First series, (DLB 93). Of the 22 writers covered in the Second series, three poets--Byron, Shelley, and Keats--receive extended treatment, and three others--John Clare, Leigh Hunt, and Thomas Love Peacock--receive more attention than minor writers. But those familiar with the series will know that all of the essays are rich and reliable, replete with personalities and influences, lives and works, bibliographies and illustrations. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Cambridge companion to Native American literature, The [HIL-REF PS153 .I52 C36 2005]

    The Cambridge Companion to Native American Literature provides an informative and wide-ranging overview of a relatively new field of literary-cultural studies, covering literature written and narrated in English by American Indians in many genres from the 1770s to present day. In addition to the seventeen chapters written by respected experts - Native and non-Native, American, British, and European scholars - the Companion includes bio-bibliographies of forty authors, maps, suggestions for further reading, and a timeline which details major works of Native American literature and mainstream American literature, as well as significant social, cultural, and historical events. Book jacket. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Cambridge companion to Victorian poetry, The [HIL-REF PR591 .C36 2000]
  • Cambridge Core (eBooks & eJournals)
    Cambridge Core provides full text for eJournals in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, as well as access to selected eBooks purchased by UNB Libraries.
  • Canadian Encyclopedia
    Free online encyclopedia, containing the full text of the print Canadian Encyclopedia, "the most comprehensive source of information on all things Canadian." Includes the full text of the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada.
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  • Companion to the eighteenth-century English novel and culture, A
    see also [HIL-REF PR851 .C57 2005]

    A Companion to the Eighteenth-Century English Novel and Culture provides an up-to-date resource for the study of this subject, foregrounding those topics of most historical and political relevance to the twenty-first century. It considers not only the canonicl literature of the period, but also the noncanonical literature, and the contexts in which the eighteenth-century novel was produced.

  • Companion to world philosophies, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
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  • Concise Oxford dictionary of English etymology, The
    "Based on The Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology, the principal authority on the origin and development of English words, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Etymology contains a wealth of information about the English language and its history. Find out where the words 'bungalow' and 'assassin' came from, what 'nice' meant in the Middle Ages and much more."
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  • Constellate
    Constellate is a browser-based tool for creating datasets from collections, such as JSTOR, and then teaches and facilitates text analysis on those datasets. A number of collections can be analyzed (including the user’s own content). Users have the ability to create 50,000 item datasets, view all the visualizations, and access the Constellate Lab.

    The platform provides the content and tools you need together in one place, alongside a defined curriculum and tutorials, live classes taught by text analysis experts, and a community you can connect to for inspiration and guidance.
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  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
    CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is a ready-reference book of chemical and physical data. The print copy of CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is the premier source not only of physical properties data but also of mathematical tables, sources of critical data, chemical nomenclature, symbols, and terminology. It has been published since 1913; and is updated and enhanced annually.
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  • Crowell's handbook of Elizabethan & Stuart literature [HIL-REF PR19 .R8 1975]
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
    The Dictionary of Canadian Biography/Dictionnaire biographique du Canada provides detailed biographies of important figures in Canadian history from the year 1000 to 1930. This free online resource is produced by Library and Archives Canada, in partnership with Universite Laval and the University of Toronto, and reproduces the full contents of the print Dictionary of Canadian Biography/Dictionnaire biographique du Canada.
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  • Dictionary of literary-rhetorical conventions of the English Renaissance [HIL-REF PR531 .D6 1982]
  • Early English Books Online (EEBO via ProQuest)

    EEBO is based on the microfilm collections curated by the Ann Arbor publisher Eugene B. Power (1905-1993). The founder of what became University Microfilms International or UMI, Power’s first foreign project established the microfilming operation at the British Museum in 1942 and, since then, more than 200 libraries worldwide have contributed to the microfilm collection.

    Following its digital launch in 1998, Early English Books Online now contains page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America, as well as works in English printed elsewhere between 1473 and 1700.
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  • Early English drama, Everyman to 1580 : a reference guide [HIL-REF PR641 .W44 1986]
  • EBSCO eBooks
    For information on viewing and downloading EBSCO eBooks see the EBSCO support site. UNB Libraries subscribes to the EBSCO Academic Collection (over 90,000 titles) along with a collection of approximately 150 nursing and engineering titles. Several thousand free eBooks are included as well.
    Varying access permissions.
  • Eighteenth century : guide to the microfilm collection, The [HILREF PR441 .E474 1984 Index vols. 1-7]

    British Library. Eighteenth century short title catalogue.

  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)
    A comprehensive digital edition of The Eighteenth Century microfilm set, which has aimed to include every significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in the United Kingdom, along with thousands of important works from the Americas, between 1701 and 1800. Consists of books, pamphlets, broadsides, ephemera. Subject categories include history and geography; fine arts and social sciences; medicine, science, and technology; literature and language; religion and philosophy; law; general reference. Also included are significant collections of women writers of the eighteenth century, collections on the French Revolution, and numerous eighteenth-century editions of the works of Shakespeare. Where they add scholarly value or contain important differences, multiple editions of each individual work are offered. Allows searching Early English Books Online as an option.
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  • Eighteenth-century British literary biographers [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.142]

    The 21 British literary figures selected for this volume were chosen because their biographical works significantly influenced the emergence of literary biography as an established genre. Each entry includes a likeness of the author and a bibliography of his or her publications, including but not limited to literary biographies. Signed articles present a critical view of the biographical works and their standing within the genre during this period of its development. Articles vary in length from six to 46 pages and include references to primary and secondary sources for each subject. The only omission this reviewer questions is that of Thomas Birch, who, according to John Butt (The Oxford History of English Literature, v.8, CH, Dec'79), contributed more to British biography than anyone else. Completing the text are Donald W. Nichol's reviews of two major works, Biographia Britannica (1746-66) and Theophilus Civver's The Lives of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland (1753). There is no subject index; however, serious students will appreciate the impressive "Checklist of Further Readings." Recommended for all libraries that support literary research. From: Syndetics Solutions, Inc. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Eighteenth-century British poets : First series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.95]

    Essays on the works and lives of 25 poets who wrote and published in the 18th century, some famous and familiar (Defoe, Gay, Johnson, Pope, Prior), some less known, and some (women) only recently recovered thanks to the impetus of feminist criticism and the new social history.

  • Eighteenth-century British poets. Second series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.109]
  • Elizabethan dramatists [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.62]
  • Encyclopedia of Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics
    Covering genetics, genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics, the focus is on the human and mouse genomes. Other important model eukaryotes, as well as pathogenic bacteria, are treated. Topics include Genetic Variation and Evolution, Epigenetics, The Human Genome, Expression Profiling, Proteome Families, Structural Proteomics, Gene Finding/Gene Structure, and Protein function and annotation.
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  • Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance [HIL-REF PS153 .N5 A24 2003]

    This alphabetical reference contains approximately 370 entries covering the emergence of new ideas in political thought, civil rights, racial pride, and the arts during New York City's Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s and 1930s. Ranging from several paragraphs to several pages in length, the cross-referenced entries include people, places, and institutions such as Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, Louis Armstrong, Apollo Theatre, Gwendolyn Brooks, Abyssinian Baptist Church, Regina Andrews, and Marcus Garvey. The reference includes a chronology, a glossary of slang, maps, and some 100 black and white photographs. Aberjhani and West are both experienced writers and editors who have published nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • English fiction, 1660-1800 : a guide to information sources [multiple locations HIL-REF ZPR851 .B43]
  • English Poetry Database
    The English Poetry Database "contains poems in English from Anglo-Saxon times to the end of the nineteenth century by writers from the British Isles. The database covers the works of 1,257 named poets and many items by different anonymous hands."
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  • English poetry, 1660-1800 : a guide to information sources [HIL-REF PR551 .M44]
  • English prose, prose fiction, and criticism to 1660 : a guide to information sources [HIL-REF PR767 .H4]
  • Facts on File companion to American poetry, The [HIL-REF PS323.5 .F33 2008 vols. 1-2]

    Huff (The Revolutionary War Era), Burt Kimmelman (English, New Jersey Inst. of Technology), and poet Temple Cone (Considerations of Earth and Sky) have compiled a current and comprehensive reference source on American poetry that features over 1100 entries ranging in length from 500 to more than 3500 words. Volume 1, with entries written by Huff, covers poems and poets from the early Colonial era to the 19th century. Volume 2, a revised and updated edition of The Facts On File Companion to 20th-Century American Poetry (2005), is edited by Kimmelman and Cone and written by over 260 contributors; it reflects the diverse poetic schools and movements of a more complex and dynamic literary epoch. Volume 1 includes members of the literary pantheon such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman, and Emily Dickinson and represents literary schools ranging from Quaker poetry to poetry in translation. Poetry aficionados at the cusp of adulthood will appreciate Volume 2 more: it includes the pathos of Sylvia Plath's poetry, the Roman Catholic/Buddhist-influenced Beat works of Jack Kerouac, plus the imagist school, objectivist poetry, and the New York school. The literary method used in both volumes follows the new criticism school of the mid-20th century, a pedagogical style in keeping with current high school and first-year university teaching of English literature. In Volume 1, biographical entries are accompanied by bibliographies, though this literary aid is not available for literary works, whereas bibliographies are available for all entries in Volume 2. BOTTOM LINE Stylistic inconsistencies between the two volumes do not mar the set's overall value. Although written by scholars, it is recommended not just for high school, junior, and community college libraries but also for public libraries. [Available only in print.] Kam W. Teo, Weyburn P.L., Saskatchewan, Canada Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. From: Reed Elsevier Inc. Copyright Reed Business Information

  • Gale Digital Scholar Lab
    Gale Digital Scholar Lab equips students and scholars with text and data mining resources, visualization tools, and methodology suggestions. The incremental process of Build, Clean, and Analyze supports newcomers and experienced users alike as they interpret both Gale Primary Sources and their own documents.
    Subscribed multi-user unlimited access
  • Greenwood encyclopedia of African American literature, The [HIL-REF PS153 .N5 G73 2005 vol. 1-5]

    Gwendolyn Bennett was a poet and writer of short stories, and although she never published a book of either she kept the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance alive. Anne Spencer worked on her poetry 16 years before she was discovered and published, but it took almost no time before actor and writer Paul Robeson was discovered to be a socialist and reviled. In hundreds of objective and accessible entries, high school students, undergraduates and general readers can get the basics on the issues, events and people of African American literature. Contributors describe how writers, filmmakers and commentators reacted to social and political events, a unique approach that helps to define contexts. Writers, journalists, and editors are joined by others generally ignored in the literary world, including publishers, writers' collectives, niche journals, advocacy groups and marketeers. Entries include impressive lists of resources. Annotation #169;2007 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Greenwood encyclopedia of Latino literature, The [HIL-REF PS153 .H56 G74 2008 vols. 1-3]

    This three-volume encyclopedia of Latino literature is a result of a project initiated by the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage organization, and covers a wide range of works from the colonial era to around 1960, with cultural repercussions and observations reaching well into the 21st century. Editor Kanellos (U. of Houston) has brought together entries that include more than just biographical information on hundreds of noteworthy Latino authors. Important themes and topics in Hispanic art and culture are also explored in depth, such as Latino perspectives of life during wartime, aesthetic concepts in Latino literature and even how references to the Virgin of Guadalupe seem to permeate so many different Latin cultures. Contributors from throughout Latin America and the United States also comment upon the influences of different countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico and Mexico, and how these cultural foundations affect life in America. Students of Latin American literature and culture will find these volumes to be a comprehensive and valuable reference. Annotation #169;2008 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • International directory of eighteenth-century studies [HIL-REF D2 .I61 1995]

    Directories from 1991 and 1995 are held.

  • International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (2nd Ed.)
    see also [HIL-REF H41 .I58 2001 vols. 1-26]
    Fully revised and updated, the second edition of the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, first published in 2001, offers a source of social and behavioral sciences reference material that is broader and deeper than any other. Available in both print and online editions, it comprises over 3,900 articles, commissioned by 71 Section Editors, and includes 90,000 bibliographic references as well as comprehensive name and subject indexes.

    UNB has online access to the 2001 edition as well as owning print volumes of the earlier edition.
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  • JSTOR eBooks
    Books at JSTOR offers more than 35,000 ebooks from renowned scholarly publishers, integrated with journals and primary sources on JSTOR's easy-to-use platform. UNB subscribes to selected eBook titles.
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  • JSTOR Open Access (eBooks & Archival eJournals)
    JSTOR Open Access offers more than 2,000 ebook titles now available from publishers such as University of California Press, Cornell University Press, NYU Press, and University of Michigan Press, and JSTOR will continue to add new titles. In addition, all journal content in JSTOR published prior to 1923 in the United States and prior to 1870 elsewhere is freely available to anyone, anywhere in the world. These open access books and archival journals are freely available for anyone in the world to use.
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  • Late-Victorian and Edwardian British novelists. First series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.153]
    Information on the lives and works of British novelists of the late-Victorian and Edwardian era.
  • Late-Victorian and Edwardian British novelists. Second series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.197]
    Information on the lives and works of British novelists of the late-Victorian and Edwardian era.
  • Literary research and the American modernist era : strategies and sources [HIL-REF PS228 .M63 M38 2008]

    Librarians Matuozzi and Lindsay (both Washington State U.) introduce scholars and researchers to contemporary library resources and practices for researching American modernist writing. The reference is designed to enable researchers to improve their information skills and fluency in the real or virtual library, even if they do not have access to some of the resources described. Annotation #169;2008 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Literary research and the era of American nationalism and romanticism : strategies and sources [HIL-REF PS217 .R6 C68 2008]

    Literary Research and the Era of American Nationalism and Romanticism: Strategies and Sources examines literary and affiliated resources dealing with literature produced in the early years of American nationhood. Approximately seventy years of antebellum American literature are covered, beginning at the close of colonial rule and ending with the onset of the Civil War. The volume provides best-practice suggestions and discusses how to take advantage of a wide selection of primary text resources in a variety of formats-bibliographies, indexes, research guides, archives, special collections, microforms, and digital files-for literary research projects. Appropriately, the text encourages efficient and effective use of electronic resources based on their bibliographic predecessors. Book jacket. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Literature Online
    Literature Online offers full text access to rare and inacessible works, up-to-date, reference resources, in addition to the full text of poetry, drama, and prose fiction from the seventh century to the present day. Materials are included from almost every period and genre of English literature as well as many works by 20th century authors. Contemporary criticism is available through the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL).
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  • Making of the Modern World: Part I & Part II (Gale)
    "The Making of the Modern World is an extraordinary series which covers the history of Western trade, encompassing the coal, iron, and steel industries, the railway industry, the cotton industry, banking and finance, and the emergence of the modern corporation."

    UNB Libraries provides access to:
    Part I, The Goldsmiths'-Kress Collection, 1450-1850

    Offers ways of understanding the expansion of world trade, the Industrial Revolution, and the development of modern capitalism, supporting research in variety of disciplines. Users have access to an abundance of rare books and primary source materials, many of which are the only known copy of the work.

    Part II, 1851-1914
    Takes The Making of the Modern World series to the end of the nineteenth century. Comprised mainly of primary source documents such as monographs, reports, correspondence, speeches, and surveys, this collection broadens Gale’s international coverage of social, economic, and business history, as well as political science, technology, industrialisation, and the birth of the modern corporation."
    Purchased multi-user unlimited access
  • Market share reporter (Gale)
    Market Share Reporter (MSR) is a compilation of published market share data about companies, brands, products, commodities, services and facilities in U.S. and international markets. The 2016 and every 2nd year's subsequent edition online edition are available through Gale Virtual Reference Library. Data is compiled from periodical sources (newspapers, magazines, newsletters, government reports etc.) over the previous three to four years. Entries feature a descriptive title; data and market description; a list of producers/products; original sources are also provided. The main method used to store entries in MSR is by name of the report; reports can be found by keyword or by using the Advanced Search feature.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • New dictionary of eponyms, A
    "This dictionary features the entertaining histories behind hundreds of eponyms, such as bowdlerize (from the censorious Thomas Bowdler), bikini from the atoll, and the Salisbury steak, a dish of hamburger and brown gravy named after James H. Salisbury, an English physician who promoted a diet of ground beef. There are hundreds more - discover to whom we owe the terms hooker, sideburn, zeppelin, the cardigan sweater, pamphlet, robot, and argyle socks."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO eBooks)
    Nineteenth Century Collections Online is a digitization and publishing program focusing on primary source collections of the long nineteenth century. The program includes a variety of content types--monographs, newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, ephemera, maps, statistics, and more--and unites them in one central, cross-searchable location. 12 collections are now available:

    Individual titles in these collections are available for discovery in our eBooks search or in UNBWorldCat:
    Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
    British Politics and Society
    British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture
    Children's Literature and Childhood
    European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection
    Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature
    Religion, Society, Spirituality, and Reform
    Science, Technology, and Medicine: 1780-1925, Part II

    Individual titles in these collections can only be discoverd in the NCCO site:
    Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest
    Photography: The World through the Lens
    Science, Technology, and Medicine: 1780-1925, Part I
    Women: Transnational Networks

    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Oxford dictionary of American usage and style, The
    "What is the singular of 'paparazzi'? Is 'graffiti' singular or plural? Should I say 'empathic' or 'empathetic'? What is the correct pronunciation of 'concierge'? In this book of crisp, precise and often witty pronouncements on modern American English, Bryan Garner decisively answers these and hundreds of other questions that bedevil those who care about the language. Garner draws on a host of evidence to support his judgements, citing thousands of examples - good, bad, and ugly - from sources such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Newsweek."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Oxford dictionary of English grammar, The
    "This accessible and comprehensive dictionary comes to the aid of both the general reader and the student or teacher, offering straightforward and immediate access to 1,000 grammatical terms and their meanings. All the currently accepted terms of grammar are included, as well as older, traditional names, controversial new coinages, and items from the study of other languages. Concise definitions of the wider subject of linguistics, including phonetics and transformational grammar, are accompanied by examples of language in use, and frequent quotations from existing works on grammar."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Oxford English Dictionary (OED Online)
    "This unique and powerful resource offers unprecedented access to the definitive record of the meaning, history and evolution of more than 600,000 words over the last 1,500 years." A complete text of the 2nd. ed. of the Oxford English dictionary with quarterly updates, including revisions not available in any other form.
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Oxford essential dictionary of foreign terms in English, The
    "This comprehensive reference includes detailed information on the spelling, history, and usage of thousands of foreign words and phrases used by English speakers. There are words from more than forty languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Yiddish. Terms from cooking, fashion, and music jostle with others from fine arts, history, law, politics, business, and travel in this great reference to words from around the globe."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Oxford paperback thesaurus, The
    "This thesaurus covers nearly one-third of a million alternative and opposite words. The most useful alternative word is given first, with words closest in meaning to the entry word given in capitals. Opposites and related terms are clearly marked, and thousands of example sentences help users select the right word. There is clear labelling of informal, dialect, literary, and technical words."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Oxford Reference
    Multi-part database of the online versions of Oxford University Press texts. Each topical division contains the searchable version of the latest edition of published dictionaries and encyclopedias. Additionally, information about Oxford University Press is provided. Online texts will be updated after new editions of the print monographs are published. Covers the humanities and social sciences.
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  • Past Masters (Intelex)
    InteLex Past Masters is comprised of 100+ full-text humanities and sciences databases that make available cohesive collections of editions, in both original language and in English translation, of seminal figures in the humanities and sciences.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Pocket Fowler's modern English usage
    "This Pocket edition is based primarily on Robert W. Burchfield's renowned The New Fowler's Modern English Usage. Robert Allen has taken all the key elements from the best-selling parent work, rewriting entries to present the arguments and recommendations in a more accessible and digestible form, and has added completely new topics such as American English, new words, and gender-neutrality. Clear guidance on grammar, usage, syntax, and style for English is provided."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Pocket Oxford Italian dictionary (English-Italian), The
    "With examples carefully selected by a large team of native speakers of English and Italian, The Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary clearly illustrates the full range of meanings and typical contexts of both languages. Offering wide-ranging coverage, this outstanding dictionary offers guidance on key constructions, complementation, and difficult points of grammar. Including complete coverage of contemporary idiomatic Italian and English, both written and spoken, The Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary covers the vocabulary that all learners really need."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Pocket Oxford Italian dictionary (Italian-English), The
    "With examples carefully selected by a large team of native speakers of English and Italian, The Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary clearly illustrates the full range of meanings and typical contexts of both languages. Offering wide-ranging coverage, this outstanding dictionary offers guidance on key constructions, complementation, and difficult points of grammar. Including complete coverage of contemporary idiomatic Italian and English, both written and spoken, The Pocket Oxford Italian Dictionary covers the vocabulary that all learners really need."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Pocket Oxford Latin dictionary (English-Latin), The
    "This practical dictionary is designed specifically to meet the needs of students in their first years of studying Latin, as well as those with an interest in the Latin language or the classical world."
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  • Pocket Oxford Latin dictionary (Latin-English), The
    "This practical dictionary is designed specifically to meet the needs of students in their first years of studying Latin, as well as those with an interest in the Latin language or the classical world."
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  • Project Muse
    "Project MUSE covers the fields of literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, and many others." UNB subscribes to almost 400 eJournals, and provides access to select Open Access eBooks.
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  • ProQuest Ebook Central Collections
    UNB subscribes to a few collections of eBooks through this one access point, including both a mix of subscribed and purchased titles, along with faculty selected purchased titles. These are fulltext, searchable databases of books, maps and other authoritative documents in all academic disciplines. Many books now allow complete downloading.

    Notable Purchased Publisher collections:
    - Cambridge University
    - Irwin Law
    - Oxford University Press
    - Taylor & Francis
    Varying access permissions.

  • Restoration and eighteenth-century dramatists. First series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.80]
    Profiles eighteen playwrights born between 1621 and 1666, presenting primary and secondary bibliographies and illustrated biographical essays that chronicle each writer's career in detail.
  • Restoration and eighteenth-century dramatists. Second series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.84]
    Contains alphabetically arranged entries that provide career biographies of eighteen distinguished writers of the eighteenth century; each with a list of principal works and a bibliography.
  • Restoration and eighteenth-century dramatists. Third series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.89]
    Contains alphabetically arranged entries that provide career biographies of eighteen distinguished writers of the eighteenth century; each with a list of principal works and a bibliography.
  • Romantic literature : a guide to romantic literature 1780-1830 [HIL-REF PR447 .R65 1993]

    This work is a combination of critical essays on understanding romantic poetry, prose and drama, as well as the contemporary historical background, with a complementary A-Z section of detailed entries. Authors featured include Blake, Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley and Keats.

  • Science Direct
    Science Direct offers comprehensive coverage of literature across all fields of science, medicine and technology. All previous ScienceDirect journal collections have been merged into this single collection, along with select purchased eBook titles.
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  • Sixteenth-century British nondramatic writers. [Fourth series] [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.172]
  • Sixteenth-century British nondramatic writers. First series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.132]
  • Sixteenth-century British nondramatic writers. Second series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.136]
  • Sixteenth-century British nondramatic writers. Third series [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.167]
  • SpringerLink eBooks
    SpringerLink eBooks provides access to eBooks, eReference Works and eBook Series titles on a wide variety of subjects, including science, technology, medicine and the humanities.

    Note: UNB has online access to over 15,000 titles published between 2005-2008, as well as select titles from later years.
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  • Stanford companion to Victorian fiction, The [HIL-REF PR871 .S87 1989]
  • Statista
    Statista is a multidisciplinary database that aggregates information covering 80,000 topics. Access to data from over 18,000 sources covering 1.5 million statistics. All statistics can be directly downloaded in PNG, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint formats. Data prepared according to academic citation standards, with a citation tool (APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, and Bluebook) and links to the original source for further research. Statista also covers industry reports, studies, forecasts, dossiers, digital market outlook , aesthetically pleasing infographics, and more.
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  • Through the pale door: a guide to and through the American gothic [HIL-REF PS374 .G68 F72 1990]

    Bibliographical guide to the primary sources and central texts of American Gothic literature, examining around 200 writers working in the period 1798-1982. The book includes an historical introduction, explaining and emphasizing what made it different from the British model form.

  • Victorian experience : the prose writers, The [HIL-REF PR781 .V5 1982]
  • Victorian literature handbook, The [HIL-REF PR463 .V533 2008]

    The Victorian Literature Handbook is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to literature and culture in the Victorian period. It provides a one-stop resource for literature students from introducing the historical and cultural context to key authors, texts and genres. It includes case studies for reading literary and critical texts, a guide to key critical concepts, introductions to key critical approaches, and a timeline of literary and cultural events. Essays on changes in the canon, interdisciplinary research and current and future directions in the field lead into more advanced topics and guided further reading enables further independent work. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Victorian plays : a record of significant productions on the London stage, 1837-1901 [HIL-REF PN2596 .L6 M85 1987]
  • Victorian prose writers after 1867 [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.57]
  • Victorian women poets [HIL-REF PN41 .D5 vol.199]
  • War on Poverty and Office of Economic Opportunity: Part III Administration of Antipoverty Programs & Civil Rights, 1964-67 (Gale)
    "This collection brings together a series of Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) collections that highlight efforts to meld the issue of civil rights and antipoverty initiatives:

    1) Alphabetical File of Samuel Yette, 1964-1966: Yette was the Special Assistant to the Director of Civil Rights. Among his records are correspondence, reports, antipoverty program analyses, minutes of meetings, transcripts of testimonies, and other material.

    2) Program Files, 1964-1967: These records consist of correspondence, weekly reports on civil rights matters, reports by civil rights coordinators, equal employment opportunity guidelines, and more.

    3) Records Relating to the Administration of the Civil Rights Program in the Regions, 1965-1966: These records arranged by region > state > local areas and cities consist of correspondence between regional coordinators, various civil rights groups, labor organizations, members of Congress, and community groups regarding the activities of the OEO."

    Original Microform Title: The War on Poverty and the Office of Economic Opportunity; Part 3: Administration of Antipoverty Programs and Civil Rights, 1964-1967
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  • Who's who in the twentieth century
    "From Albert Einstein to the Marx Brothers, this authoritative reference book provides biographies of men and women from different countries and cultures who have contributed to the thought as well as the action of the twentieth century."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Who's who in Victorian Britain [HIL-REF DA562 .E44 1997]
  • Wiley Online Library
    Wiley Online Library hosts the world's broadest and deepest multidisciplinary collection of online resources covering life, health and physical sciences, social science, and the humanities. It delivers seamless integrated access to over 4 million articles from 1500 journals. UNB also subscribes to select eBook titles.
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  • Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online
    Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online "is a vast new online library giving instant access to the most authoritative and up-to-date scholarship across the humanities and social sciences. With more than 350 reference volumes to be published in Blackwell Reference Online by the end of 2008, it is the largest academic reference collection available online and includes the critically-acclaimed Blackwell Companions and Handbooks, major reference works such as the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management and the Companion to Syntax, and a whole host of other valuable reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and concise companions."
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