Barry Cull

Teaching & Learning Librarian, Science & Forestry
UNB Fredericton


Barry helps students and faculty understand, access, and use research and scholarship. He is especially interested in motivating students to develop their deep reading skills, along with the speed reading that is routine in the digital world.


Barry's current research interests include the deep reading practices of various wide-ranging groups -- from university professors and students, to religious communities and clergy members, to teaching archivists at New England "ivy league" colleges, to avid first-generation readers and writers in Newfoundland, his home province.


Selected Publications [Cites: Google | Scopus]

Time for Reflection?: Digital Text and the Emerging Paper Divide  (local postprint)
Against the Grain, 27(1), (February 2015)

Reading Revolutions: Online Digital Text and Implications for Reading in Academe (local pdf)
First Monday, 16(6), (June 6, 2011)

Wikioogleopia vs. Your Library (with J. Mackenzie - pdf slideshow) | (pps version)
STLHE (Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) 29th Annual Conference
June 19, 2009

“Pre-Evaluation” Group Work in Large Classes: Broccoli is Better With Cheese
UNB CETL (Centre for Enhanced Teaching and Learning) Instructors Forum
May 19, 2009

Voices in the Wilderness: A Report on Academic Information Literacy Instruction in Atlantic Canada
The Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science, 29(1), p. 1-26 (2005)

Information Literacy Fundamentals: Lessons Learned from an Atlantic Canadian Road Trip (open archive copy)
The Atlantic Provinces Library Association Bulletin, 68(2), p. 1-3 (November/December 2004)

Information Literacy Instruction on the East Coast (pdf slideshow) | (pps version)
33rd Annual Workshop on Instruction in Library Use (WILU)
June 16, 2004

Selected Student Guides

A Guide to Research Success: academic literature, database search tips, etc. (pdf) [html version]

UNB Libraries' Guide to STU at HIL: Computing and other information for St. Thomas University students

Videos: Obama, the iPad, and Information Literacy | Al Gore on Peer Reviewed Literature

Barry's Guides:

Subject Specialties: Philosophy, Sociology, Science & Forestry, Library & Information Studies, Reading & Internet Studies, Journalism & Media Studies, Social Work, Family Violence Issues