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Reference Materials for History

Find dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, and other reference materials

  • 17th and 18th century Burney newspapers collection (Gale)
    "The newspapers, pamphlets, and books gathered by the Reverend Charles Burney (1757-1817) represent the largest and most comprehensive collection of early English news media. The present digital collection, that helps chart the development of the concept of 'news' and 'newspapers' and the "free press", totals almost 1 million pages and contains approximately 1,270 titles. Many of the Burney newspapers are well known, but many pamphlets and broadsides also included have remained largely hidden. These treasures can now be searched, browsed and discovered again within Gale Digital Collections."
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  • 17th and 18th century Nichols newspapers collection (Gale)
    "The 17th and 18th Century Nichols Newspapers Collection features the newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets and broadsheets that form the Nichols newspaper collection held at the Bodleian library in Oxford, UK. All 296 volumes of bound material, covering the period 1672-1737 are presented in digitized format here.

    This collection charts the history of the development of the press in England and provides invaluable insight into 17th-18th century England."
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  • 50 events that shaped American Indian history : an encyclopedia of the American mosaic [HIL-REF E77 .A125 2017]

    This powerful two-volume set provides an insider's perspective on American Indian experiences through engaging narrative entries about key historical events written by leading scholars in American Indian history as well as inspiring first-person accounts from American Indian peoples.

  • A cultural history of the human body [HIL-REF HM636 .C853 2010]

    A Cultural History of The Human Body presents an authoritative survey from ancient times to the present. This set of six volumes covers 2800 years of the human body as a physical, social, spiritual and cultural object. 

    Each volume discusses the same themes in its chapters: 
    1. Birth and Death 
    2. Health and Disease 
    3. Sex & Sexuality 
    4. Medical Knowledge and Technology 
    5. Popular Beliefs 
    6. Beauty and Concepts of the Ideal 
    7. Marked Bodies I: Gender, Race, Class, Age, Disability and Disease 
    8. Marked Bodies II: the Bestial, the Divine and the Natural 
    9. Cultural Representations of the Body 
    10. The Self and Society 

    This means readers can either have a broad overview of a period by reading a volume or follow a theme through history by reading the relevant chapter in each volume. Superbly illustrated, the full six volume set combines to present the most authoritative and comprehensive survey available on the human body through history.

  • A to Z of Revolutionary America, The [HIL-REF E209 .M356 2007]

    Reference Reviews Revolutionary America covers the period from around the early 1760s when colonists began to feel British depredations keenly through the post-conflict era during which Americans debated how to constitute themselves as a polity and finally ratified the current US Constitution. Some 1000 alphabetical entries provide information on political and military institutions, events, documents, and people from the era, with the vast bulk of the material being biographical. Included with the entries are an introductory essay, a chronology, and a bibliography. Additionally, appendixes list signers of the Article of Confederation, Constitutional Convention of 1787 attendees, signers of the Declaration of Independence, and Presidents of Congress

  • A to Z of the French Revolution, The [HIL-REF DC147 .H36 2007]

    Hanson (history, Butler U., Indiana) cites people, laws and decrees, committees and other organizations and agencies, battles and other events, places, ideas, and other aspects of the revolution that revolutionized revolution. The cross-referencing is extensive, but there is no index. He includes a chronology from 1786 to 1799, a bibliography arranged topically, and an introduction placing the revolution in historical context. The 2004 cloth edition was titled Historical Dictionary of the French Revolution. Annotation #169;2007 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Africa and the Americas: culture, politics and history: a multicultural encyclopedia [HIL-REF DT31 .A43 2008]

    This three-volume reference contains an impressive range of A-Z entries on countries, events, people, cities, culture, philosophy, and politics concerning the transatlantic relationship of Africa and the Americas.

  • African kingdoms : an encyclopedia of empires and civilizations [HIL-REF DT25 .A646 2017]


    "This history-rich volume details the sociopolitical, economic, and artistic aspects of African kingdoms from the earliest times to the second half of the 19th century. Africa has a long and fascinating history and is a place of growing importance in the world history curriculum. This detailed encyclopedia covers the history of African kingdoms from antiquity through the mid-19th century, tracing the dynasties' ties to modern globalization and influences on world culture before, during, and after the demise of the slave trade. Along with an exploration of African heritage, this reference is rich with firsthand accounts of Africa through the oral traditions of its people and the written journals of European explorers, missionaries, and travelers who visited Africa from the 15th century and onward. Alphabetically arranged entries cover a particular kingdom and feature information on the economic, cultural, religious, political, social, and environmental history of the regime. The content references popular culture, movies, and art that present contemporary reenactments of kingdoms, emphasizing the importance of history in shaping modern ideas. Other features include primary source documents, a selected bibliography of print and electronic resources, and dozens of sidebars containing key facts and interesting trivia. Features: Provides relevant perspective on globalization in the pre-modern era, documenting how humans across time and places have shared various components of custom ranging from food, language, and music to religion and spirituality ; Supports Common Core standards ; Includes primary documents for enhancing critical thinking and research skills ; Features cross references and suggestions for further reading ; Highlights key facts and interesting trivia through illuminating sidebars." -- Publisher's website

  • African political facts since 1945 [HIL-REF DT30 .C594 1991]

    This latest edition of African Political Facts since 1945 provides a work of reference on this period of modern African history and politics.

  • African-American writers : a dictionary [HIL-REF PS153 .N5 A3444 2000]

    A survey of an important sector of American letters, African American Writers examines a multitude of black cultural leaders from the 18th to the 20th century. Brief biographies of African American authors describe their background, inspiration, literary works, and connections with other African American writers.

  • Africana: the encyclopedia of the African and African American experience [HIL-REF DT14 .A37435 1999]

    Inspired by the dream of the late African American scholar W.E.B. Du Bois and assisted by an eminent advisory board, Harvard scholars Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Kwame Anthony Appiah have created the first scholarly encyclopedia to take as its scope the entire history of Africa and the African Diaspora.

  • American Antiquarian Society (AAS) Historical Periodicals Collection (EBSCO)
    The American Antiquarian Society Historical Periodicals provides information on the life of America's people from the Colonial Era through the Civil War and Reconstruction (1684-1912). This e-resource includes digitized images of American magazines, journals, and monographs not available from any other source and provide rich content detailing American history and culture from the mid-18th century through the late-19th century. These specialized collections cover advertising, health, women's issues, science, the history of slavery, industry and professions, religious issues, culture and the arts, and more.
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  • American art to 1900: a documentary history [HIL-REF N6505 .B87 2009]

    American Art to 1900 presents an astonishing variety of unknown, little-known, or undervalued documents to convey the story of American art through the many voices of its contemporary practitioners, consumers, and commentators. The volume highlights such critically important themes as women artists, African American representation and expression, regional and itinerant artists, Native Americans and the frontier, and more.

  • American Men and Women of Science [HIL-REF Q141 .A47]
  • American National Biography [HIL-REF CT213 .A68 1999]
  • American Revolution : the definitive encyclopedia and document collection [HIL-REF E208 .A44 2018]

    5 Volumes

  • AncestryLibrary (ProQuest)
    Ancestry Library Edition is a new genealogy research tool created for the library market and provides patrons instant access to a wide range of unique resources for genealogical and historical research. With more then 1.5 billion names in over 4,000 databases, Ancestry Library Edition includes records from the United States Census; military records; court, land and probate records; vital and church records; directories; passenger lists and more! These collections are continuously expanding, with new content added every business day.

    Note: The Library Edition does not include some of the personalization features available in the private version.

    Helpful Links
    ~ Tracing Your Canadian Roots in Ancestry Library Edition webinar
    ~ Proquest's Library Ancestry Edition Subject Guide
    ~ Next Level Canadian Ancestry Investigation webinar

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  • Ancient Americans: A Reference Guide to the Art, Culture, and History of Pre-Columbian North and South America, The [HIL-REF E59 .P42 S3613 2001 vols. 1-2]

    Lavishly illustrated in full color and black and white, this handsome reference provides a broad survey of the rich artistic heritage of pre-Columbian North and South America. Meticulously researched by archaeologists and anthropologists, the set features dramatic close-ups of engraved rock artifacts, cave paintings, pottery, and inscribed and sculpted bones. Covering the entire two continents from present-day Canada in the far north through Central America and down to the Andes Mountains and Patagonia in the south, it is a stunning visual and written record of the great variety of artworks created by Neolithic American peoples over many millennia. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Anti-American Terrorism and the Middle East: A Documentary Reader [HIL-REF HV6431 .A566 2002]

    After the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, a stunned public asked: How could this happen? Why did the attackers do what they did? What did they hope to accomplish?This wasn't the first battle in a conflict that has included bombings of U.S. embassies and planes, the Iran hostage crisis, and kidnappings or shootings of American citizens. This unique volume sets out to answer these questions using the unfiltered words of the terrorists themselves.Over many decades, radical forces in the Middle East have changed and evolved, yet their basic outlook and anti-Western views have remained remarkably consistent. Barry Rubin and Judith Colp Rubin have assembled nearly one hundred key documents, charting the evolution of radical Middle East movements, their anti-Americanism, and Western policy response. The buildup to the battle between a world superpower and Middle East revolutionaries is brought dramatically to life. Among the documents included are the charters of such organizations as Hizballah, Hamas, and World Islamic Front; speeches by Syrian president Hafiz al-Asad and former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein; al-Qa'ida recruitment materials; and terrorist training manuals. The book also shows and analyzes the often conflicting and deeply conflicted responses to September 11 by journalists, clerics, and activists in the Arab world.Supplemented by an annotated chronology, a glossary of terms, and sections that put each selection in context, this comprehensive reference serves not only as essential historical background to the ongoing aftermath of the September 11 attacks, but more generally as an invaluable framework for understanding a long-term, continuing conflict that has caused many crises for the United States. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Archaeology in America: an encyclopedia [HIL-REF E159.5 .A68 2009 vols. 1-4]

    Archaeology in America is the first resource that provides students, researchers, and anyone interested in their local history with a survey of the most important archaeological discoveries in North America. Leading scholars, most with an intimate knowledge of the area, have written in-depth essays on over 300 of the most important archaeological sites that explain the importance of the site, the history of the people who left the artifacts, and the nature of the ongoing research.

  • Archaeology of Ancient Mexico and Central America: An Encyclopedia [HIL-REF F1218.6 .A73 2001]
    A reference devoted to the pre-Columbian archaeology of Mesoamerica features in-depth articles on the major cultural areas of ancient Mexico and Central America, coverage of important sites, articles on day-to-day life of ancient peoples in these regions, and several b&w regional and site maps and photographs.
  • Archives of Sexuality & Gender (Gale)
    The Archives of Sexuality and Gender program provides a robust and significant collection of primary sources for the historical study of sex, sexuality, and gender. With material dating back to the sixteenth century, researchers and scholars can examine how sexual norms have changed over time, health and hygiene, the development of sex education, the rise of sexology, changing gender roles, social movements and activism, erotica, and many other interesting topical areas. This growing archival program offers rich research opportunities across a wide span of human history.
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  • Archives Unbound
    Archives Unbound presents topically-focused digital collections of historical documents that support the research and study needs of scholars and students at the college and university level. Collections in Archives Unbound cover a broad range of topics from the Middle Ages forward-from Witchcraft to World War II to twentieth-century political history. Collections are chosen for Archives Unbound based on requests from scholars, archivists, and students.

    UNB has access to 14 archives:
    1. 19th Century English-Language Journals of the Far East | UNBWorldCat: 794778563
    2. American Indian Movement and Native American Radicalism | UNBWorldCat: 551797520
    3. Civil War Service Reports of Union Army Generals | UNBWorldCat: 750590961
    4. Feminism in Cuba: Nineteenth through Twentieth Century Archival Documents | UNBWorldCat: 551797483
    5. German Anti-Semitic Propaganda, 1909-1941 | UNBWorldCat: 860713307
    6. German Folklore and Popular Culture: Das Kloster (Scheible) | UNBWorldCat: 707935863
    7. German Foreign Relations and Military Activities in China, 1919-1935 | UNBWorldCat: 849493401
    8. Homophile Movement: Papers of Donald Stewart Lucas, 1941-1976 | UNBWorldCat: 803998549
    9. Minutes of the Shanghai Municipal Council | UNBWorldCat: 822057416
    10. Russian Civil War and American Expeditionary Forces in Siberia, 1918-20 | UNBWorldCat: 881829856
    11. SAFEHAVEN Reports on Nazi Looting of Occupied Countries and Assets in Neutral Countries | UNBWorldCat: 773624052
    12. Tiananmen Square and U.S.-China relations, 1989-1993 | UNBWorldCat: 611152344
    13. War of 1812: Diplomacy on the High Seas | UNBWorldCat: 793100869
    14. "We Were Prepared for the Possibility of Death": Freedom Riders in the South, 1961 | UNBWorldCat: 704290642

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  • ARTstor
    Artstor is a repository of approximately 300 collections composed of over 2.5 million digital images (and growing), related data and provides tools to actively use those images in a restricted usage environment that balances the rights of the content providers and the needs of the users. The images are drawn from different sources, such as museums, archaeological teams, photo archives, slide collections, and art reference publishers.

    Scholars can examine wide-ranging material such as Native American art from the Smithsonian, treasures from the Louvre, and panoramic, 360-degree views of the Hagia Sophia in a single, easy-to-use resource. The artistic traditions across many cultures embraces architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, and design as well as many other forms of visual culture.
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  • Atlantic Canada Portal
    "The Atlantic Canada Portal, a collaborative effort of the University of New Brunswick's Electronic Text Centre and Canada Research Chair in Atlantic Canada Studies, promotes the study of Canada's Atlantic Provinces ... the Portal hosts, a comprehensive bibliography of works published on the Atlantic Region, a virtual archives of primary source material, a repository of electronic publications teaching resources on Atlantic Canada topics, a listserv highlighting portal news and events, a research forum for scholarly collaboration, and a searchable web directory of links to websites on the region."--Home page.
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  • Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives

    The Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives (ACVA) features collections of digitized documents and images, accompanied by learning activities and commentary, of interest to a wide range of readers.

  • Atlas of Canada
    The Atlas of Canada provides authoritative overviews of the geography and population of Canada via an interactive map collection from Natural Resources Canada. Current and historical maps are organized by topics, which include environment, people and society, economy, health, and more.
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  • Atlas of Human Migration [HIL-REF GN370 .A85 2007]

    A well-illustrated, comprehensive popular history of how humans have spread out across the world, from it's very beginnings in Africa through to modern migration to Israel and resulting from the Eastern Bloc collapse.

  • Atlas of the Medieval World [HIL-REF D117 .M35 2004]

    McKitterick (early medieval history, Cambridge U., UK), who authored many of the entries in addition to editing the atlas, provides a broad view of the Middle Ages that eschews an exclusive focus on political developments and the western Christian arena to write instead on commerce, city planning and development, art and culture, and the lives and histories of diverse peoples in the eastern and western Christian, Muslim, Chinese, Japanese, Hindu, and African worlds. Entries provide a history and definition of the event, group, or idea accompanied by highly detailed maps and frequent color plates of relevant works of art and architecture. A sampling of entries includes Byzantium 700-1000, Byzantine culture, the Abbasid caliphate, the Temple kingdoms in India, the Tang dynasty, Sung China, Africa 1000-1300, the Spanish reconquista, and commercial expansion in the later Middle Ages. This work was first published by Harper Collins in 2003 as The Times Medieval world. Annotation #169;2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World [HIL-REF G1033 .B3 2000]

    "Quite simply the most important and most complicated project to be undertaken in classical studies this generation."--NEH reviewer "This atlas provides us with a vital missing tool. It is a model of creative planning, and will be absolutely indispensable."--C. Nicolet (Sorbonne, Paris)

  • Berkshire encyclopedia of world history [HWK-REF HIL-REF D23 .B45 2005 vols. 1-5]

    A comprehensive encyclopedia of world history with 538 articles that trace the development of human history with a focus on area studies, global history, anthropology, geography, science, arts, literature, economics, women's studies, African-American studies, and cultural studies related to all regions of the world.

  • Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Greek and Roman Women: Notable Women from Sappho to Helena [HIL-REF HQ1136 .L54 2000]

    Hailing from all corners of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds, the women profiled here are notable for their own accomplishments as well as their family ties. More than 400 A-to-Z entries tell the life stories of women from all walks of life -- from poets, wives, and mistresses to rulers, slaves, and businesswomen. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Biographical Dictionary of Modern World Leaders: 1900 - 1991 [HIL-REF D412.6 .B52 2004]

    Political leaders of every stripe-from the Ayatollah Khomeini to Nikita Khrushchev-can be found in this accessible A-to-Z reference, a companion to Biographical Dictionary of Modern World Leaders: 1992 to the Present. Taking a global approach and covering political leaders from the beginning of the 20th century through the end of the cold war, Biographical Dictionary of Modern World Leaders: 1900-1991 includes approximately 400 detailed narratives outlining the major events and achievements in the lives of many of the 20th century's most influential leaders. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.



  • Biographical Dictionary of Modern World Leaders: 1992 to the Present [HIL-REF D412 .B55 2003]

    This reference provides biographies of all the current and some former leaders of all 190 countries worldwide. Fredriksen, an independent scholar with a doctorate in history, assembled the biographies from books, articles, and master's theses and dissertations, as well as on-line news sources to keep the entries well up to date. The biographies include details about the country's politics, history, and geography as well as the education and career of its present or previous ruler. A list of references is provided for each entry and an A-to-Z list of entries and index by country are included for the volume. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Biographical encyclopedia of early modern Englishwomen: exemplary lives and memorable acts, 1500-1650 [HIL-REF CT3320 .B56 2017]
    • Women England Biography Encyclopedias.

    • Women England History Renaissance, 1450-1600 Biography Encyclopedias.

    • Women England History 17th century Biography Encyclopedias.

    • Women.

    • Women Renaissance.

    • Frau

    • England.

  • Biography and Genealogy Master Index [HIL-REF CT 213 .B622]
    A consolidated index to biographical sketches in current and retrospective biographical dictionaries.
  • Biography Index [HIL-REFAB CT104 .B5544]

    "A cumulative index to biographical material in books and magazines."

  • Bioterrorism: The History of a Crisis in American Society [HIL-REF HV6432 .B56 2003 vols. 1-2]

    This timely collection provides an invaluable, academic resource on the challenges bioterrorism poses for American society and institutions. Critically selected essays from a wide range of disciplines document and analyze the problems and implications for political, economic, and legal institutions, as well as the challenges a weapon of disease and fear can impose on public health and public policy. By placing bioterrorism into its historical context, this collection also traces the academic research and historical decisions that have contributed to the formation of American policies attempting to cope with a potentially catastrophic attack on the population in general and urban population in particular. Available as a full set or individually, the volumes include: * Vol. 1: "Epidemics, Bioweapons, and Policy History"352 pp * [0-415-94278-0]* Vol. 2: "Public Health, Government, and Minority Issues"352 pp * [0-415-94279-9] Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Black Thought and Culture
    When complete, Black Thought and Culture will provide approximately 100,000 pages of non-fiction writings by leaders within the black community from the earliest times to 1975. The collection is intended for research in black studies, political science, American history, music, literature, art, and includes monographs, essays, articles, speeches, and interviews.
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  • Blackwell companion to Hinduism, The
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
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  • Brill's New Pauly: Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World: Antiquity [HIL-REF DE5 .N3513 2002 vols. 1-15]

    Updating and translation of Pauly's Real-Encyclopädie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft.

  • British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries
    British and Irish Women’s Letters and Diaries spans more than 400 years of personal writings, bringing together the voices of women from England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. This database allows researchers to view history in the context of women’s thoughts – their struggles, achievements, passions, pursuits, and desires.
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  • British Library Newspapers - Part I & IV (Gale)
    "Sourced from the extensive holdings of the British Library, British Library Newspapers delivers a wide range of irreplaceable local and regional voices to reflect the social, political, and cultural events of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. With more than 160 newspaper titles, the series is comprised of approximately 5.5 million pages of historic content, from articles to advertisements.

    UNB Libraries provides access to:

    Part I: 1800-1900
    Ranging from early tabloids like the Illustrated Police News to radical papers like the Chartist Northern Star, publications in Part I span a vast range of national, regional, and local interests.

    Part IV: 1732-1950
    From key early newspaper titles like the Stamford Mercury to what is possibly the oldest magazine in the world still in publication, the Scots Magazine, Part IV offers key local and regional perspectives."
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  • British Military Operations in Egypt and the Sudan: A Selected Biliography [HIL-REF DT107.3.R38 2008]
  • Cambridge Ancient History, The
    see also [HIL-REF HIL-REF D57 .C252 vols. 1-14]

    Complete new edition of the text volumes of this definitive work of reference.

  • Cambridge Core (eBooks & eJournals)
    Cambridge Core provides full text for eJournals in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, as well as access to selected eBooks purchased by UNB Libraries.
  • Cambridge economic history of Europe. Vol. 4, The economy of expanding Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
    This title is part of the Cambridge Histories Online e-book collection.
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  • Cambridge economic history of Europe. Vol. 5, The economic organization of early modern Europe
    This title is part of the Cambridge Histories Online e-book collection.
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  • Cambridge economic history of Europe. Vol. 7, The industrial economies - capital, labour, and enterprise Part 1, Britain, France, Germany, and Scandinavia
    This title is part of the Cambridge Histories Online e-book collection.
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  • Cambridge economic history of India. Vol. 2, C. 1757-c. 1970
    From the establishment of British rule to its termination, with epilogues on the post-Independence period.
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  • Cambridge economic history of modern Britain. Vol. 2, Economic maturity, 1860-1939
    This is a readable and comprehensive account of British economic history from mid-Victorian times to the end of the inter-war period in the context both of initial British pre-eminence and subsequent relative economic decline and of new ideas in growth economics.
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  • Cambridge economic history of modern Britain. Vol. 3, Structural change and growth, 1939-2000
    This is a readable and comprehensive account of British economic history from 1700 to 1860.
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  • Cambridge encyclopedia of Africa, The [HIL-REF DT3 .C35 1981]

    A comprehensive, illustrated presentation of the entire continent. The entries are arranged in a readable order reflecting history. This is a thoroughly indexed and impressively referenced text/reference book on Africa.

  • Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean, The [HIL-REF F1406 .C36 1992]

    Discusses the region's past and present culture, society, history, economics and politics.

  • Cambridge Histories Online (Cambridge Core)
    This resource, part of Cambridge Core, contains the online versions of over 270 Cambridge Histories publications in the following 15 areas: American History, British History, Economic History, General History, History of Science, History of the Book, Language and Linguistics, Literary Studies, Music, Philosophy, Political and Social Theory, Regional History, Religious Studies, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts, and Warfare. For a complete listing of titles in each area, please refer to the publisher's site, at:
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  • Cambridge history of ancient China from the origins of civilization to 221 B.C., The
    This survey of the cultural history of pre-imperial China covers over 1000 years, giving 2 chapters for each time period included. Scholars, students and general readers with no special knowledge of Chinese history will be interested in this book.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of China. Vol. 1, The Ch'in and Han Empires, 221 B.C.-A.D. 220
    Begins the historical coverage of "The Cambridge History of China" with the establishment of the Ch'in empire in 221 BC and ends with the abdication of the last Han emperor in AD 220. This volume summarizes the information given in primary sources in the light of critical scholarship.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of China. Vol. 11, Late Ch'ing, 1800-1911. Part 2
    The second of two volumes dealing with the decline of the Ch'ing empire.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of China. Vol. 12, Republican China, 1912-1949. Part 1
    International scholars and sinologists discuss culture, economic growth, social change, political processes, and foreign influences in China since the earliest pre-dynastic period.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of China. Vol. 13, Republican China, 1912-1949. Part 2
    International scholars and sinologists discuss culture, economic growth, social change, political processes, and foreign influences in China since the earliest pre-dynastic period.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of China. Vol. 14, The People's Republic. Part 1, The emergence of revolutionary China, 1949-1965
    Describes the efforts of the People's Republic of China to grapple with the problems of adaptation to modern times. It deals with the achievements of the economic and human disasters of the regime's first sixteen years (1949-65).
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of China. Vol. 15, The People's Republic. Part 2, Revolutions within the Chinese Revolution, 1966-1982
    Volume 15 considers the developments in Mao's thoughts and how they related to China's government. The most comprehensive account of this turbulent period in Chinese history.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of China. Vol. 3, Sui and T'ang China, 589-906. Part 1
    This volume covers the second great period of unified imperial power, 589-906.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of China. Vol. 6, Alien regimes and border states, 907-1368
    Volume six deals with four non-Chinese regimes: the Khitan dynasty of Liao; the Tangut state of Hsi Hsia; the Jurchen empire of Chin; and the Mongolian Yuan dynasty that eventually engulfed the whole of China.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of China. Vol. 7, The Ming dynasty, 1368-1644. Part 1
    Provides a detailed account of the Ming period in any language (1368-1644). This volume deals primarily with the political developments of the period. It also incorporates the background in social, economic, and cultural history.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of China. Vol. 9. Part 1, Ch'ing Empire to 1800
    Willard Peterson considers the historical, political, military social and economic developments that characterised the Chinese Empire. This volume ends with the beginning of the collapse of the imperial system in the 19th century.
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  • Cambridge history of China. Vol.10, Late Ch'ing, 1800-1911.. Vol. 10, Late Ch'ing, 1800-1911. Part 1
    This is the first of two volumes in the major Cambridge history dealing with the decline of the Ch'ing empire. Contributors to this volume study the complex interplay of foreign invasion, domestic rebellion and Ch'ing decline and restoration. Each chapter is written by a specialist from the international community of sinological scholars.
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  • Cambridge history of China. Volume 5, Part One, The Sung dynasty and its precursors, 907-1279
    This first of two volumes presents the political history of China from the fall of the T'ang Dynasty in 907 to the Mongol conquest of the Southern Sung in 1279. It surveys the events and personalities that marked the rise, consolidation, and demise of the Sung polity during an era of profound social, economic, and intellectual ferment.
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  • Cambridge history of eighteenth-century political thought, The
    Written by a distinguished team of international contributors, this text provides a comprehensive overview of the development of western political thought during the European enlightenment.
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  • Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Warfare, The [HIL-REF U35 .C34 2007 vols. 1-2]

    Systematic and up-to-date account of warfare from Archaic Greece to the seventh century AD.

  • Cambridge history of Iran. Vol. 7, From Nadir Shah to the Islamic Republic
    'The Cambridge History of Iran' is an eight-volume survey of Iranian history and culture, and its contribution to the civilisation of the world. All aspects of the religious, philosophical, political, economic, scientific and artistic elements in Iranian civilisation are studied.
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  • Cambridge history of Japan. Vol. 1, Ancient Japan
    This comprehensive work surveys the historical events and developments in Japan's polity, economy, society and culture.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of Japan. Vol. 2, Heian Japan
    This volume covers the Heian period, the golden age of the Japanese imperial court. It emphasizes political history, the land system, provincial administration, the capital and its society, the acceptance of Buddhism and religious practices.
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  • Cambridge history of Japan. Vol. 3, Medieval Japan
    This comprehensive work surveys the historical events and developments in Japan's polity, economy, society and culture.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of Japan. Vol. 4, Early modern Japan
    This comprehensive work surveys the historical events and developments in Japan's polity, economy, society and culture.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of Japan. Vol. 5, Nineteenth century
    This comprehensive work surveys the historical events and developments in Japan's polity, economy, society and culture.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge history of Japan. Vol. 6, Twentieth century
    This comprehensive work surveys the historical events and developments in Japan's polity, economy, society and culture.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge History of Religions in America [multiple locations]

    "The three volumes of The Cambridge History of Religions in America trace the historical development of religious traditions in America, following both their transplantation from other parts of the world and the inauguration of new religious movements on the continent of North America. This story involves complex relationships among these religious communities as well as the growth of distinctive theological ideas and religious practices. The net result of this historical development in North America is a rich religious culture that includes representatives of most of the world's religions."

  • Cambridge history of seventeenth-century music
    While this history does not depart entirely from the traditional study of musical works and their composers, there is a strong emphasis on the institutions, cultures & politics of the age, together with an interrogation of the ways in which music related to contemporary arts, sciences & beliefs.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cambridge History of the British Empire. Vol. VI: Canada and Newfoundland [HIL-REF DA30 .C3 1929 v.6]
  • Cambridge History of the First World War [HIL-REF D521 .C35 2014]

    The Cambridge History of the First World War is a comprehensive, three-volume work which provides an authoritative account of the military, political, social, economic and cultural history of the Great War. Reflecting the very latest research in the field, the volumes provide a comprehensive guide to the course of the war and of how the dynamics of conflict unfolded throughout the world. Volume I surveys the military history showing the brutal realities of a global war among industrialized powers, whilst Volumes II and III explore the social, economic, cultural and political challenges that the war presented to politicians, industrialists, soldiers and civilians. Written by a team of leading international historians, the volumes together reveal the ways in which the war transcended the boundaries of Europe to subsequently transform the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas just as much as Europe itself.  

  • Cambridge illustrated history of the Middle Ages, The [HIL-STACKS CB351 .M7813 1986 v. 1 & 2]

    Spans the beginning of the Middle Ages, the rise of the Church, the growing importance of Byzantium and the flowering of the Carolingian Renaissance.

  • Cambridge Medieval History, The [HIL-REF D117 .C32 1964 vols. 1-8]
  • Cambridge World History of Human Disease

    Combining recent medical discoveries with historical and geographical scholarship, this is the most comprehensive history of human disease since August Hirsch's monumental Handbook of Geographical and Historical Pathology in 1880. Accessible to laypeople and specialists alike, The Cambridge World History of Human Disease explores the patterns of disease throughout the world as well as the variety of approaches that different medical traditions have used to fight it. The volume traces the concept of disease as medicine developed from an art to a science, then addresses the history of disease in each major world region. The final and largest part offers the history and geography of each significant human disease - both historical and contemporary - from AIDS to yellow fever. A truly interdisciplinary history, it includes contributions from over 160 medical and social scientists from across the globe. Together with The Cambridge World History of Food (2000), The Cambridge World History of Human Disease provides an extraordinary glimpse of what is known about human health as the twenty-first century begins.

  • Cambridge world history of medical ethics

    This is the first comprehensive scholarly account of the global history of medical ethics. Offering original interpretations of the field by leading bioethicists and historians of medicine, it will serve as the essential point of departure for future scholarship in the field.

  • Cambridge World History of Slavery. Vol. 3, AD 1420 - AD 1804

    Volume 3 of 'The Cambridge World History of Slavery' is a collection of essays exploring the various manifestations of coerced labour in Africa, Asia and the Americas between the opening up of the Atlantic world and the formal creation of the new nation of Haiti.

  • Canada's Diverse Peoples: A Reference Sourcebook [HIL-REF FC104 .B86 2003]

    Born in the U.S. to European immigrants, Bumsted (history, U. of Manitoba) immigrated to Canada 40 years ago as a young adult, and is married to a Welsh immigrant. He has written numerous books and articles on Canadian history. His chronologically- organized reference text describes the gradual shifting of the origins of Canada's immigrants from a few western European countries to the entire spectrum of the Third World, and concludes with diversity issues and situations faced by Canadians during recent decades. Suitable for the general public and students of Canadian history, sociology, and anthropology. Annotation #169;2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1902 - 2002 [HIL-REF FC2 .C3]
  • Canadian Encyclopedia
    Free online encyclopedia, containing the full text of the print Canadian Encyclopedia, "the most comprehensive source of information on all things Canadian." Includes the full text of the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Canadian News Facts (journal)
    see also [HIL-REF FC1 .C366 Textual holdings: v. 1 1967-v. 35 2001]
  • Canadian Who's Who [multiple locations (latest volume shelved in HIL-RFDSK) FC25 .C389 vols. 1-43]
  • China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980 (Adam Matthew Digital)
    This project provides a wide variety of original source material detailing China's interaction with the West from Macartney's first Embassy to China in 1793, through to the Nixon/Heath visits to China in 1972-74.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Chronology of the Ancient World, 10,000 BC to AD 799 [HIL-REF CB311 .M4]
  • Chronology of the Medieval World, 800 to 1491 [HIL-REF D118 .S855 1973]
  • Chronology of World History [HIL-REF D11 .M39 1999 vols. 1-4]

    This four volume set, which includes 70,000 events compiled by 27 contributing editors, constitutes the most complete and current chronology of world history ever created.

  • Civilizations of the Ancient Near East [HIL-REF DS57 .C55 1995 vols. 1-4]

    This 4-vol. set examines the cultures of the ancient Near East from the Bronze Age (3200 B.C.E.) to the Hellenistic era (325 B.C.E) and describes the archaeology and the history of each subregion. Languages, religious life, governments, peace and war, commerce and agriculture, and the visual and performing arts are covered. The set explores an area ranging from North Africa to Central Asia, and treats Syro-Palestine, Mesopotamia, Iran/Persia, Anatolia (modern-day Turkey), the Arabian Peninsula, and the island cultures of the Mediterranean. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Classical Scores Library (Music Online)
    "Music Online: Classical Scores Library is a series of four volumes with a mission to provide a reliable and authoritative source for scores of the classical canon, as well as a resource for the discovery of lesser-known contemporary works. The collections encompass all major classical musical genres and time periods from the Middle Ages to the 21st century. With full, study, piano, and vocal scores, this comprehensive collection will enhance the study of music history, performance, composition and theory for a variety of scholars."
  • Collins Dictionary of Canadian History 1867 to the Present, The [HIL-REF FC23 .G73 1988]
  • Columbia Dictionary of European Political History since 1914, The [HIL-REF D424 .C65 1992]

    Originally published: Dictionary of British and European history since 1914. U.K. : Macmillan.

  • Columbia Guide to the Holocaust [HIL-REF D804.3 .N54 2000]

    Offers a general history of the Holocaust and addresses many of the core issues and debates surrounding it.

  • Companion to ancient Egypt, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to ancient history, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to Britain in the later Middle Ages, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to Byzantium, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to colonial America, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to contemporary Britain, 1939-2000, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to early twentieth-century Britain, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to eighteenth-century Britain, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to English renaissance literature and culture, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to health and medical geography, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to heresy inquisitions, A [HIL-REF BT1319 .C64 2019]

    The spiritual foundations of Christian heresy inquisitions / Christine Caldwell Ames -- Precursors to religious inquisitions: anti-heretical efforts to 1184 / Michael Frassetto -- The Fourth Lateran Ordo of Inquisition adapted to the prosecution of heresy / Henry Ansgar Kelly -- The church's institutional response to heresy in the 13th century / L.J. Sackville -- Heresy inquisitions in the later Middle Ages / Robin Vose -- The Spanish Inquisition and the Converso challenge (c. 1480-1525): a question of race, religion or socio-political ascendancy? / Helen Rawlings -- The metamorphosis of the Spanish Inquisition, 1520-1648 / Werner Thomas -- The rise of the modem Inquisition in Portugal and Brazil, and the transformation of Jews and new Christians into heretics / Lúcia Helena Costigan -- The takeover of the Roman Inquisition / Elena Bonora -- Politics, diplomacy and religious dissent. The activity of the Inquisition in early modern Venice / Federico Barbierato.

  • Companion to Latin American Anthropology, A
    see also [HIL-REF GN564 .L29 C64 2008]

    Comprised of 24 newly commissioned chapters, this defining reference resource on Latin America introduces English-language readers to the debates, traditions, and sensibilities that have shaped the study of this diverse region. Written by some of the most prominent figures in Latin American and Latin Americanist anthropology and drawing on their own ethnographic research, the Companion highlights national and regional debates. Both geographically and topically focused, these chapters give a vivid sense of how anthropologists often combine intellectual and political work to address the pressing social and cultural issues of Latin America. Ultimately this volume encourages readers to consider how a confrontation with Latin American political, cultural, and historical realities has forced us to rethink traditional categories of scholarly analysis.

  • Companion to Latin American history, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to Latin American History, A

    This work provides a state-of-the-art overview of the history of Latin America in all its diversity. Comprising 28 chapters by leading world experts, this is a single source of information for scholars and students interested in Latin America's past and is the ideal starting point for further study.

  • Companion to Latin American literature and culture, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to Latin American philosophy, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to mexican history and culture
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Companion to nineteenth-century Britain
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to nineteenth-century Europe, 1789-1914, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to postcolonial studies, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to Stuart Britain, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to the ancient Near East, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to the anthropology of Japan, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to the anthropology of the body and embodiment
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Companion to the French Revolution, A
    see also HIL-STACKS DC147.8 .C75 2013

    A Companion to the French Revolution' comprises twenty-nine newly-written essays reassessing the origins, development, and impact of this great turning-point in modern history. This book examines the origins, development and impact of the French Revolution; Features original contributions from leading historians, including six essays translated from French; Presents a wide-ranging overview of current historical debates on the revolution and future directions in scholarship; and gives equally thorough treatment to both causes and outcomes of the French Revolution.

  • Companion to the Vietnam War, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to Tudor Britain, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to Western historical thought, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to world philosophies, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Companion to World War I, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Concise companion to the Restoration and eighteenth century, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Concise Encyclopedia of the Revolutions and Wars of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 1639 - 1660, The [HIL-REF DA405 .M35 2004]

    Military historian and war gamer Manganiello presents articles averaging about half a page on people, battles, weapons, political statements and other documents, institutions, and other matters relating to the series of conflicts pitting parliament and crown, or perhaps Protestants and Catholics, or the mercantile and landowning classes, or Medieval and Modern theories and methods of warfare. The biographical entries identify birth and death dates and places if they are known, official positions, and such information as nicknames; then narrate the person's role and significance in the wars. Maps are provided for each battle entry. There is no index. Annotation #169;2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Concise Oxford dictionary of archaeology, The
    "From amphora to ziggurat, and Beaker Culture to molluscan analysis, this comprehensive dictionary, covers the essential vocabulary for archaeological work, including principles, theories, techniques, artefacts, materials, people, places, monuments, equipment, and descriptive terms. The dictionary focuses especially on Europe, the Old World, and the Americas, and covers legislation relating to the United Kingdom and the USA."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Concise Oxford dictionary of world religions, The
    "Abridged from the acclaimed Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, this Concise version is written by an expert team of 80 international and multi-faith contributors. It contains entries on all the major and many minor religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Shinto, Sikhism, and Taoism. Over 500 entries cover movements, sects, and cults, from Cargo Cults and the New Age movement to Rastafarians and Soka Gakkai. Over 1,000 entries explore the sacred writings of religions worldwide, and short biographies of founders, leaders, gurus, philosophers, mystics, and heretics are given. There are details of sacred sites, customs, religious practices, dogmas, beliefs, traditions, festivals and fasts, and artefacts such as altars, rosaries, icons, and torah ornaments. There are also entries on worldwide religious teachings on abortion, animals, birth control, war, homosexuality, and suicide."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Concise Princeton Encyclopedia of American Political History

    With 150 accessible articles written by more than 130 leading experts, this essential reference provides authoritative introductions to some of the most important and talked-about topics in American history and politics, from the founding to today. 

  • Concordance of English Recipes: Thirteenth through Fifteenth Centuries [HIL-REF TX717 .H543 2006]
  • Conserving America : a bibliographical guide to printed material in the British Library relating to American environmental history and thought [HIL-REF S930 .W44 1996]

    "The purpose of this bibliography is to list the significant studies of American environment history found in the British Library"--Preface.

  • Contemporary Authors [HIL-REF CT220 .C63]

    "A bio-bibliographical guide to current authors and their works."

  • Current Biography Yearbook [Multiple Locations CT100 .C8 ; CT100 .C9]

    1955 - 2016 held.

  • Defining Gender (Adam Matthew Digital)

    Defining Gender provides access to a vast body of original British source material that will enrich the teaching and research experience of those studying history, literature, sociology and education from a gendered perspective.

  • Defining Gender, 1450-1910 (Adam Matthew Digital)
    Defining Gender is structured in five sections, each containing a substantial body of original source material, together with thematic essays by leading scholars in the field. The thematic essays introduce students to the material, suggest possible approaches, and place the documents within a broad historical, literary and cultural context. The sources all have distinct URLs and can be readily integrated into course packs or projected in the classroom.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Dictionary of American History [HIL-REF E174 .D52 2003 vols. 1-10]

    This 2003 edition contains 4,400 articles, 1,200 photos, and 252 maps and includes 8,940 new topics and 1,400 rewritten articles. These cross-listed and newly-illustrated entries of 100-8,000 words are aimed at college students and reach into the future with a 1500-word essay on "9/11." Volume nine, a wonderful addition, contains archival maps and primary documents (with introductions) such as the anonymous story (c. 1745) of the league of five nations (Cayugas, Mohawks, Oneidas, Onondagas, Senecas); an excerpt from Francis Grund's (1837); and Henry Ford's "Advice to the Unemployed in the Great Depression" (1932). Volume nine's other distinctive feature is a division of the into chronological chunks that correlate entries, maps, and documents with relevant chapters in three Wadsworth textbooks: (2000), (2001); and (2002). A six-page guide provides tips on historical research. The over 2000 contributors are from American academies. One caution: the dictionary does not contain biographical entries. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Dictionary of American history, A
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Dictionary of Ancient History, A [HIL-REF DE5 .D53 1994]

    This concise dictionary is a compendium of current knowledge about the Greco-Roman world. Chronological coverage begins in 776 BC (the year of the first Olympic games) and ends in 476 AD with the fall of the Roman Empire in the West. The dictionary contains over 2500 entries.

  • Dictionary of Asian mythology, A
    "This dictionary features stories of revered deities, sacred places, key events and epics, with many recurring themes and traditions. Entries address the key mythologies of the regions we now call India, China, Tibet, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Japan, and broad overviews of specific cultures and their mythic traditions round out the coverage."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Dictionary of British history, A
    "Based on the very successful Oxford Companion to British History, A Dictionary of British History, is an invaluable compact reference work on all aspects of the history of Britain from 55 BC to the present day. Written by over 100 distinguished specialist contributors, the variety of entries provides a wealth of essential information touching all aspects of British history: political, economic, social, military, people, events, and institutions."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography [HIL-REF FC25 .D5 vols. 1-15]

    Published simultaneously in French, this reference work is recognized as Canada's definitive source on biography. The 12th volume completes the first part of the series (1000-1900) and will be complemented by a cumulative index in 1991. Current indexing is unwieldy, with a separate index for Volumes 1-4 and indexes within each of the other volumes. Indexing was expanded with Volume 11 to include a list of identifications (names grouped according to occupational or other characteristics), and a geographical index (names grouped by place of birth as well as place of career). A nominal index is also helpful. The general bibliography is the most interesting feature. Its relevance to North American historical studies has been noted by John J. McCusker in New Guides to Primary Sources in the History of Early British North America. Subsequent volumes are being planned under the editorial direction of Ramsay Cook (York Univ.) and Jean Hamelin. This is an indispensable tool for Canadian reference as well as American historical research collections. Mary Hemmings, Univ. of Calgary Law Lib., Alberta Copyright 1990 Cahners Business Information, Inc. From: Reed Elsevier Inc. Copyright Reed Business Information

  • Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
    The Dictionary of Canadian Biography/Dictionnaire biographique du Canada provides detailed biographies of important figures in Canadian history from the year 1000 to 1930. This free online resource is produced by Library and Archives Canada, in partnership with Universite Laval and the University of Toronto, and reproduces the full contents of the print Dictionary of Canadian Biography/Dictionnaire biographique du Canada.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Dictionary of Canadian Military History [HIL-REF FC226 .B47 1992]

    A single-volume reference work containing information on all aspects of the Canadian military.

  • Dictionary of contemporary world history, A
    "This dictionary provides in-depth coverage of the major historical figures and events from 1900 to the present day. Extensive surveys of every country are included with detailed analytical entries covering political and military leaders, political parties, international organizations, and acts of war."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Dictionary of Environmental Economics, Science and Policy, A [HIL-REF HC79 .E5 G685 2001]

    Grafton (economics, U. of Ottawa) Linwood Pendleton (international relations and environmental studies, U. of Southern California), and Harry W. Nelson (forest economics and policy analysis, U. of British Columbia) offer a reference that bridges the gap between the three disciplines by defining over 3,300 words used in environmental, ecological, and resource economics and some of the most frequently used in the environmental sciences and studies. They also provide three primers, on economics for the environment; international environmental problems; and environmental systems, dynamics, and modeling. Especially students and policymakers with little background in the area might find the dictionary useful. There are few cross- references and no guides to pronunciation. c. Book News Inc. Distributed by Syndetic

  • Dictionary of European History and Politics, 1945-1995, A [HIL-REF D1051 .U78 1996]

    The Dictionary of European History and Politics since 1945 covers, in a concise and easy-to-use format, the most significant features of Western and Eastern European history and politics in the tumultuous period since the end of the Second World War.

  • Dictionary of genocide [HIL-REF HV6322.7 .T68 2008]

    Presents two volumes on human genocide in alphabetical sequence focusing on named individuals and groups such as "Babi Yar," Rwanda, the Holocaust in Europe, and in the killing fields of Cambodia. Discusses genocidal rape such as in Darfur, Africa. and attempts by the United Nations to solve the problem which has not been effective.

  • Dictionary of medical vocabulary in English, 1375-1550 : body parts, sicknesses, instruments, and medicinal preparations [HIL-REF PE685 .M4 N67 2016]

    Medical texts written in English during the late Middle Ages have in recent years attracted increasing attention among scholars. From approximately 1375 onwards, the use of English began to gain a firmer foothold in medical manuscripts, which in previous centuries had been written mainly in Latin or French. Scholars of Middle English, and editors of medical texts from late medieval England, are thus faced with a huge medical vocabulary which no single volume has yet attempted to define. This dictionary is therefore an essential reference tool. The material analysed in the Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary in English, 1375–1550 includes edited texts, manuscripts and early printed books, and represents three main types of medical writing: surgical manuals and tracts; academic treatises by university-trained physicians, and remedybooks. The dictionary covers four lexical fields: names of sicknesses, body parts, instruments, and medicinal preparations. Entries are structured as follows: (1) headword (2) scribal variants occurring in the texts (3) etymology (4) definition(s), each definition followed by relevant quotations (5) references to corresponding entries in the Dictionary of Old English, Middle English Dictionary, and The Oxford English Dictionary (6) references to academic books and articles containing information on the history and/or meaning of the term.

  • Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases, A [HIL-REF DA129 .C67 2004]

    The first dictionary of medieval terms intended for the non-specialist with an interest in the medieval world.

  • Dictionary of National Biography [HIL-REF DA28 .D4 vols. 1-22]

    A reissue of the Dictionary of national biography, originally planned by George M. Smith, first issued in 66 vols. (including 3 supplementary vols.) 1885-1901. cf. Publisher's note, v. 1.

    The 22d and last volume of the reissue comprises the 3 vols. supplementary to the original edition first published in 1901, supplying, with a few accidental omissions, memoirs of persons who died while the original volumes were in course of quarterly publication. This supplement brings the record of national biography down to the death of Queen Victoria in 1901. cf. Publisher's note, v. 22.

  • Dictionary of the Middle Ages [HIL-REF D114 .D5 1982 vols. 1-13]

    Interim Index available.

  • Dictionary of world history, A
    "This up-to-date dictionary contains clear, concise, and detailed entries covering 4,000 years of world history. It includes biographical entries on hundreds of key figures, from Alexander the Great to Bill Clinton, Elizabeth I to Nelson Mandela, Moses to Tony Blair. There are subject entries on religious and political movements, international organizations, and key battles and places."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Directory of American Scholars [HIL-REF LA2311 .D57 2002 vols. 1-6]

    "Directory of American Scholars offers one-stop access to current biographies of more than 24,000 scholars in the humanities and social sciences."

  • Dissertations & Theses (ProQuest PQDT)
    ProQuest Dissertations and Theses "is the single, authoritative source for information about doctoral dissertations and master's theses. The database represents the work of authors from over 1,000 graduate schools and universities."

    All PhD dissertations and Master's theses from depositing universities are available from 1997 onwards, unless the document's author has requested a temporary delay.

    It is also possible to search within an interface exclusive to Dissertations & Theses @ University of New Brunswick.

    For UNB theses submitted after 2012, please consult UNB’s institutional repository, UNB Scholar, or the library catalogue, UNBWorldCat.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.

  • Early Canadiana Online (ECO)
    Early Canadiana Online (ECO) is a full text online collection of more than 3,000 books and pamphlets documenting Canadian history from the first European contact to the late 19th century.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Early Encounters in North America
    Early Encounters in North America documents the relationships among peoples in North America from 1534 to 1850. The collection focuses on personal accounts and provides unique perspectives from all of the protagonists, including traders, slaves, missionaries, explorers, soldiers, native peoples, and officials, both men and women.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Early English Books Online (EEBO via ProQuest)

    EEBO is based on the microfilm collections curated by the Ann Arbor publisher Eugene B. Power (1905-1993). The founder of what became University Microfilms International or UMI, Power’s first foreign project established the microfilming operation at the British Museum in 1942 and, since then, more than 200 libraries worldwide have contributed to the microfilm collection.

    Following its digital launch in 1998, Early English Books Online now contains page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America, as well as works in English printed elsewhere between 1473 and 1700.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.

  • Early Latin America : a history of colonial Spanish America and Brazil [HIL-STACKS F1411 .L792 1983]

    This book provides a general history of Latin America in the period 1492-1825.

  • Early Modern Maritime Recipes
    "Early Modern Maritime Recipes examines recipes circulating before 1800 in print and manuscript in the area now defined as Canada's Maritime provinces. Early modern recipe writing focused on food and medicine, but recorded a range of other practices associated with alchemy, cosmetics, veterinary, medicine, and laundry, amongst other things. These recipes are texts about knowledge exchange and social networks. They reflect the commercial, social, and familial relationships involved in the acquisition of knowledge, record the use of goods in making products, and connect domestic practices and institutionalized learning. Early Modern Maritime Recipes compiles a record of extant recipes by digitizing and transcribing recipes from archival collections throughout the Maritime provinces."
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Ecology Basics

    Another title in the Magill's Choice series. The 132 essays previously appeared in Magill's Encyclopedia of Science: Animal Life (2002), Magill's Encyclopedia of Science: Plant Life (2003), and Earth Science (2001). Ecology Basics will be especially useful for smaller libraries that don't own the three sets from which it is derived. RBB. From: Syndetics Solutions, Inc. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)
    A comprehensive digital edition of The Eighteenth Century microfilm set, which has aimed to include every significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in the United Kingdom, along with thousands of important works from the Americas, between 1701 and 1800. Consists of books, pamphlets, broadsides, ephemera. Subject categories include history and geography; fine arts and social sciences; medicine, science, and technology; literature and language; religion and philosophy; law; general reference. Also included are significant collections of women writers of the eighteenth century, collections on the French Revolution, and numerous eighteenth-century editions of the works of Shakespeare. Where they add scholarly value or contain important differences, multiple editions of each individual work are offered. Allows searching Early English Books Online as an option.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Empire Online (Adam Matthew Digital)
    Empire Online features a wide variety of material including: Exploration journals and logs; Letter books and correspondence; Periodicals; Diaries; Official Government Papers; Missionary papers; Travel writing; Slave papers; Memoirs; Fiction; Children's Adventure Stories; Traditional; folk tales; Exhibition Catalogues and guides; Maps; Marketing Posters; Photographs; and Illustrations, with many in colour. The project is divided into five sections covering varying aspects of the colonial experience. These are: Section I: Cultural Contact, 1492-1969, Section II: Literature and Empire, Section III: The Visible Empire, Section IV: Religion and Empire.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Encyclopaedia of historical metrology, weights, and measures. [HIL-REF QC83 .G95 2018]
    • Weights and measures History Encyclopedias.
    • Weights and measures.
  • Encyclopaedia of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures

    The second edition of this landmark encyclopaedia will contain approximately 1000 entries dealing in depth with the history of the scientific, technological and medical accomplishments of cultures outside of the United States and Europe. The entries consist of fully updated articles together with hundreds of entirely new topics.

  • Encyclopedia of Africa [HIL-REF DT3 .E53 2010]

    The Encyclopedia of Africa presents the most up-to-date and thorough reference on this region of ever-growing importance in world history, politics, and culture. Its core is comprised of the entries focusing on African history and culture from 2005's acclaimed five-volume Africana - nearly two-thirds of these 1,300 entries have been updated, revised, and expanded to reflect the most recent scholarship. Organized in an A-Z format, the articles cover prominent individuals, events, trends, places, political movements, art forms, business and trade, religions, ethnic groups, organizations, and countries throughout Africa. There are articles on contemporary nations of sub-Saharan Africa, ethnic groups from various regions of Africa, and European colonial powers. Other examples include Congo River, Ivory trade, Mau Mau rebellion, and Pastoralism. The Encyclopedia of Africa is sure to become the essential resource in the field.

  • Encyclopedia of African American History, 1619-1895
    In nearly 700 entries, this set documents the full range of the African American experience during the period from the arrival of the first slave ship to the death of Frederick Douglass, and shows how all aspects of American culture, history, and national identity have been profoundly influenced by the experience of African Americans.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Encyclopedia of African American History, 1896 to the Present
    Focusing on the making of African American society from the 1896 "separate but equal" ruling of Plessy v. Ferguson up to the contemporary period, this encyclopedia traces the transition from the Reconstruction Era to the age of Jim Crow, the Harlem Renaissance, the Great Migration, the Brown ruling that overturned Plessy , the Civil Rights Movement, and the ascendant influence of African-American culture on the American cultural landscape. --publisher description.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Encyclopedia of African colonial conflicts [HIL-REF DT31 .E53 2017]


    "This sweeping study examines the wars of colonial conquest fought in Africa during the 19th and early 20th centuries. From Britain's efforts to wrest control of the Sudan from military leader Muhammad Ahmad al-Mahdi, to Italy's decisive defeat at the Battle of Adowa in Ethiopia, to Leopold II's brutal reign over the Belgian Congo, the work surveys the devastation reaped upon the continent by colonization and illustrates how its combative influence continues to resonate in Africa today." "Written by scholars in the fields of history and politics, this complete reference includes entries on wars, campaigns, rebellions, battles, leaders, and organizations. The work delves into key historical periods including the "Scramble for Africa" (ca.1880 to 1910); early European colonial wars in Africa, such as the Dutch in the Cape and the Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique; and African rebellions against the early colonial state in the 1890s and early 1900s. Entries feature prominent events and personalities as well as lesser-known occurrences and players." --from the publisher.

  • Encyclopedia of African religion [HIL-REF BL2400 .E53 2009]

    The two-volume set, which includes almost 500 entries, covers a wide range of topics, including African response to the sacred, spirituality, ritual, initiation, taboos and ethics, sacred spaces and objects, and cosmological narratives.

  • Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History [HIL-REF E185 .E54 2006 vols. 1-6]

    Impressively comprehensive, this reference updates the first edition published in 1996 and the Supplement, in 2001, and will be valuable for high school and undergraduate students as well as general readers. It contains 1,300 entries, two-thirds of which are revised, rewritten, or newly added; and half the remainder have updated bibliographies. Many of the new articles are thematic, for example, those on the African diaspora, anti-colonial movements, economic condition, and military experience. Several new entries are devoted to topics in the Caribbean. The central focus is on the experience of African-Americans throughout North and South America, although the people, concepts, and events associated with the U.S. predominate (due to the larger amount of scholarship). Biographical entries profile political and public figures as well as artists, writers, and musicians. Each entry concludes with a list of cross-references and a bibliography. An introductory article provides a background history of Africa. Volume Six is devoted to a selection of primary documents, an appendix with numerous tables of statistics and lists on all topics, and a comprehensive index. Annotation #169;2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of American cultural & intellectual history [HIL-REF E169.1 .E624 2001]


    A study of American thought and culture throughout history examines the individuals and documents that revealed significant ideas, issues, and movements.

  • Encyclopedia of American disability history [HIL-REF HV1553 .E523 2009]

    This work focuses on the importance of disability in American history, the need to explain disability in historical rather than medical terms, and the varieties and similarities of the historical experiences among those with disabilities. It thus succeeds in bringing to the forefront something that has typically gone unnoticed, allowing us to understand America in new ways by looking at it through a specific lens.

  • Encyclopedia of American disability history [HIL-REF HV1553 .E523 2009]

    Compiled by Burch, cofounder and board member of the Disability History Association and recipient of a Mellon Seminar Fellowship and Fulbright Lecturing Award, this work focuses on the importance of disability in American history, the need to explain disability in historical rather than medical terms, and the varieties and similarities of the historical experiences among those with disabilities. It thus succeeds in bringing to the forefront something that has typically gone unnoticed, allowing us to understand America in new ways by looking at it through a specific lens. The over 750 entries, contributed by over 350 authors nationwide, cover activists, disabled persons, authors, and inventors. Also covered are topics relating to disability in general, such as disorders, organizations, governmental institutes, acts and legal cases, publications, movements, sites of importance, events, major historical experiences, stereotypes, popular culture, autobiographical essays, and literature.

  • Encyclopedia of American Urban History
    see also [HIL-REF HT123 .E49 2007 vols. 1-2]

    We are an urban nation and have been so, officially at least, since the early twentieth century. But long before then, our cities played crucial roles in the economic and political development of the nation, as magnets for immigrants from here and abroad, and as centers of culture and innovation. They still do. Yet, the discipline that we call "Urban History" is really a phenomenon of post-World War II scholarship. Now, after a generation of pathbreaking scholarship that has reoriented and enlightened our perception of the American city, the two volumes of the Encyclopedia of American Urban History offer both a summary and an interpretation of the field. With contributions from leading academics in their fields, this authoritative resource offers an interdisciplinary approach by covering topics from economics, geography, anthropology, politics, and sociology.

  • Encyclopedia of Archaeology : History and Discoveries [HIL-REF CC100 .E54 2001 vols. 1-3]

    Written by the most authoritative scholars from around the world, a massive treasure-house of information on all aspects of archaeology, from prehistory to the present day.

  • Encyclopedia of Battles in North America, 1517 to 1916 [HIL-REF E46.5 .P87 2000]

    Includes more than 350 battles, arranged alphabetically, chronologically, and by the war during which they were fought; lists of battlefield sites, arranged alphabetically and regionally; a glossary of important terms and terminology; and an extensive bibliography.

  • Encyclopedia of body adornment [HIL-REF GN419.15 .D46 2007]

    Alphabetically arranged entries discuss forms of body modification or adornment found throughout history and around the world, including background information and the theoretical, social, ethical, and legal issues surrounding each practice.

  • Encyclopedia of children and childhood : in history and society [HIL-REF HQ767.84 .E53 2004]

    "Readers are assured the latest interdisciplinary scholarship from an emerging field of study that examines the social history of children and childhood. Some 445 expertly written articles bring new insight and understanding about the lived experiences of children and the many complex cultural meanings ascribed to childhood. Emphasizing social history yet treating a broad range of related topics, the set also contains a thematic outline of contents, comprehensive index, and appendix that lists important primary sources."--"Reference that rocks," American Libraries, May 2005.

  • Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Culture

    As a meeting point for world cultures, the USA is characterized by its breadth and diversity. Acknowledging that diversity is the fundamental feature of American culture, this volume is organized around a keen awareness of race, gender, class and space and with over 1,200 alphabetically-arranged entries - spanning 'the American century' from the end of World War II to the present day - the Encyclopedia provides a one-stop source for insightful and stimulating coverage of all aspects of that culture.Entries range from short definitions to longer overview essays and with full cross-referencing, extensive indexing, and a thematic contents list, this volume provides an essential cultural context for both teachers and students of American studies, as well as providing fascinating insights into American culture for the general reader. The suggestions for further reading, which follows most entries, are also invaluable guides to more specialized sources.

  • Encyclopedia of Disability [HIL-REF HV1568 .E528 2006]

    Offers a multidisciplinary, multicultural look at a vast array of disability issues. More than 500 international scholars have contributed entries that span the globe and the centuries, from the Pleistocene era to the present.

  • Encyclopedia of Eastern Europe : from the Congress of Vienna to the fall of communism [HIL-REF DJK6 .E53 2000]

    "This encyclopedia explores the history of this complex region over the last two centuries." "Articles are included on countries and regions of Eastern Europe: Albania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and the countries that once made up Yugoslavia. European Russia is also included. These articles are both detailed and concise, offering the reader a brief but comprehensive introduction into a country's history during the last two centuries - a crucial time when Europe was swept by wars and convulsive political change that shaped the present." "The book covers not only the leading figures who shaped the region's political destiny, but also the major artists, writers, and other culturally significant individuals of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Some of these figures are known in the West, while others will be new to many readers." "An extensive map program enriches the text and helps the reader place a topic in geographic context. A bibliography at the end of each entry directs the reader to accessible sources for further reading or research on Eastern European history."

  • Encyclopedia of Elite Forces in the Second World War: Paratroops, Commandos, Rangers, Waffen-SS [HIL-REF D794.5 .H37 2007]
  • Encyclopedia of Environment and Society [HIL-REF HM856 .E53 2007 vols. 1-5]

    This compilation of 1200 entries, authored by a score of international scholars and contributors, reflects the impact that various peoples, their cultures, and other societal features like politics have on the environment. The first thing one observes is the sheer weight of the set and that this well-bound encyclopedia is printed on high-quality stock something worth noting in the print-on-demand publishing world we live in today. The aesthetic quality is introduced in each volume with 20 full-color topographic and political maps of the continents, with more color maps, photographs, tables, and charts interspersed throughout. Edited by Robbins (geography, Univ. of Arizona), the author of textbooks and other scholarly material on similar subjects, the encyclopedia utilizes multiple access points, including a "reader's guide" (akin to a pathfinder) to each volume, a traditional A-to-Z article list, a list of resources, and an index with a large, easy-to-read typeface. Other enhancements include a chronology, a glossary, and a statistical appendix of the UN's main environmental indicators related to water, air, waste, and land, which are listed by country. Entries range in length from a few paragraphs to several pages; each concludes with See references and bibliographies that include web resources. Entries by country name (rather than eco-regions) will make assignments easier. BOTTOM LINE The introduction notes that this set is intended for North American readers, reflecting the larger impact of North American policies and practices worldwide. There's no denying that this is an encyclopedia, but rather than stodgy and dry, the voice of the text is lively and active. The topic is intelligently presented in a thoroughly approachable, authoritative, and complete format. Highly recommended. [Available electronically through SAGE eReference and Gale Virtual Reference Library.] Katherine Mossman, Everett P.L., WA Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. From: Reed Elsevier Inc. Copyright Reed Business Information

  • Encyclopedia of European Social History from 1350 to 2000 [HIL-REF HN373 .E63 2001 vols. 1-6]

    "Covering the period from the beginning of the Renaissance to the present, this encyclopedia consists of 209 signed articles and nearly 300 biographical entries. The set is thoroughly indexed, amply illustrated, and a joy to read. Graduate students will find it useful as an introduction to historiography while advanced high school students will enjoy the articles on historical topics."--"Outstanding Reference Sources," American Libraries, May 2001. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of genocide [HIL-REF HV6322.7 .E53 1999]

    Alphabetical entries define names, places, and events associated with genocide, and major sections deal with the Armenian genocide, the Holocaust, and the process, detection, denial, and prevention of genocide.

  • Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity
    This encyclopedia contains approximately 350 articles that explain the issues behind crimes against humanity as they relate to individual countries and the world at large. It traces the history of events that qualify as genocide and crimes against humanity, profiles perpetrators and heroes, and explains international laws and legal proceedings aimed at ending genocide and crimes against humanity. Electronic version of the three-volume Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity edited by Dinah Shelton and first published in print by Macmillan Reference in 2005.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim world [HIL-REF BP40 .E525 2016]

    This reference work includes articles on the history, religion, cultural practices, and political economies of Muslims from the seventh-century in West Asia to today's Muslim societies throughout the continents of Asia, Africa, the Subcontinent, Europe, and the Americas.

  • Encyclopedia of Latin American history and culture [HIL-REF F1406 .E53 2008]

    This 5-vol. set spans the centuries from the earliest civilizations of the Olmec, Maya, and Chavin to the present day. The region is broadly defined to include South America, Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and the historical Spanish borderlands north of the Rio Grande that are now part of the United States. The set emphasizes political, economic, and social history, yet does not overlook those elements of material and popular culture that have affected the history of Latin America.

  • Encyclopedia of Latin American Politics [HIL-REF F1410 .E56 2001]

    Illustrated with maps and photographs, the Encyclopedia of Latin American Politics covers the current and past political development of Puerto Rico and the 20 independent republics of Central and South America and the Caribbean. Although the coverage begins with the independence movements of the late 18th century, the book focuses mainly on the 20th century. Each chapter includes a Country Chart listing relevant economic, political, and social data; a Country Entry selection containing 20 to 40 brief entries on important terms, events, and individuals; a list of presidents; and a bibliography. An excellent source of current data and basic historical information on Latin American politics, the book is a valuable research tool for high school and college students and interested public library patrons.

  • Encyclopedia of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history in America [HIL-REF HQ76.3 .U5 E53 2004]

    This reference features over 500 topics, more than half of which are biographies, about issues, events, concepts, and figures pertinent to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender history in the US. The entries are directed at beginning undergraduates and the general reader. Among the entries on general topics are advertising, bookstores, Arab Americans, boycotts, churches, coming out, dance, economics, geography, language, and suicide.

  • Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature [HIL-REF PN669 .R88 2005]

    "Medieval" is used loosely in the title of this volume, as literatures of the world from 500-1500 are included, with literatures of India, China, Japan, and all the Islamic world featured beside those of western Europe (though European entries predominate). The result is a rich resource of the most well known examples world literature. The author entries discuss the author's most famous work, often by detailing its narrative content. Some entries are included on characters, motifs or term, with discussion of its occurrence and use in several examples. The approximately 700 entries, which were written by Ruud (English, U. of Arkansas) and 12 other scholars at American universities, are alphabetical by name of author or work; each concludes with a brief bibliography. Annotation #169;2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of Military History from 3500 B.C. to the Present, The [HIL-REF D25 .A2 D8 1977]
  • Encyclopedia of Military Technology and Innovation [HIL-REF U24 .B85 2004]

    Bull (curator of military history and archeology at the Museum of Lancashire) describes the invention and evolution of significant advances in military technology from the knobkerrie through nuclear and biological warfare. After a refreshingly honest preface about the role of weaponry in history, Bull lists nearly 600 entries alphabetically, with references to technologies from aircraft and armor through vehicles and warships. He describes the inventors, designers, specifications, and histories of each item, and also includes additional readings for most along with a comprehensive bibliography. Annotation #169;2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of political communication

    Discusses the major theoretical approaches to the field, including direct and limited effects theories, agenda-setting theories, sociological theories, framing and priming theories, and other past and present conceptualizations. Focuses on important political messages such as political speeches, televised political advertising, political posters and print advertising, televised political debates, and Internet sites.

  • Encyclopedia of precolonial Africa : archaeology, history, languages, cultures, and environments [HIL-REF DT2 .E53 1997]

    An excellent introduction to Africanist archaeology for undergraduate students and general readers. Part one provides context: the presentation of environmental information, research histories, and background to the technologies, languages, and lifeways of sub-Saharan Africa. The remainder of the encyclopedia carries the narrative from the physical development of humanity through the adaptive stages of stone-using foragers, food producers, and complex societies, to the residues of historically recorded times and the investigation of identifiable sites in the historical record.

  • Encyclopedia of Recreation and Leisure in America [HIL-REF GV53 .E53 2004 vols. 1-2]

    A wide variety of topics are described in this two-volume encyclopedia on the history, people, and the current practice of American pastimes. Drinking, circuses, dancing, darts, fast food, yard sales, amateur radio, photography, and Nordic skiing are some of the leisure activities featured in entries that contain cross-references and bibliographies. More theoretical topics are also included, such as privatization of leisure, racial diversity and leisure lifestyles, regulation and social control of leisure, and urbanization. The entries, which are written at a level appropriate for the advanced high school or undergraduate student, are not merely descriptive, but focus on broad issues such as the history of the activity and the social issues connected with it. Though the majority of the contributors are academics in the US, many teach elsewhere, including in Canada, the UK, New Zealand, and Japan. Annotation #169;2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of religion and war, The [HIL-REF BL80.3 .E53 2004]
    "The Encyclopedia of Religion and War examines the complex relationship between religion and war throughout the world and across time. In 130 articles, it analyzes how and why religious beliefs have generated wars and conflicts. The entries are contributed by international scholars representing many areas of expertise, including religious studies, world history, political science, philosophy, and anthropology."
  • Encyclopedia of sports in America [HIL-REF GV583 .E64]

    subtitle: a history from foot races to extreme sports - 2 vols.

  • Encyclopedia of the American Military: Studies of the History, Traditions, Policies, Institutions, and Roles of the Armed Forces in War and Peace [HIL-REF UA23 .E56 1994 vols. 1-3]

    Spanning almost four centuries, this set chronicles the evolution of the American military from Colonial times to the 1990s.

  • Encyclopedia of the American Revolution [HIL-REF E208 .E63 2006 vols. 1-2]

    Selesky (history, U. of Alabama) presents new edition of the respected 1966 encyclopedia on the military aspects of the American Revolution, originally written in its entirety by US Army officer Mark Boatner, but now the product of collective scholarship. Seventeen hundred of the original entries have been reviewed, with almost all being extensively revised and augmented in light of advances in scholarship over the intervening years. In addition, a number of new entries have been added on topics such as African Americans in the Revolution, historiography, iconography, religion and the American Revolution, the social history of the Continental Army, and mobilization in the colonies. Entries provide information on political concepts and controversies, political and military leaders, battles and campaigns, espionage and military controversies, camps and fortifications, military terms and organization, American Indians, cultural and intellectual issues, and economic and technological contexts. The bibliography has also been updated. Boatner's 1973 Landmarks of the American Revolution has also been republished in revised and updated form as a companion reference. Annotation #169;2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War: A Political, Social, and Military History, The [HIL-REF E208 .E64 2006 vols. 1-5]

    This impressive 5-volume reference, appropriate for high school and undergraduate students and the public library, contains over 900 entries on the people, battles, issues, and events of the war. Many of the entries are biographical, describing the subject's life and the details of their involvement in the conflict. Two general essays are included at the outset, on the origins of the American Revolution and the military operations during the war. Maps are included at the beginning of vols.1-4 (maps of specific actions are also incorporated into the text), and a glossary, chronology, and bibliography are included in vol.4. All of vol.5 is devoted to primary documents, including acts, resolutions, official reports, first-hand and sometimes contrasting accounts of significant events, letters, treaties, and political proclamations. The volumes are well illustrated with b #38;w images. Fremont-Barnes is an independent historian; Ryerson is academic director of the David Library of the American Revolution, Washington Crossing, Penn. The contributors are academics and independent scholars in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. Annotation #169;2007 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of the Ancient World [HIL-REF CB311 .E536 2000]

    This reference tells the stories of the peoples of the ancient past and shows how they laid the foundations of the modern world. Each of the first five chapters looks at the cultures and civilizations that developed in one particular region. The last chapter looks at some general aspects of life in the ancient world, such as agriculture or legal codes, and examines them in different cultures. A time line shows how civilizations in different parts of the world relate to each other in time. Nicely illustrated with many color images. Annotation copyrighted by Book News Inc., Portland, OR Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of the Arab-Irsaeli Conflict: A Political, Social, and Military History, The [HIL-REF DS119.7 .E5653 2008 vols. 1-4]

    With a focus on the military aspects of the conflict, this 4-volume resource also contains lengthy entries on central issues of religion and culture that have an impact on Israeli and Palestinian relations. The first three volumes are devoted to the A-Z entries, many of them biographies, with topics that include specific battles, treaties, and sites. Individual entries are included for the policies of key countries, such as France, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, and the Soviet Union. Each entry concludes with cross-references and a short list of references, and many include b #38;w images. Volume Four is given over to the comprehensive index and 168 primary documents (many in excerpted form), including military reports, resolutions and declarations by various delegations and congresses, protocols, and speeches. This is a thorough, even-handed work that provides clear descriptions of the history of this long-standing and complex conflict to a wide readership. Annotation #169;2008 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of the Arctic [HIL-REF G606 .E49 2005]

    Editor Nuttall (anthropology, U. of Alberta, Canada) has marshalled the efforts of several hundred contributors from 20 countries to present some 1,200 multidisciplinary entries. The encyclopedia is ambitious in scope, and coverage includes various aspects of wildlife, history, politics, economics, languages, peoples, and national parks--to name but a few of the categories appearing in the thematic listing.

  • Encyclopedia of the Atlantic world, 1400-1900 : Europe, Africa, and the Americas in an age of exploration, trade, and empires

    Until recently, the age of exploration and empire building was researched and taught within imperial and national boundaries. The histories of Europe, Africa, North America, and South America were told largely as independent stories, with the development of individual places within each continent further separated from each other. The indigenous populations of places colonized by Europeans fit into the history even more uneasily, often mentioned only in passing.

    Encyclopedia of the Atlantic World, 1400–1900 synthesizes a generation of historical scholarship on the events on four continents, providing readers an invaluable introduction to the major people, places, events, movements, objects, concepts, and commodities of the Atlantic world as it developed during a key period in history when the world first started to shrink. The entries discuss specific topics with an eye toward showing how individual items, people, and events were connected to the larger Atlantic world. This accessibly written reference book brings together topics usually treated separately and discretely, alleviating the need for extra legwork when researching, and it draws from the latest research to make a vast body of scholarship about seemingly far-flung places available to readers new to the field.


    • Provides readers with authoritative information on the people, places, events, and commodities at the heart of Atlantic history
    • Demonstrates the interconnections among people, places, and events from different regions, overcoming the tendency to see history as limited by national boundaries
    • Offers balanced coverage of the field of Atlantic history, with entries addressing a variety of geographies and periods to provide a panoramic view
    • Portrays familiar historical topics in a new light by emphasizing their international context
  • Encyclopedia of the Cold War: A Political, Social, and Military History, The [HIL-REF D840 .E63 2008 vols. 1-5]

    This set is a comprehensive five-volume reference on the defining conflict of the second half of the 20th century, covering all aspects of the Cold War as it influenced events around the world. The confrontation of Western capitalism and Soviet and Chinese Communism shaped world affairs for almost the entire second half of the 20th centurya period defined by pervasive political tension, nuclear-fueled nightmares, intense diplomacy, and the transformation of regional/national disputes into test-case ideological battlefields where the superpowers squared off. The conflict that dominated world events for nearly five decades is now captured in a multivolume work of unprecedented magnitudefrom a publisher widely acclaimed for its authoritative military and historical references. Under the direction of internationally known military historian Spencer Tucker, ABC-CLIO's The Encyclopedia of the Cold War: A Political, Social, and Military History offers the most current and comprehensive treatment ever published of the ideological conflict that not so long ago enveloped the globe. From the Second World War to the collapse of the Soviet Union, The Encyclopedia of the Cold War provides authoritative information on all military conflicts, battlefield and surveillance technologies, diplomatic initiatives, important individuals and organizations, national histories, economic developments, societal and cultural events, and more. The nearly 1,300 entries, plus topical essays and an extraordinarily rich documents volume, draw heavily on recently opened Russian, Eastern European, and Chinese archives. The work is a definitive cornerstone reference on one of the most important historical topics of our time.

  • Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment
    Covering the "long" Enlightenment, from the rise of Descartes' disciples in 1670 to the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy in 1815, these 700 articles by leading scholars range from discussions of mercantilism and democracy to the battlefield to the dissemination of ideas in salons and coffeehouses. Breaking conventional geographical boundaries, coverage includes not only Western Europe but also North America, Brazil, and Iberian, Russian, Jewish, and Eastern European cultures.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Encyclopedia of the languages of Europe
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Encyclopedia of the Medieval World [HIL-REF D114 .E55 2005 vols. 1-2]

    High school and undergraduate students as well as general readers will find this two-volume reference a useful starting point to their study of the medieval era in Europe and the Mediterranean. The entries are detailed, providing lengthy treatment of the life of the figure, or the era, noting the significant political events and people. The entries are cross referenced and conclude with a bibliography of scholarly sources. Care has been taken to include essential figures and concepts of Islam. A selection of entry topics--including Edessa, Eleanor of Aquitaine, eschatology, al- Farabi, furs and fur trade, al-Fustat, heaven, pallium, parasites, and Theophano--demonstrates the range of subjects. English teaches history at the U. of California, Santa Barbara. Annotation #169;2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages [HIL-REF D114 .E5313 2000 vols. 1-2]

    Translated from the French edition (Les Editions du Cerf, 1997), with new entries not found in the French original (including Beowulf), and a bibliography now included after each entry. This hefty two- volume reference strongly emphasizes French and Italian medieval theology, which are the specialties of editor Vauchez (French School, Rome); but the English-language version has additional entries to enhance the English presence. The scope is vast, but without any claim to comprehensiveness, the aim being to provide a resource of manageable size and cost for scholars and others interested primarily in Europe's Christendom. Coverage includes general concepts, theories, biographies, and historical events; individual works of art and monuments are not given separate entries. In places, awkward translation into English has made complex ideas more difficult than necessary. Illustrations are servicable bandw images and a few full-page color plates. c. Book News Inc. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States
    Through the examination of case law, the 1,100 peer-reviewed articles in this encyclopedia focus on the substance of American law, the processes that produce its legal principles, and the history of the Supreme Court, from its creation to the present. Overview essays written in accessible language address the legal history and the social and political context of such topics as citizenship, due process, Native Americans, racism, and contraception. Electronic version of the five-volume Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States edited by David S. Tanenhaus and first published in print by Macmillan Reference in 2008.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Encyclopedia of twentieth-century African history
    see also [HIL-REF DT29 .E53 2003]

    The focus of this dictionary-style work is the past century of African history, covering decades of tremendous change, including resistance to colonial rule and the reestablishment of African independence.

  • Encyclopedia of U.S. Labor and Working-Class History [multiple locations HIL-REF HD8066 .A78 2007 vols. 1-3]

    Provides a coverage of US labor history. Containing over 650 entries, this encyclopedia encompasses labor history from the colonial era.

  • Encyclopedia of Women in the Ancient World [HIL-REF HQ1127 .S25 2001]

    An extensive and fascinating collection of stories featuring both famous and everyday women, giving a well-rounded view of the lives of women in the ancient world.

  • Encyclopedia of World History: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern [HIL-REF D21 .E578 2001]

    For decades William L. Langer's best-selling ENCYCLOPEDIA OF WORLD HISTORY was the indispensable, authoritative guide to all of human history. Now, under the direction of a distinguished new editor, comes an updated and dramatically improved version for a new generation, the only encyclopedia of its kind with a bound-in, searchable compact disc of the complete text. The result is a wholly accessible, absorbing canvas of world history that no student, scholar, or amateur historian should be without. Renowned historian Peter N. Stearns and thirty prominent historians have combined their expertise over the past ten years to perfect this comprehensive chronology of more than 20,000 entries that span the millennia from prehistoric times to the year 2000. With a unique format that has won it generations of fans, the ENCYCLOPEDIA continues to feature chronological entries grouped by geographic region, allowing readers to get an in-depth view of distinct events along with a virtual time line of human history. But this new edition is much more than an expansion of a classic; it reflects important recent changes in historical trends and historical thinking. In addition to showcasing traditional facts of national leadership and state power, the Encyclopedia embraces social and cultural developments, non-European history, women's history, religion, health, economics, technology, and other vital but less often reported aspects of the human drama. Here is a chronicle not only of major political events but of ordinary people, covering shifts in the relationships between men and women, developments in leisure, and demographic currents. And for all periods there are summaries of global developments that cannot be captured in national or regional frameworks. As editor Stearns notes in his preface, "The world we know historically has greatly changed. The revisions that animate this edition celebrate this change, benefiting from the labors of countless venturesome scholars over the past several decades." A masterwork whose roots date back to the nineteenth century, this exciting volume belongs at the elbow of every history lover and of anyone who has ever been curious about our constantly changing, remarkably diverse human story. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia of World War II: A Political, Social, and Military History [HIL-REF D740 .E516 2004 vols. 1-5]

    Tucker (retired, military history, Virginia Military Institute, Lexington and emeritus, history, Texas Christian U.) and five assistant editors have compiled an impressive reference of over 1500 alphabetical entries, supplemented with maps and a volume of primary documents. The entries contain descriptions and analysis of battles, weapons systems, wartime conferences, battlefield and diplomatic turning points, geographical areas, and military divisions. A large percentage of the entries are biographies. Care has been taken to achieve a global focus, with entries covering aspects of all theaters of the war. Maps are one of the reference's strengths; they're plentiful and clearly marked with cities and towns, battle sites, lines of battle, etc. Each entry includes cross-referencing and a short list of references; many include b #38;w photos. Volume Five, edited by Priscilla Mary Roberts (history, U. of Hong Kong) is devoted to 238 primary documents, including speeches, the texts of broadcasts, acts, resolutions, laws, directives, and charters; it contains as well the comprehensive index for all five volumes. Annotation #169;2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Encyclopedia USA: The Encyclopedia of the United States of America, Past & Present [HIL-REF E174 .E52 vols. 1-18]
  • Encyclopedic Dictionary of Conflict and Conflict Resolution, 1945-1996, An [HIL-REF D842 .J47 1998]

    Rather than mark the end of conflict, the end of World War II began a half century of ideological, political, military and economic struggles, many with century-old antecedents. This work brings together in encyclopedic format most of the major events of the last half century that can be classified as conflict. While war is the ultimate conflict, the volume includes assassinations, coups, insurgency, terrorism, massacres, and genocide. It provides detailed information on the people, places and events that have produced conflict and its resolution since 1945. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Europa World Year Book [HIL-REFDSK JN1 .E85]

    The most current edition (2016) is available from the Research Help Desk in the Harriet Irving Library. HIL-REFDSK

    Second latest edition is shelved in HIL-REF.

    Older editions (30th ed. 1989 - third latest edition) are shelved in HIL-STACKS.

  • Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace [HIL-REF D5 .M55 2007]

    Family historians, to their dismay, frequently encounter publications containing incomplete or cryptic citations to sources not always thoroughly evaluated by their authors. In her newest book, lecturer and author Mills offers solutions to alleviate these frustrating situations. Building upon her earlier Evidence!: Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian (Genealogical, 1997), she provides guidelines to evaluate and cite properly sources involved in genealogical and historical research. Not intended to replace classical citation guides like Kate Turabian's A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations (Univ. of Chicago, 7th ed. rev., 2007), Mills's book focuses instead on nontraditional sources such as militia rolls, frakturs, censuses, and railroad pension files. Recognizing that an increasing amount of those materials is produced and offered online, Mills also addresses e-newsletters, podcasts, databases, and digital images. The book begins with two chapters on the fundamentals of evidence analysis and citation, followed by chapters on particular record types. Each record chapter starts with a list of "QuickCheck" models; more detailed guidelines and examples of source-list entries, first reference notes, and subsequent notes for each record type follow. Separate citation examples for print, film, and electronic formats are included when applicable. Mills's thoroughness is exemplified in the chapter on cemetery records, in which she explains the importance of accurate citations to cenotaphs and memorial plaques, churchyard, urban and rural grave markers, digital images of grave markers, as well as rural grave markers located by GPS. A glossary of terms, a bibliography of citation guides, a general index, and a separate index to the QuickCheck models complete the book. BOTTOM LINE While Richard Lackey's Cite Your Sources: A Manual for Documenting Family Histories and Genealogical Records (Univ. Pr. of Mississippi, 1980) covers most of the same basic record types as Mills's book, it does not include the many electronic formats so prevalent in current genealogical and historical research. This is an essential resource for family historians; highly recommended for all libraries. Elaine M. Kuhn, Kenton Cty. P.L., Covington, KY Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. From: Reed Elsevier Inc. Copyright Reed Business Information

  • Extraordinary Women of the Medieval and Renaissance World: A Biographical Dictionary [HIL-REF HQ1143 .E93 2000]

    Aside from a few famous queens, warriors and religious leaders, little information is available about the many extraordinary women of the medieval and Renaissance world. This resource brings together engagingly written biographical profiles of 70 women, most of whom are "unsung," but all of whom are remarkable for their courage, initiative, and accomplishments in a world where the conventional wisdom was for women to be "chaste, silent, and obedient." The women profiled here represent 18 countries and excelled in 19 fields of endeavor. They include artists, builders, mystics, political leaders, religious activists, diarists and dramatists, poets and writers, and scholars. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Eyewitness to Watergate : a documentary history for students

    Chronological collection of articles from Congressional quarterly weekly reports pertaining to Watergate originally published in 1973 and 1974.

  • Frontier Life: Borderlands, Settlement & Colonial Encounters (Adam Matthew Digital)
    "Frontier Life provides over 240,000 Images and 7,895 Documents pertaining to the Frontiers of North America, Africa and Australasia. This collection has a wealth of primary source documents including 68% of the collections dedicated to North America, and 20% of that material specific to Canada. There are more than 1,015 documents from the Glenbow Museum and Hudson Bay’s Archive.

    The collection deals with some of the major themes of frontier existence including: Settlement development, Law and order, Violence, Expeditions and exploration, Relations with indigenous peoples, Trade and commerce, Death and disease, Missionaries and religion, Women’s history, Military matters, Mining, Religion, Gold rushes, Settler governance, Contested boundaries, Agriculture and livestock."
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • General history of Africa [HIL-GOV TU33 G326ha]

    v.1. Methodology and African prehistory --v.2. Ancient civilizations of Africa --v.3. Africa from the seventh to eleventh century --v.4. Africa from the twelfth to sixteenth century --v.5. Africa from the sixteenth to eighteenth century --v.6. The nineteenth century until 1880 --v.7. Africa under colonial domination, 1880-1935 --v.8. Africa since 1935.

  • German History in Documents and Images

    German History in Documents and Images (GHDI) is a comprehensive collection of primary source materials documenting Germany's political, social, and cultural history from 1500 to the present. It comprises original German texts, all of which are accompanied by new English translations, and a wide range of visual imagery. The materials are presented in ten sections, which have been compiled by leading scholars. All of the materials can be used free of charge for teaching, research, and related purposes; the site is strictly intended for individual, non-commercial use.

  • Gerritsen Collection of Aletta H. Jacobs - Books & Journals
    "This database is the definitive cross-cultural resource for information on women's history. It spans more than four centuries and 15 languages and includes over two million pages in full image. Users can trace the evolution of feminism within a single country, as well as the impact of that country's feminist movement on other countries and their movements. The Gerritsen Collection also provides immediate access to many primary sources from around the world that were previously available only in a limited number of rare book rooms."
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Halsbury's Laws of Canada
    NOTE: At the LexisNexis Quicklaw sign-in screen, click on "Register Later".

    Halsbury's Laws of Canada is a comprehensive general encyclopaedia of Canadian statutory and judicial law and an essential starting point for understanding any given legal topic. Each title is written by a leading Canadian academic, practitioner, or jurist.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Halsbury's Laws of England
    NOTE: At the LexisNexis Quicklaw sign-in screen, click on "Register Later".

    Halsbury's Laws is a comprehensive and authoritative encyclopedia of the law of England and Wales, arranged in an alphabetical scheme of over 160 subjects. Within each subject, reference is made to pertinent legislation and case law. Other components of the service include Halsbury's Is it in Force?, Halsbury's SI Citator, and Halsbury's Statutes Citator.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Handbook of American Military History: From the Revolutionary War to the Present, A [HIL-REF E181 .H23 2006]

    "The second edition of A Handbook of American Military History delineates the military history of the United States from the Revolutionary War into the opening stages of the twenty-first century war on terrorism. Comprehensive and easy to use, it supplies essential information on the social, technological, political, tactical, and strategic developments that have affected the evolution of the U.S. armed forces. New to the second edition is a chapter on U.S. military history from 1995 through 2004 and an index." "A Handbook of American Military History is the perfect reader's guide for the military history buff or anyone interested in a brief overview of American military history."--BOOK JACKET. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Handbook of Dates for Students of British History, A [HIL-REF DA34 .H29 2000]

    A Handbook of Dates provides in clear, user-friendly form, tables that allow the calculation of the dates (and days) on which historical events have fallen or will fall, from AD 500 to 2100. It includes lists of Easter dates, saints' days, popes, rulers of England and the Roman calendar. In this updated and expanded edition, Michael Jones has edited or revised the explanatory sections and added new tables, for example on old and new style dates and Celtic Easter. A Handbook of Dates is an unrivaled reference tool for historians. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Handbook of Pidgin and Creole studies, The
    This title is part of the Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online e-book collection available through the Wiley Online Library.
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  • Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music, The [HIL-REF ML105 .H38 1996]

    An incomparable guide to 5500, figures in the history of music, this volume brings together all the pertinent biographical information about composers, performers, music theorists, and instrument makers from the days of praise chants to the bop and pop of today.

  • HeinOnline
    HeinOnline is a comprehensive database of U.S. and international law journals, treatises, yearbooks, reports, cases, treaties, and other legal information resources. Organized into collections called “libraries,” all documents are image-based, full-text searchable PDFs. Most of HeinOnline’s libraries are searchable by citation.
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  • HeinOnline

    Has some older legal classics.

  • HeinOnline - Canada Supreme Court Reports
    Full-text access to all volumes of the Supreme Court Reports. When using the Citation Navigator, enter the volume number in the search box labelled "Vol." for citations to volumes 1 (1876/77)-64 (1923), but enter the volume year without brackets and the volume number if applicable for citations to volumes published after v.64 (1923). For example, enter 1977 2 in the "Vol." box to find [1977] 2 S.C.R. 36. Advanced search options are also available.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • HeinOnline - English Reports, Full Reprint (1220-1867)
    Electronic version of the original bound reprint edition published by Stevens & Sons, 1900-1932. Includes the Index of Cases and the Index Chart. Like the print version, the electronic version includes the Statutes of the Realm (1235-1713). Using the case locator, researchers can search for cases by English Reports citation, nominative citation, case name, or keyword. The Chart Tool can be a convenient way to locate nominative volumes. Advanced search options are also available.
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  • HeinOnline - Revised Statutes of Canada
    The Revised Statutes of Canada is the consolidation of the Statutes of Canada incorporating amendments and Acts that have been added since the last revision. There have been six revisions thus far in 1886, 1906, 1927, 1952, 1970, and 1985. HeinOnline includes complete coverage of all six revisions from the official printed volumes.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • HeinOnline - Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law
    This collection of eBooks and eJournals brings together legislation, cases, essays, articles, books, pamphlets, and other legal materials on slavery in the United States and the English-speaking world.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • HeinOnline - World Constitutions Illustrated
    All the world's current constitutions in their original languages and English translations are gathered into this single database, which also includes full-text historical legal and political treatises and scholarly articles. Bibliographies of and links to a multitude of secondary resources are also provided. Researchers can use the advanced search screen to perform cross-jurisdictional searches, but users focusing on one particular country might want to use the "browse by country" option and then search within that jurisdiction.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Historical Atlas of Canada
    see also [HIL-REF G1116 .S1 H58 1987 vols. 1-3]

    With the other two volumes of the atlas, it presents a splendid visual record of the roots of our society and the evolution of the intensely regional, culturally diverse nation we know today.

  • Historical atlas of immunology [HIL-REF QR182 .C78 2005]

    1. Origins of immunity in antiquity : Rhazes; variolation; Lady Mary Wortley Montagu; Edward Jenner and smallpox vaccination by cowpox inoculation -- 2. Germ theories and the advent of classical immunology -- 3. Immunochemistry (molecular immunology) -- 4. The complement system : chronology and mystique -- 5. Anaphylaxis -- 6. Allergy, atopy, Arthus and Schwartzman reactions -- 7. Cellular immunity and delayed-type hypersensitivity -- 8. Immunobiology, cellular immunology and tumor immunity -- 9. Autoimmunity -- 10. Immunohematology -- 11. Immunogenetics, immunologic tolerance, transfusion and transplantation -- 12. Immunization against infectious diseases; interferon; congenital immunodeficiences; AIDS -- 13. Immunological methods -- 14. Immunological societies -- 15. Landmarks in this history of immunology.

  • Historical Dictionary of Civil Wars in Africa [HIL-REF DT21.5 .A76 2008]

    "This second edition of the Historical Dictionary of Civil Wars in Africa reviews the wars that have occurred in Africa in the past half century: Algeria's struggle for independence from French colonial rule, Nigeria's fight to achieve a balanced state after the British departure, the Rwandan genocide of 1994, and the current ethnic cleansing in Darfur, to name only a few. It contains a chronology, a list of acronyms and abbreviations, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and cross-referenced dictionary entries on wars, conflicts, major political and military figures, and topics such as child soldiers, mercenaries, and blood diamonds."--BOOK JACKET. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Historical Dictionary of European Imperialism [HIL-REF D217 .H57 1991]

    Christopher Columbus' discovery of the new world launched a process of economic and cultural integration that continues to this day. In the wake of Columbus's voyages, the major powers of Western Europe established imperial systems that shaped global politics and economics for centuries. "The Historical Dictionary of European Imperialism" is designed to provide a ready reference tool for students and scholars of these systems. Its major focus is the Spanish, Portuguese, British, Dutch, French, German, Belgian, and Italian empires during the past 500 years.

  • Historical Dictionary of Mesopotamia [HIL-REF DS70.82 .L45 2010]

    Leick (Chelsea College of Art and Design, London) has written widely about ancient Mesopotamia and Babylonia. Here she offers a reference on the area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and surrounding territory from the earliest record of irrigation and large permanent settlements some 80,000 years ago through the myriad civilizations and empires to the arrival of Islam in the seventh century AD. Among her entries are building materials, the trade city of Dilmun, archaeologist Jacobsen Thorkild (1904-93), the Babylonian king Rim-Sin I (r. 1822-1763 BC), and warfare. The cross-referencing is extensive; there is no index. No date is noted for the first edition. Annotation c2010 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Historical Dictionary of Russian and Soviet Intelligence [HIL-REF UB252 .R8 P75 2006]

    From Viktor Abakumov, the World War II-era head of the Soviet Ministry of State Security, to Nikolai Zubatov, a pre-revolutionary police agent, this historical dictionary by Pringle (a former US foreign service officer and intelligence analyst) covers important individuals, organizations, events, and issues of Russian and Soviet intelligence activities from the time of Ivan the Terrible to the present day in cross-referenced alphabetical entries. Also included in the dictionary are an introductory historical essay, a chronology, and a bibliography, as well as appendixes on the evolution of Soviet state security, KGB chairs, Chiefs of foreign intelligence, heads of military intelligence, and other information. Annotation #169;2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Historical dictionary of Rwanda [HIL-REF DT450.115 .T89 2007]

    "Blessed with natural beauty and rich vegetation, Rwanda is often called the "land of a thousand hills." A proud people, the Banyarwanda (Rwandans) possess a centric view of the world, believing that Imana (God) favors Rwanda, as conveyed through the saying "Imana yirirwa ahandi igataha i Rwanda" (God spends the day someplace else but goes back home to Rwanda to sleep) and the fact that Rwanda means "the universe." However, this idyllic view of Rwanda sharply contrasts with the sad history of ethnic strife that has unfolded in the country since the 1950s: the 1959 Hutu revolution followed by years of anti-Tutsi pogroms, undemocratic regimes, the civil war of 1990-1994, and, more significantly, the April-July 1994 genocide against the Tutsi and Hutu who opposed the killings."

  • Historical Dictionary of Terrorism [HIL-REF HV6431 .A537 2002]

    The horrific events of September 11 caught America off guard and left millions of people with unanswered questions. The ever-present threat of a terrorist attack has shaken the foundation of the nation, leaving people suddenly searching for a better understanding of terrorism. This newly revised and updated edition of the Historical Dictionary is a wealth of information regarding major terrorist groups, significant terrorist events and the weapons behind the terror. Beginning with acts of terrorism from the first century Judean Zealots and Sicarii to latter-day leftist, rightist and fundamentalist militants, this book offers insight into how and why such groups originated and how they operate. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Historical dictionary of the Progressive Era [HIL-REF E661 .C63 2009]

    Cocks (SAR Press, School for Advanced Research, Santa Fe, New Mexico), Holloran (history, Worcester State College, Massachusetts), and Lessoff (history, Illinois State U.) offer students, scholars, and interested general readers a reference work covering the period between 1898 and 1917--an era characterized by significant social, political, and industrial change in the U.S., which set the agenda for the rest of the 20th century.

  • Historical Dictionary of United States Intelligence [HIL-REF JK468 .I6 T863 2006]

    Some 500 entries review the personalities, programs, legislation, and agencies of US intelligence, from the Revolutionary War to the most recent reorganization of the US intelligence community. Each entry is cross-referenced and provides a definition and a brief historical evaluation. A chronology traces two centuries of history, and an introduction shows how US intelligence operations have evolved. Appendices list directors and deputy directors. Turner is a political scientist and a 15-year veteran of the CIA. Annotation #169;2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Historical Dictionary of World War II Intelligence [HIL-REF D810 .S7 W385 2008]

    "In the years immediately following World War II, information was disclosed about what has been termed the "shadow war" between hitherto secret agencies. In Germany it was the Abwehr and the Sicherheitsdienst; in Britain it was MIS, the Secret Intelligence Service, and Special Operations Executive; in the United States it was the Office of Strategic Services and the Special Intelligence Service of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; in Japan it was the Kempeitai; and in Italy it was the Servicio di Informazione Militare. Sixty years after World War II, information is still being released about the covert activities that took place. Many countries, even those that were ostensibly neutral, had secret agencies and stealthy operations. Changes in American, British, and Soviet official attitudes to declassification in the 1980s allowed thousands of classified documents to be made available for public examination, and the result was extensive revision of the histories of the conflict, which had previously excluded references to clandestine intelligence sources." "Historical Dictionary of World War II Intelliqence tells the emerging history of intelligence during the war through a chronology, an introduction, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on secret agencies, operations, and events. The world of double agents, spies, and moles during World War II is explained in this comprehensive reference."--BOOK JACKET. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • History of Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim Perspectives on War and Peace, A [HIL-REF BL65 .W2 F76 2004 vols. 1-2]

    Frost (Swarthmore College) has written widely about peace and Quakers. Here he compiles perspectives from the major world religions on war and peace for general readers who are not specialists in the history of religions, the evolution of wars, the relationship between the two, but are interested in how faith communities in the past dealt with issues similar to those in effect now. In addition, he says particular chapters could be used in undergraduate courses and seminars. This first volume covers the origins of the ideas in the five religions, and Euro-American traditions through the 19th century. The two volumes are paged together, and the index and bibliography for both are contained in each. Annotation #169;2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Holocaust Encyclopedia [HIL-REF D804.25 .H66 2001]

    "Alphabetically arranged entries in 'Laqueur's encyclopedia provides fresh and lengthy articles on such topics as antisemitism, historiography, Jewish women, memorials, and resistance, just to brush the surface.

  • Human medical experimentation : from smallpox vaccines to secret government programs [HIL-REF R853 .H8 H86 2017]


    Era 1: Pre-19th century : Timeline -- Reference entries : Galen of Pergamon ; William Harvey ; Hippocrates of Cos ; John Hunter ; Edward Jenner ; James Lind ; Ambroise Paré ; Santorio Sanctorius ; Smallpox inoculation ; Transfusion -- Documents : Ambroise Paré and the treatment of gunshot wounds (1537) ; William Harvey and the circulation of blood (1628) ; James Lind's scurvy experiment (1747) ; Edward Jenner's inoculation experiment (1798) -- Era 2: 19th century : Timeline -- Reference entries : Anesthesiology ; William Beaumont and Alexis St. Martin ; Beriberi experiments in Japan ; Sigmund Freud ; Waldemare Mordecai Wolff Haffkine ; John Scott Haldane ; William Stewart Halsted ; Gerhard Armauer Hansen ; Hookworm ; Albert Neisser ; Louis Pasteur ; Giuseppe Sanarelli ; J. Marion Sims ; Venereal disease experiments ; Max Von Pettenkofer -- Documents : Inhumane experimentation on African American slaves (1855) ; Louis Pasteur and rabies (1885) -- Era 3: 20th century to World War II : Timeline -- Reference entries : Amoebic dysentery experiments at Bilibid Prison ; Beriberi experiments in Malaya ; Alexis Carrel ; William Castle ; Elgin State Hospital experiments ; Eugenics ; Werner Forssmann ; German medical research ethics ; Joseph Goldberger ; John Burdon Sanderson Haldane ; Insulin ; Insulin coma therapy ; Lobotomy ; Malariatherapy ; Cornelius Rhoads ; John D. Rockefeller ; San Quentin State Prison experiments ; Seizure therapy ; Richard Pearson Strong ; Studies of rickets and scurvy ; Tuskegee study of untreated syphilis ; Yellow Fever Commission -- Documents : William Osler and the importance of informed consent (1907) ; Albert Leffingwell and the cruelty of vivisection (1916) ; The Tuskegee experiments (1932) -- Era 4: World War II : Timeline -- Reference entries : American experiments with malaria ; Auschwitz ; Hermann Becker-Freyseng ; Kurt Blome ; Karl Brandt ; Buchenwald ; Dachau ; Doctors' trial ; Albert Hofmann ; Josef Mengele ; Minnesota starvation experiment ; Nuremberg Code ; Nutrition research in Canada's aboriginal communities ; Herta Oberheuser ; Ravensbruek ; Stateville Penitentiary malaria experiments ; Unit 731 -- Documents : The activities of Unit 731 (1942) ; The Nuremberg Code (1948) -- Era 5: Cold War : Timeline -- Reference entries : American bacterial attacks on U.S. cities ; Atomic veterans ; Aversion therapy in South Africa ; Henry Beecher ; Belmont report ; Boston Project ; Donald Ewen Cameron ; Cardiopulmonary resuscitation ; CIA and mind control ; Declaration of Helsinki ; Development of chlorpromazine ; Fernald State School ; Heart surgery and transplantation ; Irradiation of prisoner's testicles ; Jay Katz ; Albert Kligman ; Ernest and John Lawrence ; Timothy Leary ; Lexington Narcotic Farm ; Barry Marshall ; Marshall Islands ; Operation Whitecoat ; Maurice Pappworth ; Plutonium experiments ; Polio vaccine trials ; Porton Down ; Project Coast ; Eugene Saenger ; Sexually transmitted disease experiments in Guatemala ; Chester Southam ; James Stanley ; Streptomycin clinical trial ; Thalidomide ; Uranium miners ; Vanderbilt University nutrition experiments ; Vipeholm Hospital experiment ; Willowbrook hepatitis experiments -- Documents : Venereal disease experimentation in Guatemala (1947) ; Parental notification of nutrition experiments at the Fernald State School (1953) ; Willowbrook vaccination experiment letter of parental consent (1958) -- Era 6: Post-cold War to the present : Timeline -- Reference entries : Advisory Committee of Human Radiation Experiments ; Asthma experiments at Johns Hopkins ; AZT trials in the Third World ; Clinical trials ; Commission to Review Ethical Issues in Research ; Common rule ; Jesse Gelsinger ; Informed consent ; Institutional review boards ; Professional guinea pigs ; Trovan in Nigeria -- Documents : Radiation Experimentation Victims Act (1994) ; Problems facing institutional review boards (1998).

  • International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Science

    This Encyclopedia maps the social and behavioral sciences and describes the state of the art in all the fields encompassed within the social and behavioral sciences.

  • International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences (2nd Ed.)
    see also [HIL-REF H41 .I58 2001 vols. 1-26]
    Fully revised and updated, the second edition of the International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences, first published in 2001, offers a source of social and behavioral sciences reference material that is broader and deeper than any other. Available in both print and online editions, it comprises over 3,900 articles, commissioned by 71 Section Editors, and includes 90,000 bibliographic references as well as comprehensive name and subject indexes.

    UNB has online access to the 2001 edition as well as owning print volumes of the earlier edition.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • International Historical Statistics: 1750-2000 [HIL-REF HA155 .M575 2003 vols. 1-3]

    This three-volume set of international historical statistics allows the full breadth of statistical analysis and comparisons across both time and across the world.

  • International Who's Who, The [HIL-REF CT120 .I5]
  • JustisOne
    The resources previously available through Justis and JustCite are now available through JustisOne. JustisOne provides access to all UK statutes dating back to 1235. The full text of legislation, including repealed legislation, is provided as originally enacted with references to amending legislation. Legislation is formatted to resemble the original printed documents, including side notes. UK statutory instruments back to 1671 are also included. UNB's subscription includes access to the full-text of reported and unreported civil and criminal judgments from England and Wales (coverage varies). JustisOne incorporates features from JustCite, a citator service that cross-references case law and legislation from a number of jurisdictions, including Canada.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Keesing's Contemporary Archives (1931-1987) [HIL-REF D410 .K4 v.32 1986]

    Textual holdings: v. 1 1931/34-v. 32 1986

  • Key events in African history : a reference guide [HIL-REF DT20 .F35 2002]

    Distinguished scholar and Africanist Falola surveys the complicated history of the African continent by focusing on 36 pivotal events that either caused or led to significant changes and developments in African social, political, and cultural life from around 40,000 B.C.E. to the collapse of apartheid in the 1990s.

  • Kings and Queens of Britain, The
    "This dictionary presents English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish monarchs, from mythical and Romano-British rulers to the House of Windsor, in all their glory - and sometimes their disgrace. Extended entries give information on themes such as Coronations and Regalia, and on significant royal residences or traditions like Sandringham House and touching for the King's Evil."
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  • LabourSource
    WestlawNext Canada's LabourSource provides access to arbitration, labour board, and court decisions in Canada; labour and employment legislation from all jurisdictions in Canada; and the latest commentary from Canada's labour law experts, including Donald Brown and David Beatty's Canadian Labour Arbitration, George Adams' Canadian Labour Law, and Warren Winkler and Elaine Willis' Willis & Winkler on Leading Labour Cases.
    Please note that UNB does not subscribe to all components of LabourSource; UNB subscribes to the Classic Edition package.
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  • LEME (Lexicons of Early Modern English)
    "Lexicons of Early Modern English (LEME) is a historical database of monolingual, bilingual, and polyglot dictionaries, lexical encyclopedias, hard-word glossaries, spelling lists, and lexically-valuable treatises surviving in print or manuscript from the Tudor, Stuart, Caroline, Commonwealth, and Restoration periods." Published by the University of Toronto Press.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Literature Online
    Literature Online offers full text access to rare and inacessible works, up-to-date, reference resources, in addition to the full text of poetry, drama, and prose fiction from the seventh century to the present day. Materials are included from almost every period and genre of English literature as well as many works by 20th century authors. Contemporary criticism is available through the Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL).
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • LLMC-Digital
    A growing collection of legal and governmental documents, including statutes, treatises, case law, administrative decisions, and reports of government agencies, boards and departments from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries. There is some recent material, but the emphasis is on historical documents.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • London Review of Books
    "Since 1979, the London Review of Books has stood up for the tradition of the literary and intellectual essay in English. Each issue contains up to 15 long reviews and essays by academics, writers and journalists. There are also shorter art and film reviews, as well as poems and a lively letters page."
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Maclean's Magazine Archive (EBSCO)
    Maclean’s Magazine Archive, offering content from 1905-2015, a Canadian news and general interest magazine, provides a unique perspective on both national and international affairs. Topics include investigative reporting, opinion and analysis on politics, economy and business, science and technology, society, arts and culture, education and work. It was initially known as then The Busy Man’s Magazine from 1896-1911, with a couple of 1905 issues published as The Business Magazine, and then changed to the current title, Maclean’s, in 1911.

    • Cover-to-cover processing presents each issue in its entirety as originally published
    • Articles and cover pages are fully indexed
    • Advertisements are fully searchable
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  • Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises, 1800-1926
    Provides access to more than 21,800 British and American legal titles from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Content types include casebooks, local practice manuals, form books, pamphlets, letters, and speeches and cover a wide range of subject areas. Basic and advanced searching is available.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Making of the Modern World: Part I & Part II (Gale)
    "The Making of the Modern World is an extraordinary series which covers the history of Western trade, encompassing the coal, iron, and steel industries, the railway industry, the cotton industry, banking and finance, and the emergence of the modern corporation."

    UNB Libraries provides access to:
    Part I, The Goldsmiths'-Kress Collection, 1450-1850

    Offers ways of understanding the expansion of world trade, the Industrial Revolution, and the development of modern capitalism, supporting research in variety of disciplines. Users have access to an abundance of rare books and primary source materials, many of which are the only known copy of the work.

    Part II, 1851-1914
    Takes The Making of the Modern World series to the end of the nineteenth century. Comprised mainly of primary source documents such as monographs, reports, correspondence, speeches, and surveys, this collection broadens Gale’s international coverage of social, economic, and business history, as well as political science, technology, industrialisation, and the birth of the modern corporation."
    Purchased multi-user unlimited access
  • Maliseet - Passamaquoddy Dictionary
    The editors-in-chief of the dictionary are David A. Francis Sr., a Passamaquoddy elder at Sipayik (Pleasant Point), near Eastport, Maine, and Robert M. Leavitt, Director of the Mi'kmaq-Maliseet Institute at the University of New Brunswick.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Mass Observation Online (Adam Matthew Digital)
    Mass observation online provides access to original manuscript and typescript papers created and collected by the Mass-Observation organisation in Great Britain between 1937 and 1972. The material is held by the Special Collections Library, University of Sussex. Mass observation online offers access to archival material for the study of British social history. The material covers: The end of the ‘Hungry Thirties’ when the impact of the Depression was still being felt; The onset of war, the Blitz and war on the home front; The post war world, with the rise of consumerism and television.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Environmental Sciences

    Derived from the world-renowned McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, Sixth Edition, this reference offers a wealth of essential information in a portable, convenient, quick-find format. Whether you're a professional, a student, a writer, or a general reader with an interest in science, there is no better or more authoritative way to stay up-to-speed with the current language of environmental science and technology or gain an understanding of its key ideas and concepts.

  • Medieval England: An Encyclopedia [HIL-REF DA129 .M43 1998]

    Covers social, cultural, and political life from the Anglo-Saxon invasions of the fifth century to the turn of the sixteenth century. Includes such aspects as art, architecture, law, literature, kings, commoners, women, music, commerce, technology, warfare, and religion. Also provides insights into England's ties with the Celtic world of Wales, Scotland, and Ireland; the French and Anglo-Norman world on the continent; the Viking and Scandinavian world of the North Sea; and to Christendom. The articles are signed, and sometimes present contradictory opinions, demonstrating the uncertainty of much modern scholarship about the period. Each article concludes with a bibliography, divided when appropriate into primary and secondary, and indicates related topics. The index distinguishes between main entries and passing mentions. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Medieval Folklore: An Encyclopedia of Myths, Legends, Tales, Beliefs and Customs [HIL-REF GR35 .M43 2000 vols. 1-2]

    This award winning, definitive work is an A-Z guide to the mundane and supernatural lore of the Middle Ages.

  • Medieval France: An Encyclopedia [HIL-REF DC33.2 .M44 1995]

    A veritable tome, with over 2,400 entries on the political, intellectual, literary, and musical history of France from the fifth to the 15th century. Shorter entries provide succinct information on individuals, events, works, cities, monuments, and other specific topics. Essay-length articles interpret significant institutions, periods, and events. Each is attributed and referenced. The work is particularly strong in economics, women, religion, art and music, and literature. Well cross-referenced and indexed. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Medieval Science, Technology, and Medicine: An Encyclopedia [HIL-REF Q124.97 .M43 2005]

    Like others in the series "Routledge [formerly Garland] Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages," the 11th volume calls on high-level scholars as editors and authors to prepare entries that are both up-to-date and accessible to non-specialists, making this an excellent reference for college libraries. The entries address subjects pertaining to technology (including apparatus, equipment, implements, and techniques); biography; the disciplines; geographical places; institutions; and scientific genres, theories, texts, and traditions. A sampling of topics: includes agriculture, communication, computus, Al-Farabi, gunpowder, technological diffusion, and women in science. The fruitful reception of knowledge from the east to the west--specifically from China, Central Asia, India, and the Islamic world to Europe--is a repeated theme. The authors are 148 academics, with half or more of them based in Europe and the rest in North America, thus ensuring the international point of view essential in medieval studies. Glick (Boston U.), a specialist in the technology of medieval Spain, co-edited the volume with Steven J. Livesey (U. of Oklahoma) and Faith Wallis (McGill U., Montreal, Canada). Annotation #169;2005 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Medieval Travel Writing (Adam Matthew Digital)
    Provides an extensive collection of manuscript materials for the study of medieval travel writing. The core is a collection of medieval manuscripts dating from the 13th to the 16th centuries. The main focus is accounts of journeys to the Holy Land, India and China. The manuscripts are from the British Library; Bodleian Library; Bibliothèque nationale de France; Cambridge University Library; Trinity College, Cambridge; Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Österreichische Nationalbibliothek; Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen; the Beinecke Library at Yale University and about 15 other Libraries and Archives.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Modern European imperialism; a bibliography of books and articles, 1815-1972 [HIL-REF D358 .H226 vols. 1-2]

    Volume 1 covers the British Empire and general subjects, whereas volume 2 deals with the French and other empires.

  • Modern Language Association (MLA) International Bibliography & Directory of Periodicals (EBSCO)
    MLA International Bibliography is a subject index for books, articles and websites published on modern languages, literature, folklore, film, literary theory and criticism, dramatic arts, as well as the historical aspects of printing and publishing. Listings on rhetoric and composition and the history, theory and practice of teaching language and literature are also included. Dating back to 1925, the database contains more than 2.7 million citations, over 6,000 journals and series, 1,200 book publishers and over 372,000 subject names and terms and adds over 66,000 records annually (May 2018).

    Coverage is international and includes titles and full-text links from online publishers including JSTOR, Project MUSE, Wiley-Blackwell and Taylor & Francis.

    The MLA Directory of Periodicals contains all information available on the journals and series on the bibliography's Master List of Periodicals.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Naxos Music Library (NML)
    "Naxos Music Library [NML] is the world´s largest online classical music library. The library offers the complete Naxos and Marco Polo catalogues plus the complete catalogues or selected titles from over 650 record labels, with more labels joining every month. Along with classical music, jazz, world, and pop/rock are also represented."
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  • New Brunswick Commissions of Inquiry

    This bilingual reference collection brings together all 57 commissions reports conducted between 1784 and 1950 for the province of New Brunswick. The fully-indexed reports, with illustrations and supporting text, are a valuable resource to researchers interested in New Brunswick's history, policy, politics and social issues.

  • New Brunswick Legislation (Attorney General)

    New Brunswick legislation as hosted by the Attorney General website.

  • New Cambridge history of India. I.1, The Portuguese in India
    An account of the activities of the Portuguese in India and the Indian Ocean from the 16th century onwards, written squarely from an Indian point of view. The author lays particular stress on social, economic and religious interaction between Portuguese and Indians.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. I.3, Mughal and Rajput painting, The
    This is one in a set of volumes on the history of India which is designed to take full account of recent scholarship and changing conceptions of South Asia's development.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. I.4, Architecture of Mughal India
    Traces the development and spread of architecture under the Mughal emperors who ruled the Indian subcontinent from the early-16th to the mid-19th centuries. The book considers the entire scope of architecture built under the auspices of the imperial Mughals and their subjects.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. I.6, Architecture and art of southern India : Vijayamagara and the successor states, The
    In a previously neglected area of art history, the author presents an original and much needed re-assessment of the artistic heritage of the architecture, sculpture and painting of the Vijayanagara Empire.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. I.7, The architecture and art of the Deccan sultanates
    This is the first book to offer an overall survey of architectural and artistic traditions and to place them within their historical context. This will be a source of inspiration to all those interested in the culture of India.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. I.8, A social history of the Deccan, 1300-1761 : eight Indian lives
    A narrative history of the Deccan, portrayed through eight Indian lives.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. II.1, Indian society and the making of the British Empire
    This volume reassesses the role of Indians in the politics and economics of early colonialism.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. II.3, Sikhs of the Punjab
    In a revised edition of The Sikhs of Punjab, J.S. Grewal traces the history of the Sikhs, from the time of Guru Nanak right up to the present day.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. II.4, Marathas, 1600-1818
    This is one in a set of volumes on the history of India which is designed to take full account of recent scholarship and changing conceptions of South Asia's development.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. II.5, European commercial enterprise in pre-colonial India
    European traders first appeared in India at the end of the 15th century and began exporting goods to Europe as well as to other parts of Asia. This book considers the impact of European trade on the pre-colonial Indian economy.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. III.1, Socio-religious reform movements in British India
    The author looks at the numerous 19th movements for social and religious change - Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Zoroastrian - that used various forms of religious authority to legitimise their reform programmes.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. III.2, Peasant labour and colonial capital : rural Bengal since 1770
    This is one in a set of volumes on the history of India which is designed to take full account of recent scholarship and changing conceptions of South Asia's development.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. III.3, Economy of modern India, 1860-1970
    This book presents the first comprehensive account of the history of economic growth in modern India.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. III.4, Ideologies of the Raj, The
    Students of modern Indian history and the British Empire will find this book relevant & accessible. It examines how the British sought to justify their rule over India.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. III.5, Science, technology and medicine in colonial India
    From the start of East India Company rule to Independence, this analytical study demonstrates the importance of examining the role of science, technology and medicine in conjunction with the development of the British engagement in India.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. III.6, The Indian princes and their states
    A portrait of the princes of India from their pre-colonial origins to post-World War II. Barbara Ramusack's study reveals them to have been consummate political animals who were classified as stooges of the Raj but who in reality wielded considerable autonomy before independence in 1947.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. IV.2, Women in modern India
    In a sympathetic and comprehensive study of Indian women, Geraldine Forbes considers their recent history from the 19th century under colonial rule, to the 20th century after Independence.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. IV.3, Caste, society and politics in India from the eighteenth century to the modern age
    Susan Bayly's analysis explores the emergence of the ideas, experiences and practices which gave rise to the so-called caste society from the pre-colonial period to the end of the twentieth century.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Cambridge history of India. IV.4, An agrarian history of South Asia
    Adopting a long-term view of history, David Ludden's book offers a comprehensive historical framework for understanding the regional diversity of agrarian South Asia.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • New Dictionary of the History of Ideas [HIL-REF, HWK-REF CB9 .N49 2005]

    The earlier work was published at a time when interdisciplinarity was a new trend; and the new work continues this emphasis, as stated in the preface, by "its focus on the most influential multidisciplinary practices, such as 'Mysticism,' 'Mathematics,' and 'Reading,' which have ancient origins, and 'Representation: Mental Representation' and 'Bioethics,' which are creations of our own times." The approximately 600 articles are signed, include references and cross-references, and are arranged chronologically. Access is facilitated by a theme-oriented Reader's Guide (in each volume) and a substantial index, which occupies about half of volume six.


  • New encyclopedia of Africa [HIL-REF DT2 .N48 2008]

    Scribner's Encyclopedia of Africa South of the Sahara was a welcome and much-needed work when it was released a decade ago. It assembled in four volumes a wealth of knowledge about Africa from the perspective of historians who studied the continent closely and intensively. Compiled by the original collaborators, this set is an effort to replicate, rework, and expand on that fine resource. Middleton (Yale) and Miller (Univ. of Virginia) have gathered a great group of contributors to provide coherent and focused content, which results in a set that is more contemporaneous and reflective of the global integration that Africa has undergone since 1997.

  • New York Public Library American History Desk Reference, The [HIL-REF E174 .N48 1997]

    Here is the comprehensive yet quick-answer guide to one of the most popular topics in home reference: American history. With succinct, clearly written topical overviews, timelines, and capsule biographies, accompanied by sidebars and illustrations, this single volume incorporates all major events and contributions from the earliest inhabitants of North America to the present age. 90 illustrations. 10 maps. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO eBooks)
    Nineteenth Century Collections Online is a digitization and publishing program focusing on primary source collections of the long nineteenth century. The program includes a variety of content types--monographs, newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, ephemera, maps, statistics, and more--and unites them in one central, cross-searchable location. 12 collections are now available:

    Individual titles in these collections are available for discovery in our eBooks search or in UNBWorldCat:
    Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange
    British Politics and Society
    British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture
    Children's Literature and Childhood
    European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection
    Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature
    Religion, Society, Spirituality, and Reform
    Science, Technology, and Medicine: 1780-1925, Part II

    Individual titles in these collections can only be discoverd in the NCCO site:
    Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest
    Photography: The World through the Lens
    Science, Technology, and Medicine: 1780-1925, Part I
    Women: Transnational Networks

    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories
    North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories provides personal experiences of immigrants and insights into labor history, American and world history in general, women's and ethnic studies, and a wide range of related disciplines.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • North American Indian Thought and Culture
    This database is comprised of full-text materials that span the entire history of North America; from first encounters involving Native Americans and European colonists to the stories of aboriginals living in a 21st century world. Included are biographies, autobiographies, personal narratives, speeches, diaries, letters, and oral histories.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • North American Women's Letters and Diaries
    North American Women's Letters and Diaries indexes American and Canadian women's diaries and correspondence over centuries. Researchers will have access to immediate experiences of 1,325 women.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Notable Twentieth-Century Scientists [HIL-REF Q141 .N73 1995 vols. 1-4]
  • Old English Corpus (Dictionary of Old English Corpus)
    A computerized corpus comprising at least one copy of each text surviving in Old English. This body of texts is the basis for the production of the Dictionary of Old English. Includes poetry, prose, inscriptions, and glosses to Latin texts. Originally prepared by the Dictionary of Old English Project, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Oral History Online
    The database indexes collections of oral history in English from around the world. Some full-text material is contained in the database; there are links to other material, textual as well as audio and video, available on other web sites. Both full-text and bibliographic searching are provided.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Oxford Bibliographies Online
    "Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO) is an entirely new research tool for the social sciences and humanities. A scholar-curated library of discipline-based subject modules, OBO is designed to help busy researchers find reliable sources of information in half the time by directing them to exactly the right chapter, book, website, archive, or data set they need for their research."
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  • Oxford Companion to Canadian History

    The essential guide to the significant events, issues, institutions, people, and places that have shaped Canadian life from earliest times to the late twentieth century. In more than 1,700 entries, the country's leading historians describe and analyze events in political, military, social, economic, cultural and intellectual history, drawing on the latest scholarship.

  • Oxford Companion to Military History, The [HIL-REF D25 .A2 O94 2001]

    "This Oxford companion does much to untangle the long and complicated history of military events in Europe and North America since the 18th century. The thoughtful entries are clear, concise, and readable, with a number of extended entries on such subjects as artillery, infantry, and the science and technology of war."--"Outstanding Reference Sources," American Libraries, May 2002. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Oxford Companion to United States History

    Here is a volume that is as big and as varied as the nation it portrays. With over 1,400 entries written by some 900 historians and other scholars, it illuminates not only America's political, diplomatic, and military history, but also social, cultural, and intellectual trends; science, technology, and medicine; the arts; and religion.Here are the familiar political heroes, from George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, to Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. But here, too, are scientists, writers, radicals, sports figures, and religious leaders, with incisive portraits of such varied individuals as Thomas Edison and Eli Whitney, Babe Ruth and Muhammed Ali, Black Elk and Crazy Horse, Margaret Fuller, Emma Goldman, and Marian Anderson, even Al Capone and Jesse James. The Companion illuminates events that have shaped the nation (the Great Awakening, Bunker Hill, Wounded Knee, the Vietnam War); major Supreme Court decisions (Marbury v. Madison, Roe v. Wade); landmark legislation (the Fugitive Slave Law, the Pure Food and Drug Act); social movements (Suffrage, Civil Rights); influential books (The Jungle, Uncle Tom's Cabin); ideologies (conservatism, liberalism, Social Darwinism); even natural disasters and iconic sites (the Chicago Fire, the Johnstown Flood, Niagara Falls, the Lincoln Memorial). Here too is the nation's social and cultural history, from Films, Football, and the 4-H Club, to Immigration, Courtship and Dating, Marriage and Divorce, and Death and Dying. Extensive multi-part entries cover such key topics as the Civil War, Indian History and Culture, Slavery, and the Federal Government.A new volume for a new century, The Oxford Companion to United States History covers everything from Jamestown and the Puritans to the Human Genome Project and the Internet--from Columbus to Clinton. Written in clear, graceful prose for researchers, browsers, and general readers alike, this is the volume that addresses the totality of the American experience, its triumphs and heroes as well as its tragedies and darker moments. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Oxford Companion to World Exploration, The
    From Antarctica to the North Pole, The Oxford Companion to World Exploration offers information on all topics of exploration worldwide, including advances in navigation, the discovery of the New World, polar expeditions, and the space age. In addition to examining the lives and expeditions of heroic and influential explorers, the book covers navigational and marine sciences and ranges from ancient cultures through modern space exploration. With articles from leading scholars, this landmark set offers students, scholars, and amateurs a treasure of information on this dynamic field of study.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium, The [HIL-REF DF521 .O93 1991 vols. 1-3]
    This is the standard research tool on 1,100 years of Byzantine history. Exhaustive in its coverage, entries on patriarchy and emperors coexist with entries on surgery, musical instruments, and the baking of bread, bringing to life this vastly important culture and empire, from the 4th century to the 15th.
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB)
    Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is an illustrated/fulltext reference tool providing 55,000 specially-written signed biographies of the men and women who shaped all aspects of the British past from the earliest times to the end of the year 2000. It is the product of research instituted at the University of Oxford and funded by the British Academy and by Oxford University Press. It is the achievement of 10,000 contributors and advisers staff in Oxford. The Oxford DNB aims to provide full, accurate, concise, and readable articles on noteworthy people in all walks of life. No living person is included: the Dictionary's articles are confined to people who died before 31 December 2000.
    3 simultaneous users.
  • Oxford Dictionary of the Renaissance, The
    This dictionary provides rich detail on all aspects of the Renaissance in 14th to 17th century Europe. It includes comprehensive coverage of the art, literature, science, culture, philosophy, religion, economics, history, and conflict of the period. The text explores the influence that this intense intellectual and cultural revival continues to have on modern thought and society. Nearly half the entries are biographical, covering artists, thinkers, statesman, and reformers. A table of European ruling houses and a table showing the dates when cities and countries changed from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar are also included.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt, The [HIL-REF DT58 .O94 2001 vols. 1-3]

    Featuring 600 original articles written by leading scholars, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt goes far beyond the records of archaeology to make available what we know about the full social, political, religious, cultural and artistic legacy of this 5,000 year civilization.The Encyclopedia offers the most complete picture available of ancient Egyptian civilization, from the predynastic era to its eclipse in the seventh century CE. Here is the Egyptian world in illuminating, accessible detail: art, architecture, religion, language, literature, trade, politics, everyday social life and the culture of the court. Of special interest is the coverage of themes and issues that are particularly controversial--such as the new theories of the origins of complex society in the Nile Valley, new discoveries about Greco-Roman Egypt, and new developments in literature, religion, linguistics and other fields, including the debates about Egypt's African legacy.Extensively illustrated with photographs, line drawings, and maps, the Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt is designed for the widest possible access, serving students, teachers, and scholars in fields ranging from Near East archaeology and classics to ancient art, architecture, history, language and religion, as well as general readers fascinated by a world that remains--even today--incompletely mapped. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome [HIL-REF DE5 .O95 2010 v.1-7]

    v. 1. Academy-Bible -- v. 2. Bilingualism and multilingualism-Dura-Europos -- v. 3. Earthquakes-Hetaera -- v. 4. Hippocratic Corpus-Mosaics -- v. 5. Mos Maiorum-Posidonius of Apamea -- v. 6. Postal service-Teleology -- v. 7. Temples-Zoology ; Topical outline ; Index.

  • Oxford encyclopedia of the modern world : [1750 to the present] [HIL-REF D205 .O94 2008]

    v. 1. Aborigines-business -- v. 2. Cairo-dust -- v. 3. Earth Day-heart disease -- v. 4. Hebrew language and literature-luxury -- v. 5. Macau-Oxfam -- v. 6. Pachinko-skyscrapers -- v. 7. Slave rebellions, American-white slavery -- v. 8. Wildlife-Zulu War ; index.

  • Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History, The
    The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History, edited by Bonnie G. Smith, captures the experiences of women throughout history in a far-reaching, four-volume work. Although there has been extensive research on women in history by region, no other text or reference work has comprehensively covered the role women have played throughout world history. With over 650 biographies of influential women and over 600 topical articles covering topics such as geography and history, culture and society, organizations, movements, and gender studies, Women in World History is the definitive reference work in the field.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Oxford English Dictionary (OED Online)
    "This unique and powerful resource offers unprecedented access to the definitive record of the meaning, history and evolution of more than 600,000 words over the last 1,500 years." A complete text of the 2nd. ed. of the Oxford English dictionary with quarterly updates, including revisions not available in any other form.
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Oxford guide to the United States government, The
    "Compiled by three leading scholars, it contains the key figures, events, and structures that have animated U.S. government for more than 200 years. In addition to coverage of the 2000 Presidential race and election, it features biographies of all the Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Supreme Court Justices, as well as notable members of Congress, including current leadership; historical commentary on past elections, major Presidential decisions, international and domestic programs, and the key advisors and agencies of the executive branch; in-depth analysis of Congressional leadership and committees, agencies and staff, and historic legislation; and detailed discussions of 100 landmark Supreme Court cases and the major issues facing the Court today. Other entries define legal terms and phrases and elaborate on the wide array of government traditions."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Oxford guide to United States Supreme Court decisions, The
    "This dictionary includes all 400 entries on major Supreme Court cases through history published in the acclaimed Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court of the United States, in addition to approximately 45 new entries for the post-1991 decisions. It also gives entries on the U.S. Constitution, and the nominations and successions of justices. Terms covered in the Companion are briefly defined and explained, and a complete case list is given."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Oxford handbook of medieval Christianity [HIL-REF BR162.3 .O94 2017]

    Introduction: A history of medieval Christianity / John H. Arnold -- Part I: Methods. Histories and historiographies of medieval Christianity / John H. Arnold ; Religion, belief, and society : anthropological approaches / Simon Yarrow ; Material culture and medieval Christianity / Beth Williamson ; Medieval Christianity in a world historical perspective / R.I. Moore -- Part II: Spaces. The boundaries of Christendom and Islam : Iberia and the Latin levant / Amy G. Remensnyder ; Christianizing kingdoms / Sverre Bagge ; Monastic landscapes and society / Wendy Davies ; Civic religion / Nicholas Terpstra ; Localized faith : parochial and domestic spaces / Katherine L. French -- Part III: Practices. Continuity and change in the institutional church / Ian Forrest ; Pilgrimage / Marcus Bull ; Using saints : intercession, healing, sanctity / Gábor Klaniczay ; Missarum sollemnia : eucharistic rituals in the Middle Ages / Eric Palazzo ; Penitential varieties / Rob Meens ; Spiritual exercises : the making of interior faith / Robert L.A. Clark -- Part IV: Ideas. Fear, hope, death, and salvation / Arnold Angenendt ; Reform, clerical culture, and politics / Maureen C. Miller ; Intellectuals and the masses : oxen and she-asses in the medieval church / Peter Biller ; 'Popular' religious culture(s) / Laura A. Smoller ; Doubts and the absence of faith / Dorothea Weltecke ; Medieval monasticisms / Constance H. Berman ; Mysticism and the body / Rosalynn Voaden ; Christianity and its others : Jews, Muslims, and pagans / Sara Lipton ; Christian experiences of religious non-conformism / Grado Giovanni Merlo -- Part VI: Power. The church as lord / George Dameron ; Christianizing political discourses / Geoffrey Koziol ; Religion in the age of Charlemagne / Janet L. Nelson ; Papal authority and its limitations / Kathleen G. Cushing ; Bishops, education, and discipline / Sarah Hamilton -- Conclusion : Looking back from the Reformation / Ronnie Po-chia Hsia.

  • Oxford handbook of slavery in the Americas [multiple locations]

    A series of penetrating, original, and authoritative essays on the history and historiography of the institution of slavery in the New World, written by a team of leading international contributors.

  • Oxford handbook of the Atlantic world, c.1450-c.1850 [HIL-REF D210 .O94 2011]
    The essays in this volume provide a comprehensive overview of Atlantic history from c.1450 to c.1850, offering a wide-ranging and authoritative account of the movement of people, plants, pathogens, products, and cultural practices-to mention some of the key agents{u2014}around and within the Atlantic basin. As a result of these movements, new peoples, economies, societies, polities, and cultures arose in the lands.
  • Oxford History of the British Empire, The [HIL-REF DA16 .O95 1998 vols. 1-5]

    The first two volumes of this five-volume history of the British Empire establish a very high standard of scholarship. Over three dozen scholars examine both major and minor aspects of the modern imperial experience. The chronological focus develops from the 16th century, when Ireland was the starting point of the empire, to the end of the 18th, when the 13 American Colonies were lost. The essays form an interlocking analysis of the origins of empire from an intellectual, military, economic, and technological perspective. There is some overlap; for example, several essays discuss the role of naval power, but each author approaches the topic with a different focus, such as technology in N.A.M. Rogers's essay and politics in John Appleby's. The various chapters, therefore, reinforce the overall picture instead of being redundant. Separate chapters in the first volume analyze the origins and implementation of the British imperial expansion, or contraction, in each region and then continue in the second volume, as do discussions of new subjects, such as the colonization of Australia. The interrelationship between the mother country and the Colonies also receives continued emphasis. Jonathan Israel's chapter, in Volume 1, on the continental perspective of British empire building helps place events in an even broader context. There is a short bibliography after each chapter. Three following volumes will see the empire through to its 20th-century decline. Recommended for all libraries.Frederic Krome, Jacob Rader Marcus Ctr. of the American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati Copyright 1998 Cahners Business Information, Inc. From: Reed Elsevier Inc. Copyright Reed Business Information

  • Oxford Reference
    Multi-part database of the online versions of Oxford University Press texts. Each topical division contains the searchable version of the latest edition of published dictionaries and encyclopedias. Additionally, information about Oxford University Press is provided. Online texts will be updated after new editions of the print monographs are published. Covers the humanities and social sciences.
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Parliament Rolls of Medieval England (PROME), The
    Contains full text and translation of the meetings of the English parliaments from Edward I to Henry VII, covering the years from 1275 to 1504.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Past Masters (Intelex)
    InteLex Past Masters is comprised of 100+ full-text humanities and sciences databases that make available cohesive collections of editions, in both original language and in English translation, of seminal figures in the humanities and sciences.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
    A digital collection of current and historical maps, from the Perry-Castaneda Library at the University of Texas at Austin. The online collection features images of over 5700 maps from the Perry-Castaneda Library, as well as extensive links to other map-related sites.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Princeton companion to Atlantic history [HIL-REF D210 .P936 2015]
    "Between the fifteenth and nineteenth centuries, the connections among Africa, the Americas, and Europe transformed world history--through maritime exploration, commercial engagements, human migrations and settlements, political realignments and upheavals, cultural exchanges, and more. This book, the first encyclopedic reference work on Atlantic history, takes an integrated, multicontinental approach that emphasizes the dynamics of change and the perspectives and motivations of the peoples who made it happen. The entries--all specially commissioned for this volume from an international team of leading scholars--synthesize the latest scholarship on central themes, including economics, migration, politics, war, technologies and science, the physical environment, and culture. Part one features five major essays that trace the changes distinctive to each chronological phase of Atlantic history. Part two includes more than 125 entries on key topics, from the seemingly familiar viewed in unfamiliar and provocative ways (the Seven Years' War, trading companies) to less conventional subjects (family networks, canon law, utopias)."--Publisher's description.
  • Project Muse
    "Project MUSE covers the fields of literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, and many others." UNB subscribes to almost 400 eJournals, and provides access to select Open Access eBooks.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Quebec Government Documents - BAnQ Open Access Collections
    Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec (BAnQ) has adopted an ambitious digitization program for the whole of the published and archival documentary heritage produced in Québec since the 17th century, or of foreign origin and related to Québec. All categories of documents are included: printed and handwritten material, photographs, sound recordings and so on. The digitized resources are available free of charge on the Web with more being added.

    This resource interface is available in English and French, with some tools only available in French and the content being primarly French as well.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Reader's Companion to American History, The [HIL-REF E174 .R43 1991]

    The Reader's Companion to American History offers a fresh, absorbing portrait of the United States from the origins of its native peoples to the nation's complex identity in the 1990s. Covering political, economic, cultural, and social history, and combining hundreds of short descriptive entries with longer evaluative articles, the encyclopedia is informative, engaging, and a pleasure to read. The Reader's Companion is sponsored by the Society of American Historians, an organization dedicated to promoting literary excellence in the writing of biography and history. Under the editorship of the eminent historians John A. Garraty and Eric Foner, a large and distinguished group of scholars, biographers, and journalists -- nearly four hundred contemporary authorities -- illuminate the critical events, issues, and individuals that have shaped our past. More than a reference book to be consulted simply for the dates or details of an event, the Companion offers a history of ideas. It distinguishes itself from conventional encylcopedias by featuring several hundred thematic articles. A chronological account of immigration, for example, is complemented by a conceptual article on ethnicity. Similarly, the Bull Moose party and the Know-Nothings, examined in individual entries, are also placed within a larger context in an article on third parties in American politics. And readers consulting entries on specific religious groups, leaders, and movements will be led to an article offering an overview of religion in America. Linking discrete facts, dates, and events through its interpretive essays, the Reader's Companion presents the overarching themes and ideas that have animated our historical landscape. Over the past twenty years, the study of history has undergone a metamorphosis. Political history, once the primary avenue for exploring the past, has given way to the "new social history." Focus has shifted from key events and leaders to everyday life in America, including the history of the family, women and the work force, race relations, and community life. The Reader's Companion to American History reflects this broader vision of our past. Interweaving traditional political and economic topics with the spectrum of America's social and cultural legacies -- everything from marriage to medicine, crime to baseball, fashion to literature -- the Companion is certain to engage the curiosity, interests, and passions of every reader. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Reader's Guide to American History [HIL-REF E178 .R42 1997]

    There are so many books on so many aspects of the history of the United States, offering such a wide variety of interpretations, that students, teachers, scholars, and librarians often need help and advice on how to find what they want. The Reader's Guide to American History is designed to meet that need by adopting a new and constructive approach to the appreciation of this rich historiography. Each of the 600 entries on topics in political, social and economic history describes and evaluates some 6 to 12 books on the topic, providing guidance to the reader on everything from broad surveys and interpretive works to specialized monographs. The entries are devoted to events and individuals, as well as broader themes, and are written by a team of well over 200 contributors, all scholars of American history. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Reader's Guide to Military History [HIL-REF D25 .R34 2001]

    This book contains some 600 entries on a range of topics from ancient Chinese warfare to late 20th-century intervention operations. Designed for a wide variety of users, it encompasses general reviews of aspects of military organization and science, as well as specific wars and conflicts. The book examines naval and air warfare, as well as significant individuals, including commanders, theorists, and war leaders. Each entry includes a listing of additional publications on the topic, accompanied by an article discussing these publications with reference to their particular emphases, strengths, and limitations. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Readings in Late Antiquity: A Sourcebook [HIL-REF DG78 .M22 2010]
  • Remembering for the future : the Holocaust in an age of genocide [HIL-REF D804.18 .R46 2001]

    Focused on 'The Holocaust in an Age of Genocide', Remembering for the Future brings together the work of nearly 200 scholars from more than 30 countries and features cutting-edge scholarship across a range of disciplines, amounting to the most extensive and powerful reassessment of the Holocaust ever undertaken.

  • Repertoire des historiens et historiennes de l'Amerique francaise [HIL-REF FC2909 .R46 2001]

  • Republican Roman Army: A Sourcebook, The [HIL-REF U35 .S24 2008]

    Sage (classics, U. of Cincinnati) gives researchers and college students a good first look at the highly charged world of the Roman military establishment from the archaic and Servian period to the Late Republic. Through translations of key texts (many in English for the first time) and a range of primary documents Sage describes the early structure of the military and its development into a "manipulator army" capable of conquest in nearly every sphere. He fully describes the army of the Later Republic, from its development of tactics to its rewards (both honors and booty), punishments, conditions of service, experiences in battle, role in Roman imperialism, and control of the sea. Especially useful are Sage's comments on the economic impact of a standing force. Annotation #169;2008 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Routledge companion to sports history [HIL-REF GV571 .R68 2010]

    "This book provides a comprehensive guide to the international field of sports history as it has developed as an academic area of study. Readers are guided through the development of the field across a range of thematic and geographical contexts and are introduced to the latest cutting edge approaches within the field. Including contributions from many of the world's leading sports historians, the Routledge Companion to Sports History is the most important single volume for researchers and students in, and entering, the sports history field. It is an essential guide to contemporary research themes, to new ways of doing sports history, and to the theoretical and methodological foundations of this most fascinating of subjects."--Jacket.

  • Routledge handbook of sport, gender and sexuality [HIL-REF GV706.5 .R88 2014]

    "All sports focus on the physical body, with images of speed and power, agility, skilfulness and achievement. Throughout the history of sports, gender divisions and stereotypes have been intrinsic to their structure and culture, while sexuality has been inseparable from the gendered character of sports. In other words, gender and sexuality have been fundamental to the understanding and practice of all sports and physical cultures, and lie at the centre of the growing field of sport studies. The Routledge Handbook of Sport, Gender and Sexuality offers a guide of unparalleled depth and breadth to the many complex inter-relationships between sport, gender, and sexuality. Consisting entirely of new empirical and theoretical essays by leading and emerging researchers and scholars from around the world, the books maps the historical, theoretical and empirical terrain of gender and sexuality studies in sport. Including personal and political narratives from across a wide range of different sports and physical activities, the book covers the separation of male and female sport and physical education from the mid-nineteenth century up until the present day. It examines structural and cultural forms of gender segregation, homophobia, heteronormativity and transphobia, as well as the ideological struggles and changes that have led to nuanced ways of thinking about the sport, gender, and sexuality nexus. This is a landmark work of reference that will be a key resource for all advanced students and researchers working in sport studies, gender studies, sexuality studies or sociology"-- Provided by publisher.

  • Routledge History of Disability [HIL-REF HV1552 .R69 2018]

    "Taking a truly global view of disability history, The Routledge History of Disability brings together an impressive range of scholarship that places the lives of individuals with disabilities in their social, cultural and historical context. Moving beyond the national or local focus of many disability histories, and exploring a variety of impairments, The Routledge History of Disability provides a means for examining disability history comparatively, shedding new light on how social policy, education and civil rights have evolved in different parts of the world."David Turner, Swansea University, UK

    "This book is timely and phenomenal in nationally and internationally highlighting historical events that have affected disabled people. It exposes the origins of issues and controversies about disability, interpreting historical documents and legislation and discussing significant topics such as the eugenics movement and the civil rights movement."Irene Carter, University of Windsor, Canada 

  • Routledge history of sex and the body : 1500 to the present [HIL-REF HQ12 .R69 2013]

    "The Routledge History of Sex and the Body provides an overview of the main themes surrounding the history of sexuality from 1500 to the present day. The history of sex and the body is an expanding field in which vibrant debate on, for instance, the history of homosexuality, is developing. This book examines the current scholarship and looks towards future directions across the field. The volume is divided into fourteen thematic chapters, which are split into two chronological sections 1500 - 1750 and 1750 to present day. Focusing on the history of sexuality and the body in the West but also interactions with a broader globe, these thematic chapters survey the major areas of debate and discussion. Covering themes such as science, identity, the gaze, courtship, reproduction, sexual violence and the importance of race, the volume offers a comprehensive view of the history of sex and the body. The book concludes with an afterword in which the reader is invited to consider some of the 'tensions, problems and areas deserving further scrutiny'. Including contributors renowned in their field of expertise, this ground-breaking collection is essential reading for all those interested in the history of sexuality and the body"--Publisher's website.

  • Russian Revolution of 1917 : the essential reference guide [HIL-REF DK265 .R958 2017]

    This invaluable reference guide provides an understanding of the social, political, and economic forces and events in Russia that led to the 1905 Russian Revolution in which leftists radicals disposed of the Czar and his regime. It addresses key developments such as the formation of the provisional government, the Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917, and the Russian Civil War—connected, evolutionary historical events that fundamentally reshaped Russia into the Soviet Union.

    This book serves students and general readers seeking a single source that provides in-depth coverage of the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War. Beyond the reference entries, the book contains primary documents that cover the key events, people, and issues that emerged during Russia's revolutions and Civil War. These documents give readers a more detailed understanding of how the Bolsheviks used calls for greater "democracy" to gain support for their revolution, how the Bolsheviks used terror and control as means to maintain their power once the Bolshevik Revolution took place, and why the Bolsheviks believed such extreme measures were needed. Also included is a chronology of major events from 1890 through 1923 and a bibliography that serves as a starting point for more directed research.


    • Provides a detailed history of the Russian Revolution, addressing events from the abdication of Czar Nicholas II to the Bolshevik Revolution
    • Gives readers a more complete understanding of how the Bolsheviks fought during the Civil War to maintain and solidify the success of their revolution
    • Includes a substantial collection of primary documents that offers keen insights into what key actors thought and how these individuals behaved during the historical period
  • Rwandan genocide : the essential reference guide [HIL-REF DT450.435 .R83 2018]
    • Civil War (Rwanda : 1994)
    • Tutsi (African people) Crimes against.
    • Tutsi (African people) Crimes against Rwanda History 20th century.
    • Genocide Rwanda History 20th century Encyclopedias.
    • SOCIAL SCIENCE Discrimination & Race Relations.
    • Ethnic relations.
    • Genocide.
    • Rwanda History Civil War, 1994 Encyclopedias.
    • Rwanda Ethnic relations History 20th century Encyclopedias.
  • Science & Technology Encyclopedia [SCI-REF Q121 .S34 2000]

    Up-to-date, concise, and easy to use, the Science and Technology Encyclopedia is a reliable resource for students, and all those with an interest in the comprehensive array of scientific fields it covers. It includes more than 6,500 authoritative A-Z entries covering earth and life sciences, physics, chemistry, medicine, information technology, and other disciplines; biographical entries for more than 850 famous scientists, detailing their careers and achievements; over 20,000 cross-references; and more than 250 detailed illustrations, including schematic diagrams, representational natural history artwork, and technical cutaway diagrams.

  • Science in the Ancient World: An Encyclopedia [HIL-REF Q124.95 .L39 2004]
    The first A-Z resource to catalog the achievements and legacy of more than four millennia of scientific thought in the ancient world of the Mediterranean and the Near East, providing a complete overview of the physical, chemical, life, medical, and social sciences of the classical world.
  • Science, Technology, and Society: An Encyclopedia
    see also [HIL-REF HM846 .S43 2005]

    Emphasizing an interdisciplinary and international coverage of the functions and effects of science and technology in society and culture, "Science, Technology, and Society" contains over 130 A to Z signed articles written by major scholars and experts from academic and scientific institutions and institutes worldwide. Each article is accompanied by a selected bibliography. Other features include extensive cross referencing throughout, a directory of contributors, and an extensive topical index.

  • Shaping North America : from exploration to the American Revolution

    "Compiling famous and hard to find primary sources along with specific topical entries and thematic essays, this book provides an invaluable collection of information about early American history."--Provided by publisher.

  • Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007 (Adam Matthew Digital)
    This digital collection documents key aspects of the history of slavery worldwide over six centuries. Topics covered include the African Coast, the Middle Passage, the varieties of slave experience, religion, revolts, abolition, and legislation. The collection also includes case studies from America, the Caribbean, Brazil, and Cuba.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Smithsonian Global Sound® for Libraries (Music Online)
    Smithsonian Global Sound provides over 35,000 tracks of music, natural sounds and spoken words, delivered via streaming audio. It includes performances of traditional musics from around the world, poetry readings, environmental sounds, and recordings by legendary folk, jazz and blues performers. Liner notes for many recordings are also available.
    5 simultaneous users
  • Something About the Author [HIL-REF PN497 .S66 vols. 1-6]
  • The Armenian Genocide : the essential reference guide [HIL-REF DS195.5 .A7393 2015]

    "The Armenian Genocide has often been considered a template for subsequent genocides and is one of the first genocides of the 20th century. As such, it holds crucial historical significance, and it is critically important that today's students understand this case study of inhumanity. This book provides a much-needed, long-overdue reference volume on the Armenian Genocide. It begins with seven introductory analytical essays that provide a broad overview of the Armenian Genocide and then presents individual entries, a historical timeline, and a selection of documents. This essential reference work covers all aspects of the Armenian Genocide, including the causes, phases, and consequences. It explores political and historical perspectives as well as the cultural aspects. The carefully selected collection of perspective essays will inspire critical thinking and provide readers with insight into some of the most controversial and significant issues of the Armenian Genocide. Similarly, the primary source documents are prefaced by thoughtful introductions that will provide the necessary context to help students understand the significance of the material"

  • The Cambridge history of early Inner Asia
    This volume introduces the geographical setting of Central Asia and follows its history from the palaeolithic era to the rise of the Mongol empire in the thirteenth century.
    Unlimited simultaneous users
  • The Cambridge history of the native peoples of the Americas. Vol. 3, South America. Part 1

    This is a major survey of research on the indigenous peoples of South America, from the earliest settlement of the continent to the present day.

  • The Gateway - UNB Archives & Special Collection
    The Gateway is an online database of finding aids to the University's archives, and UNB Libraries holdings of historical and literary manuscripts.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • The Holocaust and its religious impact : a critical assessment and annotated bibliography [HIL-REF D804.3 .F583 2004]

    This annotated bibliography provides a comprehensive survey of writings about the Holocaust. Includes materials on anti-semitism, the moral and religious response to the Nazi persecution and genocide of the Jews, and post-World War II responses to the Holocaust.  

  • The Oxford handbook of American Indian history [HIL-REF E77 .O94 2016]


    'Everything you know about Indians is wrong." As the provocative title of Paul Chaat Smith's 2009 book proclaims, everyone knows about Native Americans, but most of what they know is the fruit of stereotypes and vague images. The real people, real communities, and real events of indigenous America continue to elude most people. The Oxford Handbook of American Indian History confronts this erroneous view by presenting an accurate and comprehensive history of the indigenous peoples who lived - and live - in the territory that became the United States. Thirty-two leading experts, both Native and non-Native, describe the historical developments of the past five hundred years in American Indian history, focusing on significant moments of upheaval and change, histories of indigenous occupation, and overviews of Indian community life. The first section of the book charts Indian history from before 1492 to European invasions and settlement, analyzing US expansion and up to the twenty-first century. A second group of essays consists of regional and tribal histories. The final section illuminates distinctive themes of Indian life, including gender sexuality and family, spirituality, art, intellectual history, education, public welfare, legal issues, and urban experiences. A much-needed and eye-opening account of American Indians, this Handbook unveils the real history often hidden behind wrong assumptions, offering stimulating ideas and resources for new generations to pursue research on this topic. -- from dust jacket.

  • U.S. Government Documents (Open Access)
    The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) is responsible for the production and distribution of information products and services for all three branches of the Federal Government, including U.S. passports for the Department of State as well as the official publications of Congress, the White House, and other Federal agencies in digital and print formats. GPO provides for permanent public access to Federal Government information at no charge.

    This collection provides access to books and journals/serials.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • United Nations Treaty Collection
    Under Article 102 of the Charter of the United Nations, "Every treaty and every international agreement entered into by any Member of the United Nations after the present Charter comes into force shall as soon as possible be registered with the Secretariat and published by it".
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Warfare and armed conflicts : a statistical encyclopedia of casualty and other figures, 1494-2007 [HIL-REF D214 .C54 2008]

    This volume is an attempt to account for military and noncombatant casualties in every war (and other forms of mass human violence) for which there exist statistics over the course of the last five centuries. Rather than engage in a dry recital of statistics however, the author has embedded the numbers within essays that briefly explore the historical contexts of the conflicts, how people died and at the end of which weapons, and the impacts of the various conflicts. Numerous other statistics are embedded within these essays as well, such as the number of personnel engaged in battles and campaigns, numbers of missing in action, and numbers of weapons and vehicles deployed.

  • Weapons of mass destruction : the essential reference guide [HIL-REF U793 .W427 2018]
    • Weapons of mass destruction Encyclopedias.
    • Weapons of mass destruction Handbooks, manuals, etc.
    • Weapons of mass destruction.
  • Who's Who [HIL-REF DA28 .W6]
  • Who's Who in America [multiple locations HIL-REFDSK E176 .W642]
  • Who's Who in Black Canada: Black Success and Black Excellence in Canada: A Contemporary Directory [HIL-REF FC106 .B6 W54 2002]

    Profiling individuals from business, politics, the arts, religion, and other sectors, this work contains biographical information on some 705 living African Canadians who are either "pioneers or trailblazers; those occupying senior positions; those making a difference in their communities; those being innovative and creating a niche for themselves or others." Entries provide narrative summaries of the individuals' accomplishments as well as contact information and lists of honors, publications, and role models Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Who's Who in Canada [HIL-REF FC25 .W467]
  • Who's Who in Canadian Sport [HIL-REF GV697 .A1 F47 1999]
  • Who's Who in Military History: from 1453 to the Present Day [HIL-REF U51 .K43 1996]

    Who's Who in Military History looks at those people who have shaped the course of war. Broad in geographical and chronological scope, it concentrates on all the periods and conflicts about which the reader is likely to want information, up to and including the Persian Gulf War. It provides detailed biographies of the most interesting and important figures in military history from 1453 to the present day, a series of maps showing the main theatres of war, a glossary of common words and phrases, an accessible and user-friendly A-Z layout, and a unique and invaluable source of information for the student and general reader alike. Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Who's who in the classical world
    "Based on the highly praised Oxford Companion to Classical Literature, this is the ideal reference book for anyone interested in the classical world and its literary heritage. It gives accounts of the lives of many classical authors and character entries and plot summaries for their works. General entries trace the development of literary forms such as comedy and tragedy. There is also wide coverage of the historical, political, social, and artistic background."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Who's who in the twentieth century
    "From Albert Einstein to the Marx Brothers, this authoritative reference book provides biographies of men and women from different countries and cultures who have contributed to the thought as well as the action of the twentieth century."
    5 simultaneous users.
  • Who's Who in the World [HIL-REF CT120 .W5]

    20th-century biographies, 1971-2010

  • Who's Who in Twentieth-Century World Poetry [HIL-REF PN1271 .W46 2000]
  • Who's who in Victorian Britain [HIL-REF DA562 .E44 1997]
  • Who's Who of Canadian Women
    see also [HIL-REF FC26 .W65 W46]
  • Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online
    Wiley/Blackwell Reference Online "is a vast new online library giving instant access to the most authoritative and up-to-date scholarship across the humanities and social sciences. With more than 350 reference volumes to be published in Blackwell Reference Online by the end of 2008, it is the largest academic reference collection available online and includes the critically-acclaimed Blackwell Companions and Handbooks, major reference works such as the Blackwell Encyclopedia of Management and the Companion to Syntax, and a whole host of other valuable reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and concise companions."
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Winslow Papers

    The Winslow Papers is a digital collection documenting the Loyalist experience in the American Revolution and the subsequent establishment of English Canada. Consisting of over 3,600 items and 11,000 pages, the collection covers the period from 1695 to 1866. The original Winslow manuscripts are located in Archives and Special Collections at the University of New Brunswick.

  • Women and Gender in Medieval Europe: An Encyclopedia [HIL-REF HQ1147 .E85 W66 2006]

    Female patronage of the arts and the church, female mysticism and devotional practices, women's medicine and understandings of the female body, and women's roles in politics and diplomacy are among the activities discussed in the 563 signed articles, each with cross-references to other articles and a bibliography of primary and secondary sources. The very few illustrations are monochrome. Annotation #169;2007 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR ( Distributed by Syndetic Solutions, Inc.

  • Women and gender in the early modern world: critical concepts in women's history [HIL-REF HQ1150 .W6425 2016]
  • Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000 (Basic Edition)
    Women and Social Movements in the United States serves as a resource for students and scholars of U.S. history and U.S. women's history. It provides learning modules in the form of mini-monographs, each of which is organized around a specific question about a single social movement.
    Unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Women and war : a historical encyclopedia from antiquity to the present [HIL-REF U24 .W69 2006]

    Cook (history, Loyola U., New Orleans) compiles a two-volume encyclopedia for a general audience that considers women's experiences with war--in battle, medical, manufacturing, and administrative roles, and as victims. The entries cover people and events from antiquity to the present, all aspects of war, and places in all parts of the world, from Afghanistan to Yugoslavia. Some entries are topical (e.g. on rape); others are biographical profiles of journalists, government figures, military leaders, Nobel Peace Prize winners, peace activists, photographers, spies, terrorists, writers, and even a few entertainers.

  • Women in American history : a social, political, and cultural encyclopedia and document collection [HIL-REF HQ1410 .W6468 2017]

    This four-volume set documents the complexity and richness of women's contributions to American history and culture, empowering all students by demonstrating a more populist approach to the past.

    Based on the content of most textbooks, it would be easy to reach the erroneous conclusion that women have not contributed much to America's history and development. Nothing could be further from the truth. Offering comprehensive coverage of women of a diverse range of cultures, classes, ethnicities, religions, and sexual identifications, this four-volume set identifies the many ways in which women have helped to shape and strengthen the United States.

    This encyclopedia is organized into four chronological volumes, with each volume further divided into three sections. Each section features an overview essay and thematic essay as well as detailed entries on topics ranging from Lady Gaga to Ladybird Johnson, Lucy Stone, and Lucille Ball, and from the International Ladies of Rhythm to the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. The set also includes a vast variety of primary documents, such as personal letters, public papers, newspaper articles, recipes, and more. These primary documents enhance users' learning opportunities and enable readers to better connect with the subject matter.


    • Provides significantly more detail than typical reference works on women's history and culture, enabling readers to better appreciate the contributions of women of all socio-cultural statuses
    • Covers the astounding range of American women's experience, including women of various economic and racial statuses, religious affiliations, political and ideological identifications, and sexualities
    • Includes a significant selection of primary documents, thereby combining the educational power of secondary and primary literature to create a richer learning experience for users
  • Women in American history : a social, political, and cultural encyclopedia and document collection [HIL-REF HQ1410 .W6468 2017]

    Volume 1. Precolonial North America to the Early Republic -- Volume 2. Antebellum America through the Gilded Age -- Volume 3. Progressive Era through World War II -- Volume 4. Cold War America to today.

  • Women in early America : struggle, survival, and freedom in a new world [HIL-REF HQ1416 .M395 2004]


    Describes the lives of women in early America, discussing their role in the development of the nation, day-to-day activities, responsibilities, and more.



  • Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia [HIL-REF HQ1115 .W6 1999 vols. 1-17]

    Projected to be 15 volumes upon completion in late 2000 (with an index to follow in mid-2001), this ambitious set will be international in scope and span from antiquity to the 20th century. (The first three volumes are reviewed here.) The scope is generally limited to women born before 1926, except for those active in the women's movement or whose place in history is assured. Initially hatched while the editors were working on Historic World Leaders (1994)--which profiled mainly men--this resource will include more than 10,000 entries varying in length from several pages to brief paragraphs. Frequent sidebars give information on women closely associated with the main entry, and numerous See references address name variations. Although indexes by time period, nationality, and subject would greatly enhance its usefulness as a reference, this set far exceeds recent single-volume international dictionaries (the Larousse Dictionary of Women, LJ 1/97, has about 3000 entries) and is unlikely to have any competitors on this scale soon. Recommended for large public and academic libraries and women's studies collections.Patricia A. Beaber, Coll. of New Jersey, Ewing Copyright 2000 Cahners Business Information, Inc. From: Reed Elsevier Inc. Copyright Reed Business Information