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Law, Immigration & Refugee Guide

Reference Sources

Reference Sources

There are two main legal encyclopedias in law: the Canadian Encyclopedic Digest (CED) and Halsbury's Laws of Canada (Halsbury's). Both are available in print in the Law Library in the reference section on the first floor.

Electronically, CED is available in WestlawNext Canada, while Halsbury's is available in Quicklaw and Lexis Advance Quicklaw. Please note that only UNB Law students and faculty have access to Lexis Advance Quicklaw and WestlawNext Canada.


Canadian Encyclopedic Digest

In print and electronically, the CED has the following titles avaiable:

  • Immigration and Refugees (vol. 31 in print)
  • Citizenship (vol. 9 in print)
  • International Law (vol. 34 in print)

Please make sure you check the currency of these titles in WestlawNext Canada, as some of the CED titles can be years out of date.


Halsbury's Laws of Canada

Both in print and electronically, there is an Immigration and Citizenship title available. The title code for the volume is HIM.

Please check the currency of these titles. This resource provides information from each province in Canada, as well as federally.



To search for books at UNB Libraries, use UNB WorldCat, the library's catalogue. UNB WorldCat contains records of materials held at the Harriet Irving, Science and Forestry, Engineering, and Law libraries, as well as the Hans W. Klohn Library at UNB-Saint John.

In UNB WorldCat, items shown as LAW-RESERVE may be requested at the Law Library's circulation desk on the first floor. Items shown as LAW-STACKS are on the Law Library's second floor, arranged by call number.

Search UNB WorldCat:
Limit to: 

If you would like to browse the shelves, the call numbers below house immigration and refugee law texts:

  • KF4483 .I5 in stack 212


The following looseleaf texts are in our reserve collection. Bring a book's call number to the circulation desk to check it out for three hours.


The following books are available in the stacks. Please use UNB WorldCat to find more materials.


    You can also access a large number of eBooks on law-related subjects through UNB WorldCat. Below are a few databases that have law texts.

    • MyiLibrary
    • eBrary
    • HeinOnline (has some older legal classics)
    • LLMC (has some older legal classics)
    • Quicklaw (has some current texts; open to all UNB and STU students and faculty, but UNB Law students and facutly must sign in with their username and password to access the full Quicklaw package)
    • Lexis Advance Quicklaw (has some current texts; only available to UNB Law students and faculty)
    • WestlawNext Canada (has some current texts; only availble to UNB Law students and faculty)

    Journal Articles


    If you already know the journal title, year, volume number and page number for an article, you may be able to access it electronically by searching for the journal's title in the UNB e-journals database. If we have the journal electronically or in print, it will be listed. You can also look up the journal title in UNB WorldCat.

    Keep in mind that it can be best to start with an index rather than a full-text journal search. A few key indexes in law are listed below.

    Key Resources

    There are other indexes available in print and electronically, as well as more full-text journal databases. See a librarian for assistance. For more resources, please visit the Law Library website.

    Cases and Legislation

    Cases & Legislation

    Key Resources

    The following databases and websites provide access to federal and provincial cases and legislation.



    The following federal statutes are related to immigration and refugee law in Canada.

    Cases and Decisions

    Along with searching the databases mentioned above, one can use other products to find case law:

    • Canadian Abridgment Digests
      A digest service that indexes cases by subject. This is an extremely useful resource. There are Immigration and Citizenship volumes in print (vols 51-53E) and electronically in WestlawNext Canada (UNB Law students and faculty only).
    • Canada Digest
      A digest service similar to the Canadian Abridgment. Useful titles include Canada Immigration Digest. It is available electronically through Quicklaw (available to all UNB and STU students and faculty) and Lexis Advance Quicklaw (UNB Law students and faculty only).
    • LexisNexis Immigration Law Netletter
      A monthly current awareness service that provides short summaries of significant new Canadian decisions on immigration law that have been added to Quicklaw. It is available electronically through Quicklaw (available to all UNB and STU students and faculty) and Lexis Advance Quicklaw (UNB Law students and faculty only).
    • Case Reporters
      If you wish to browse the print reporters, we have some topical law reports dealing with immigration and refugee law on the second floor. Note: much of this content is retrospective. For current cases/decisions, please use electronic databases when available.

    Government Documents

    Government Documents

    Government departments and agencies publish a great deal of important law-related information. The Law Library's collection of printed government documents is located on the library's third floor. Use UNB WorldCat to search, or ask a library staff member for help. 

    The Harriet Irving Library also has government documents, which can be located through UNB WorldCat.

    For government documents that are available online, try using UNB Libraries' Google Custom Search.

    Select resources:

    Websites & Blogs


    The following websites may be helpful for your research:

    • Canada Immigration and Citizenship (CIC)
      The department of the government of Canada with responsibility for issues dealing with immigration, refugees, and citizenship.
    • Canada Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) Operational Bulletins and Manuals
      Pperational bulletins and manuals Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and Canada Border Services Agency employees consult for guidance in the exercise of their functions and in applying the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the Citizenship Act and their Regulations.
    • Canadian Council for Refugees
      A national non-profit umbrella organization committed to the rights and protection of refugees and other vulnerable migrants in Canada and around the world and to the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada.
    • Safe Third Country Agreement (Canada Immigration and Citizenship)
      The text of the Agreement that was signed by officials of Canada and the United States on December 5, 2002, as part of the Smart Border Action Plan.
    • Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
      An independent administrative tribunal responsible for making well-reasoned decisions on immigration and refugee matters, efficiently, fairly and in accordance with the law.
    • International Organization for Migration
      The leading inter-governmental organization in the field of migration, IOM works to help ensure the orderly and humane management of migration, to promote international cooperation on migration issues, to assist in the search for practical solutions to migration problems, and to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, including refugees and internally displaced people.
    • United Nations Refugee Agency
      A global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities, and stateless people.


    Blogs and News

    There are many blogs maintained by lawyers and law firms, and you can find many of them at The following are a few blogs that might be helpful for immigration and refugee law research:

    • Meurrens on Immigration
      Blog run by Steven Meurrens, a lawyer from Larlee Rosenberg, a firm devoted exclusively to addressing the most complicated immigration cases.
    • Vancouver Immigration Blog
      Published by Will Tao, a barrister and solicitor with Larlee Rosenberg, Barristers and Solicitors, a Canadian immigration law firm.

    More Information More Information