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Welcome, St. Thomas University students!

The Harriet Irving Library (HIL) at UNB is your library.

Our website and its wealth of information resources are yours to discover, as is the library building itself. Just like UNB students, STU students can use our e-resources or borrow books or other materials.

While working in our building, you may notice UNB students participating in other specialized services or using other spaces. For UNB students, the HIL is a library, but it is also an academic service centre and central computing hub. Contained within the building are the John B. McNair Learning Commons and several other UNB service units.

The computers in the Commons, like those found in three other UNB computer labs found throughout the building, are funded by UNB students through the UNB Student Technology Fee, and require UNB student logins. However, there are several other computing options for STU students. See the Computers, Printers, Scanners tab in this guide.

If you have any questions about our spaces, services, or resources, please do not hesitate to ask any library staff member. When you need help with your library research, just "Ask Us" at the Research Help Desk.

Eduroam WiFi

Eduroam Wireless Access at HIL, across UNB, and Beyond

Many students bring a laptop, tablet, or phone to the library to do most of their computing. Eduroam (as in "EDUcational ROAMing") is the name of the network that STU students can use to access a wireless connection to the internet while in the library. To do so, take the following steps:

  • Select the "eduroam" network on your mobile device.
  • When prompted, enter your STU network username (including the and password.

For more information, contact STU ITS:

Usernames & Passwords

Using your STU Network Account

To connect to resources on the library's website when off-campus, or to use a mobile device at the HIL, you need to use your STU Network Account username and password.

Note that this is the same password you use for Moodle, but it may be different from your STU email and your WebAdvisor passwords.

For more information, contact STU ITS:

Off-Campus Access

Accessing the Library Website at Home

When at the library, or anywhere on the STU or UNB campus, our website resources at will automatically recognize your on-campus location. You will not be required to log in. However, from off-campus you will be required to enter your STU username and password, as explained on the "Usernames & Passwords" tab/link above. See the library's Off-Campus Proxy Access webpage.

For more information, contact STU ITS:

Laptop Borrowing

Borrowing a Laptop from STU

STU students can borrow a laptop from the STU computer lab on the 2nd floor of James Dunn Hall, and bring it to the library. Laptops must be returned to the computer lab within 24 hours.

For more information, contact STU ITS:

Computers, Printers, Scanners

Library Desktop Computers and Printing/Scanning/Photocopying Options

There are desktop computers located in the library for STU students, faculty members, as well as members of the public. These computers are separate from the computers found within the UNB student computer labs in the library, which are funded by the UNB Student Technology Fee, and which require UNB logins.

Quick/Public Access Computers

  • These computers are located on the first floor of the Harriet Irving Library, as well as within the Science Library.
  • They are intended primarily for small library tasks such as finding reserve item call numbers, finding books in the stacks, and checking University email. Please note the Computer Use Policy for the Libraries.
  • Please observe the posted signs, and limit your computer use to 10 minutes when asked to do so.
  • You may be able to save some types of documents to a USB device.


  • Scanners are located on the main floor of the library, near the UNB ITS Help Desk. You can scan a printed document and email it to yourself, or save it to a USB device.
  • A photocopier is also located on the main floor of the library, which requires a UCard that has cash in its associated account.

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