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Residence Life Library Programming Guide

Activities in Your House

Study Tips & Research Skills Workshop

Have a librarian and a member of the UNB Writing Centre come into your house and give a one-hour program on study techniques and research tools.  This can be arranged jointly for several houses, or customized for yours.  The focus will be on the unique needs of residence students, and the content can be adapted to respond to specific challenges you've identified in your house.

House History Board

Did you know that the UNB Archives have lots of photos and information on the residence buildings?  We'll put you in contact with one of our archivists, who will help you design a board full of stories, images and events from your house's past.

Library Orientation Board Kit

Want to run a passive program on library space and services?  Request our pre-designed board kit, which will provide basic information about the library and its resources.  The kit will be sent to you electronically (PDF), and all you will have to do is print it out in the Residence Life office!  We encourage creative additions to the basic kit.  It is available in two formats: one designed for colour printing, and another modified for black and white printing on coloured paper.

Librarian in the Study Lounge

Organize a 1-2 hour paper and report-writing session in your study lounge, and we will send someone from the library to sit in, offer advice, and answer research questions as they arise.  Bring the resources of the Research Help Desk to your residents in their home away from home!  This can be particularly useful if you feel that residents of your house need research support, but aren't comfortable going to the library to seek it.  We'll gladly come to you!

Activities in the Library

Library Training for Educational Proctors

Ed proctors are expected to have a basic ability to refer their residents to academic supports.  These include the resources of the library and students' various subject librarians.  In this 30-50 minute orientation, educational proctors will be introduced to the online and physical resources of the library in their role as referees.  Proctors will come away from this session with the confidence to direct students to subject-specific library staff and resources.

House Library Tour / Scavenger Hunt

Organize a library tour or scavenger hunt for your house residents.  A library staff member will show your residents the various spaces and collections available in the library, and then host a Q&A session for your students.  Scavenger hunts will include a range of items and locations, ensuring that your residents will be comfortable navigating library spaces.  Tours can be arranged for any of the 5 libraries on either campus.

Focused Library Study Session

Are your residents struggling with distraction in their rooms and in the lounges? Bring a group to the library for a focused 1-3 hour study/essay-writing session.  A library staff member will be on hand to answer any questions, but this is really an opportunity to get your students out of a schoolwork slump.  If you wish, this could also be arranged as a phone-free event. Contact us to inquire about scheduling and staff availability.

House Book Club

Are you interested in running a book club for your residents?  Gather a group of committed students, and the library will help you select your book and organize regular meetings.  A library staff member will help you lead a discussion of the book.

Food and snacks for programs

A note on food:

Any food or snacks provided as part of a library program are the responsibility of the proctor/house hosting the event.  Food is permitted in several areas of the Harriet Irving Library and the Hans Klohn Commons, and most areas used for library programs allow food and snacks.  Food is not permitted in the Science and Forestry Library, the Engineering and Computer Science Library, or the Law Library.  We can discuss the particulars when we are planning your event.

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